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The Indication of a Lie


Many people say that you cannot easily catch a person who is lying. But it is not difficult to know when and how you can catch an individual lie. Yes, it may take tough practices and trainings but you can benefit from it. We all know that police investigators can easily determine when a person is lying. On the other hand, an average person can do identify a person when he is lying but not to the point that he can also do what a professional can do. Sometimes, average people can be better compared to expert individuals but this doesn’t mean that you should not trust a human lie detector.


Inconsistent Statement

If you want to know when a person is lying, you need to look for its inconsistencies. For instance, when a gun-shooting incident happened and you interview a person who is near the vicinity. Now, when you ask him about what happened. Always listen to what he says. If the person says that he heard a gunshot and run he ran away without looking, there is an inconsistency. How did it happen? Actually, his statement was correct. He heard the shot and ran away. However, the inconsistency here is that he should have react when he ran away. He must have looked after he heard the shot and ran away. They initial reaction of a person when he heard a gunshot is that he will look on where the sound comes from and what happen. For this scenario, you will notice that the person is lying.


Why Visit a Dental Expert in Singapore?

Having a dental check-up is very important because only an expert tooth specialist can see and know what the condition of your teeth is. However, you cannot always rely on the capability of an orthodontist in taking care of your teeth. In fact, all of us can do brushing because in the first place, we are being taught by our parents since we are young.


How often should we visit a dentist? An orthodontist examines the teeth if there’s any malfunction inside and outside the teeth. Basically, dental visit is only required every six months. This is to maintain the good health of the teeth and keep the gums healthier.


What usually happens during the check-up? In Singapore, part of the dental examination is the checking of teeth for tooth decay. Without proper dental care there is a great possibility of tooth damage. Also, evaluating the gums is included in the routine. This is to test if the gums are healthy or not. On the other hand, it may seem not included on the procedure but a dental hygienist will perform a head check-up. In this procedure, a dental physician will typically identify if there’s something unusual on the formation of the bones in the head. Also, the same examination will be executed on the neck.

In addition, an orthodontist examines the mouth to look for signs of vitamin deficiencies, oral cancer, diabetes and many more. Normally, the tooth physician will also perform an examination on your saliva and movement of the face specifically jaw movements. In general, these dental doctors will always emphasize the importance of visit dental visit and tooth care.




3 Messages Your Teeth Show

Most of the messages we get are the ones that pass through our vocal chords, however, those are not the only messages that our mouth can deliver. As it turns out, our teeth, gums and surrounding tissues also have a say in our health. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the mouth is actually the window to the body. It has the capacity to show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection.


On that note, here are 3 sample messages that can lead you to following a warning that your mouth could possibly be giving you…

1. Headache with flat, worn teeth. This can be a sign for big – time stress. Many tooth – grinders tend to get shocked when they are told to be one. In reality, teeth grinding is actually a common sign of emotional or psychological stress. Headaches are usually the result for excessive teeth clenching. This is caused by the spasms in the muscles. For this to be avoided, you can try using a mouth guard at night.

2. Cracked and crumbled teeth. For older adults, the enamel in their teeth becomes thin and almost translucent that this results to its vulnerability to appear to be in a crumbling state. This is common among adults but it doesn’t mean that it people at a young age is not susceptible to it. In fact, they still are. It can happen at any age.


3. Crusty dentures. Despite having quality dental care, older people often use dentures still because they were somehow too late in taking care of their teeth. However, in having these false installations, these don’t give them the guarantee that they are free from any health risks.


Common Fears of Parents with Special Children

The summer is officially over and every student is coming back to school here in Singapore. If you have a child with special needs, you are anxious because of many things. It is understandable considering their state but it is important that you do not impede your child’s development. You still need to send him/her to school no matter how hard it is.

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It is crucial that you understand your fears and eventually face it for the greater good of your child. Here are some fears of parents with special children and what you can do about it:

  • The child doesn’t know how to talk: At three, children with special needs are not that verbal. Parents who are sending their kids to school are worried because they cannot fully express their feelings. Communicating to other people is not easy.  To facilitate ease of communicating, you can teach your kid to use pictures and other signs when communicating.


  • The child has behaviour problems: Your child has behaviour problems; he/she throws tantrums. You have to let the teacher know how he/she can deal with your kid.
  • The child is not yet potty trained: If you have concerns like this, you need to let the teacher know. The teacher will understand.
  • The child takes many medications during the day: If your child takes many medications during the day and you are concerned, you can collaborate with the teacher and the school nurse so they can still take it even if they are in the classroom.

The list goes on. Every parent with a special child will agree that raising the child is challenging but it should not hinder you or the child. There are many institutions here in Singapore that you can seek for help if things are getting rough for you.


Picking the Right Running Shoes

You love to run. Whether you run to relieve stress or to live healthy, it is imperative that you pick an appropriate pair of running shoes. This will help you run conveniently and comfortably. You should know that most of running shoes may feel to be just right when you are still fitting it, but when you go on to use it for long periods, you might notice some tight or loose spots that make the shoes feel uncomfortable.


There are many shoe stores here in Singapore but picking the right running shoes is not easy. However, you can consider some tips that will somehow make things easier for you. Here are some tips worth mentioning:

  • Determine what you want: You should determine what you want. Do you want to be a road runner or a trail runner? If you want to be a road runner, you should look for shoes that are designed for pavements. If you want to be a trail runner, you should look for shoes that are intended for off-road routes.


  • Know your feet: You have to know the statistics of your feet. The first thing that you should know is your foot size. If you are unsure, you should have it measured by your shoe retailer. The next thing that you should do is determine your arch shape.
  • Know running style: For better and effective running, it is important that you know your running style. You can either be an overpronation, neutral stride and supination.
  • Different types of running shoes: You have to know that there are at least three types of running shoes to include cushioning, stability and motion control.

If you are serious about running, you should look tirelessly for the perfect shoes. Running in the paths of Singapore will be this fun and comfortable with the right shoes.


A Treat for Your Sweet Tooth

For all those with a sweet tooth, this post is perfect for you! Here are some of Singapore’s finest dessert shops that will surely fill you with their sweetest treats. And this goes without saying, diabetics, please take caution.



The French are known to have perfected creating desserts to an art. But we don’t need to fly to France just to have a taste of their desserts because right here in Singapore at 30 Penhas Road, you’ll find a sweet haven named Antoinette. This Parisian patisserie was the creation of Chef Pang Kok Keong, who is among Singapore’s most revered pastry chefs. The cakes in Antoinette are a definite must-try. Not only do they taste so heavenly but they also look oh-so-good. Their famous Antoinette cake is made up of milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea and other sweet goodness.

Grin Affair

Ever tried cake in a jar? Sounds a bit odd but at Grin Affair they do serve this unique treat. Starting at S$6, you’ll get to enjoy the delightful cakes this petite cake shop has to offer. Their creations include Cookies & Cream cake, a combination of a cookie base and chocolate cake layered with custard mousse and vanilla cake, topped with crunchy vanilla cookies. If you ever find yourself dreaming of a cake in a jar, then make that a reality and head on to 3 Everton Park, #01-77A Singapore 080003.


Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Dubbed as Singapore’s Best Chocolates by Tatler Magazine (2013), Laurent Bernard’s exquisite chocolates will undoubtedly make you crave for more. They offer an assortment of decadent pralines and other chocolate items and you can order them online via or you could go to their outlets, one of which is at The Pier at Robertson Quay.



Eco Fashion Awareness

With the barrage of media informing us of climate change, it would be quite impossible to still be unaware of the reality of it. Wouldn’t you agree that even without googling climate change or reading about it on books, you will still know that it exists simply by noticing the temperature every day? Surely, you will also agree that nowadays the temperature has become unbearably hotter unlike before in the good old days. And it’s not just because it’s summer; even on rainy days, the temperature is still high.


Climate change, as we all know, isn’t good. So, let’s do whatever we can to help prevent any further damage it might cause. There are actually many ways to start helping Mother Earth, from conserving water and electricity to reducing waste products and recycling. But have you ever considered switching your wardrobe to one that will benefit the environment? Sustainable fashion, more commonly known as eco fashion, is a slowly growing trend with its philosophy centered on creating and producing clothing that helps preserve the environment and promotes social responsibility.

Now, it might not be quite easy to buy an entire wardrobe of eco-friendly clothes, but starting with simply getting ourselves oriented with the existence of these kinds of clothes and knowing where to buy them isn’t a bad place to start. Here in Singapore, there are quite a number of brands that do provide eco fashion


One of which is Etrican. Founded in 2009 by Yumiko Uno and Dragos Necula, this Singaporean brand provides men and women with a selection of on-trend apparel which are all made of 100% organic cotton. Not only do their clothes stay true to their promise of being eco-friendly but you will surely be delighted to find out that their clothes are also affordable. If you’re interested to browse through their selection, you could check their website at or if you happen to be at Hill Street, then take some time to fit their clothes at 47 Hill Street, #06-06, Singapore 179365.

For your most basic clothing needs, such as a simple white tee,  a plain-colored shirt, and of course let’s not forget underwear, Nukleus has got you covered. Specializing in sustainable underwear and basics, Nukleus only uses the finest sustainable materials to create their products. Feel free to visit their website at or find their products at selected stores such as OG Albert Complex (60 Albert Street) and Organic Basic (1 Maju Avenue #01-06 myVillage Serangoon Garden).



Singapore’s Recreational Area – Sentosa

From the main point of the country, just a 15-minute drive will bring you to the beautiful Sentosa Island – an island with a lot of activities to do. Also, you can see here the stunning beaches, unique spots along with the amusing recreational activities both for adults and children.


There nonstop activities here most especially water activities such as wake boarding, swimming and many more. One is taking a ride to what they called the Skyline Luge Sentosa. Also, if you are a nature explorer, you can tour around the trails of the beautiful Butterfly and Insect Kingdom. Literally, it will give you an idea o how insects live and how insects propagate. To add, you can learn about the different flowers and plants.


On the other hand, you can enjoy here variety of sport activities like volleyball and have a fun with the wave on the Wave house Sentosa. Once you felt hungry, you can choose from many restaurants in the place. In fact, there are more than 50 restaurants at Sentosa from ordinary to elegant.

If you really want to complete your Sentosa stay, you can have a holiday vacation package that will cover your trip from Sentosa to the finest attractions at the Marina Bay, Chinatown and Orchard Road. No problems that price since it is very affordable. It only cost $5. What’s more is that you will have a guide on the places that you will be going to visits. Thus, visiting Sentosa Island is a must.


The History of Singapore Police Force

Actually, Singapore Police was older that any individual who lived here in the Singapore because of the fact that the Singapore Police Force (SPF) was established in 1819. In fact, it is the oldest command group in the country. During the past, there are only 15 people (1 Chief Police Officer is the name of Mr. Francis James Bernard, 1 prison officer and a sergeant along with the 12 patrol officers) who protect Singapore from criminals and its enemies.


In 1826, it was being reformed and united with Penang and Malacca. When the population increases, there are many major disorders that happen so that SPF can continue to its duty – to serve and protect people.

In the past years, it was in 1890 that policemen are required to wear songkok (a hat that is commonly worn by Muslim brothers and sisters), black shoes, trousers and long-sleeved coat. In the 19th century, police equipment and strategies are being modified since the appearance of fingerprint system and criminal registry. During the 1900s, the construction of the Police Headquarters at South Bridge Road started.


Today, SPF has Police Force Guidance and Training Center together with its communications Branch. Also, 2,000 tough policemen are added to the pool in which it made Singapore a better place to live. In 1946, there were some major changes in the organization and Volunteer Special Constabulary was established. In 1948, the country’s Police Force founded the Radio Division and the police emergency hotline ‘999’ began. In the 50s and 60s, Singapore was challenged by riots. Thus, the creation of the Riot Squad prospers.

Today, there are a lot of plans and development in the SPF so that they can continue to give Singaporeans a loyal protection.



How to Make Your Cash Last Until the Next Payday

You are living in penury the week before your payday but when your payday has come, you excessively splurge. After a few days, you are again eeking out your last few pennies for the next payday. While you eek out your pennies, you miserably scour your cupboards and see what meal you can make. That is an unhappy experience. Unfortunately there are Singaporeans who experience this kind of dilemma.


You should not live this way. You need to find ways to make your cash last until the next payday without sacrificing many things. Here are some tips that you can use to make your cash last until the next payday:

Use cash

It is easy to spend cash. You will not notice it go sometimes. When you are purchasing a good, you need to use cash. Do not depend on your credit card because it can worsen your financial standing. When you go outside, leave your credit card. That is the best thing to do.

Cost cut

The next thing that you should do is cost cut. You have to cut back on your luxuries. Evaluate which things are essential and non-essential. Men and women spend most of their money on cosmetics, clothes, social gatherings and eating. Cost cutting means saving money.


Write everything

If you are serious about making your cash last until the next payday, you need to track whatever you earn and spend. If you are into it, you can even make a spreadsheet and detail your monthly earning and spending. You should prioritize your mortgage or rent following other costs like bills and insurance. Do not forget about your living expenses.

Look for ways to lower bills

Finally, you have to look for ways to lower your bills. This sound difficult but when you get the feel of it, things will be easier on your part. For example, you can lower your electricity bill by turning off the light when you are not using it.

That should do. Budgeting money is difficult especially if you think that you do not earn enough. Singapore is an expensive place to stay but with proper budget management, you can get by. If you are in financial trouble, you really need to tell your parents or friends so they can help you or give you support.

Good luck on your expenses. Hopefully with the things mentioned above, your money will last the next payday.



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