Moving Forward: The Next Public Hospital

The Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong announced on October 27, 2013 that there will be a public hospital in North of Singapore by 2020. The announcement was made in the ground breaking of Sengkang General and Community Hospitals. According to the Minister, Sengkang General and Community Hospitals will be ready and operational by 2018.


Sengkang General can cater about 800 patients while the Community Hospitals can cater about 400 patients. There are 200 extra beds if the circumstance needs it. After the Sengkang General and Community Hospitals project, the public hospital in North of Singapore will commence. The exact location of the next public hospital was not yet finalized because there are a lot of factors that need to be considered but the Minister is seeing the potential of Woodlands.

The Health Ministry is now evaluating the precise location of the public hospital bearing in mind land agencies and land plans. Aside from the place, the Health Minister also mentioned about being flexible relating to the pattern of diseases in the next few years. The public hospitals mentioned above are elements of the Healthcare Master Plan. The Healthcare Master Plan is the government’s initiative which seeks to put in 4100 hospital beds by 2020.

Apart from these hospitals and beds, the government seeks to create four more acute hospitals from 2020 to 2030. After the completion of the hospitals, it is believed that they will form part of Singapore’s biggest regional hospitals which will provide residents in different regions (Pasir Ris, Sengkang, Punggol and Hougang) with the best healthcare system. This is good news for all Singaporeans.

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