3 Messages Your Teeth Show

Most of the messages we get are the ones that pass through our vocal chords, however, those are not the only messages that our mouth can deliver. As it turns out, our teeth, gums and surrounding tissues also have a say in our health. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the mouth is actually the window to the body. It has the capacity to show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection.


On that note, here are 3 sample messages that can lead you to following a warning that your mouth could possibly be giving you…

1. Headache with flat, worn teeth. This can be a sign for big – time stress. Many tooth – grinders tend to get shocked when they are told to be one. In reality, teeth grinding is actually a common sign of emotional or psychological stress. Headaches are usually the result for excessive teeth clenching. This is caused by the spasms in the muscles. For this to be avoided, you can try using a mouth guard at night.

2. Cracked and crumbled teeth. For older adults, the enamel in their teeth becomes thin and almost translucent that this results to its vulnerability to appear to be in a crumbling state. This is common among adults but it doesn’t mean that it people at a young age is not susceptible to it. In fact, they still are. It can happen at any age.


3. Crusty dentures. Despite having quality dental care, older people often use dentures still because they were somehow too late in taking care of their teeth. However, in having these false installations, these don’t give them the guarantee that they are free from any health risks.


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