Chingay 2014 Event Highlights

Chingay parade 2014 will gallop and enchant locals and tourists as we welcome the year of the horse. Many spectators are looking forward to experiencing Singapore’s grandest and finest parade. From gigantic puppets to dashing horses, it is said that next year’s Chingay parade is the most grandest and vibrant ever. Chingay is an annual float and street parade that have been captivating every spectators since 1973. This parade is meant to amaze and impress. 


So, what are some event highlights of the Chingay parade 2014?

Giant Puppets

There will be about thirty giant puppets parading on the streets. The thirty puppets will represent ethnic groups here in Singapore. The puppets will also represent professions like cab drivers and hawkers.

Horses and Sculptures

Since it is the year of the horse, there will be parade of horses  originating from the Turf Club. You can also marvel in horse sculptures created by students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


Batik Art

There will be public viewing of the largest batik painting yet. The painting features flowers that include the national flower of Singapore. This painting was crafted by 40000 locals and immigrants. There will be knitted tapestries involved.

Outdoor Drama

Be awed by the very first outdoor drama. The outdoor drama will be performed by about one hundred eighty community artists.


International Performances

You can seize international performances from different countries like China, Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, Rwanda, Italy, Nigeria and Korea.

If you have nothing to do on February 7 and 8, 2013, you can join the annual Chinese Year Procession. The procession will occur in F1 Pit Building. This will become the biggest procession yet with about 70000 persons involved. Enjoy the parade and the sights!

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