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Road to Weight Loss: What Foods to Eat

Your doctor is advising you to lose weight for health reasons. Doctors will advise you to lose weight the healthy way. The first thing that you should consider is exercise. You need to appropriate some of your time and devout it to exercise. Exercise will strengthen and condition your body. You can start by going to fitness centres. The good news is that there are many fitness centres here in Singapore.    


While you establish your exercise routine, you should eat right. Exercise alone will not suffice when you speak of weight loss. You need diet to lose weight effectively. You can go to your dietician and ask for a meal plan. There are many dieticians or nutritionists here in Singapore. That should not be a problem.

If you cannot afford dieticians and nutritionists, you can simply research for fat burning foods. There are many articles online that you can consider. If you are serious about researching for fat burning foods, you should read further. Here are some foods that you should consider:


When you start a meal, a cup of soup will do the trick. You will end up eating less when you consume your soup. Any soup will do as long as it is broth based. For the soup, 100-150 calories per serving should be observed. You can skip the cream, butter and other things.


Beans are excellent source of protein. Beans are notable for dieticians because it is inexpensive and filling. You should know that beans are high in fibre content. That means it is slow to digest.

Dark chocolate

Oh yes, chocolate can help you lose weight. You can grab a square or two between meals. You have to remember that you need to consume dark chocolate and ignore the milky kind.


Sausage and egg

Breakfast is important. Having a breakfast rich in protein can help you resist snack cravings throughout the day. Sausage and egg are an excellent source of protein.


Forget about the apple juice or apple sauce. You should prefer the more substantial one – apple fruit. Eating the fruit is good because it sends a signal to your brain that you are eating. More than that, apple contains a lot of fibre than processed one.

The foods mentioned above are notable because they help you feel full longer compared to other foods. If you combine good diet with regular exercise, you will lose weight in no time. That sound simple enough, right? Good luck!



Taking Care of Your Dentures

Many people are blessed to have a beautiful and healthy teeth. However, there are some people that are unfortunate to have some irregularities in their teeth. Most of the time, the problems that occur in the teeth are the misplacement of dentition which makes people annoy and feel uncomfortable. This problem may cause severe damages to the teeth including the mouth.  Difficulty in speaking, unusual alignment of the face and difficulty in chewing food are only few of the common complications that one may experience.


Therefore, there is a need to take care of our teeth especially that we use this for eating and smiling. Without these, we can never gain confidence and we’ll be having complications in our health because eating is also affected. However, this problem can be solved by going to an orthodontic center.


Visiting a health dental care specialist for at least twice a year (recommended) is very essential so that any disease that may occur inside the mouth can be prevented. Also, brushing is very important to protect our teeth from cavities and other gum illnesses.

However, brushing is not only the way to keep the teeth healthy and clean. We also have to be mindful of what food or beverages we ingest. Sugar is one of the causes of damage to our teeth. One common food we eat that has a lot of sugar is chocolate. Indeed! It has lots of sugar that can harm your teeth.



The Significance of Lawn Mowing

Maintaining your lawn is very difficult and this is the reason why you will need a professional lawn cutter to do the job for you. There are times when you are using a lawn mowing equipment, it is sometimes weary and there will be times that you can’t do it perfectly. Hence, seeking for the experienced and expert lawn mowing specialists in your locale can really help.

lawn mowing

It is very important that a grass is maintained and cut down every week. This is because there are a lot of benefits that you can get by simply mowing your lawn. Sometimes, many of us never see the importance of cutting the grass because we are thinking about the cost of the hiring a lawn mower.


Since there are a lot of lawn mowing service providers in the country, choosing the best lawn mowing companies becomes a very difficult task. When it talks about the cost of grass cutting service, there’s no need to worry because it is very affordable and you can really guarantee how great their services are.

Because lawn mowing is a very essential duty to perform, there is really a need for all house hold to keep the grass on its usual form. Basically, you can’t do this on your own. Therefore, finding a lawn mowing service is the solution for that problem. As mentioned earlier, selecting lawn mowing firms is very difficult. Thus, this affects the maintenance of your grass.


Empowering Vulnerable Persons

Disabled persons are looking forward to the opening of MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) 5th day-activity centre. The building will be completed in 4-6 months’ time. The good news is that it can cater to many intellectually disabled clients. It is said that the new centre is twice as big as the existing centres.


The centre is nestled in 8,000 square meter cluster which is operated by MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development). It is located along 11 Jalan Ubi. The building used to be the NorthLight School. Apart from the activity-centre, the building will be equipped with rehabilitation facilities and soup kitchen for persons recuperating from addictions and former offenders. MINDS centres will provide training for these people through workshops.

This is one way of empowering disabled persons, persons recuperating from addictions and former offenders. In the domestic level, it is important that you know how to empower such people. You may know someone or you may have a family member who is vulnerable. Here are some things that you can do to empower them:


  • Sport: Persons with Disabilities (PWD) need to know that they are still valued members of the society. Despite their deficiency, they can still do something. This is the reason why special Olympics are considered. It seeks to bring together PWD and gain inspiration from each other. Sport is a vehicle that can improve their health, confidence and teamwork.
  • Education: PWD have the right to be educated. Education is not a privilege and it is not exclusive. It is universal meaning it should be offered to everyone regardless of the condition, race and state in life. PWD can go to school if they choose it. PWD needs to be empowered so they can achieve their dreams and increase their self-worth and self-confidence.
  • Safe Environment: PWD have the right to safe environment. They should not be marginalized or discriminated in any way because of their condition in life. PWD should be provided with safe environment free from abuse and exploitation.
  • Health Care Services: PWD needs proper access to health care services. There is this Healthy Athlete Program that promotes health and wellness amongst athletes. PWD are entitled for screenings and treatments. The best way to be healthy is to promote sports activities.

The things mentioned above are core tenets of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The rights of PWD should not be neglected or ignored. The message here is to accept and respect PWD.



Getting Ready for Golf

Amanda Tan, will represent Singapore in the upcoming HSBC Women’s Champions Tournament. She is fourteen years old which made her the youngest golfer to represent the country in the upcoming tournament. She is a student of Singapore Sports School. She topped the qualifying tournament which concluded on January 28, 2014.


The qualifying tournament started on January 27, 2014 at Serapong course. There were twelve women who vied for the top position and it was Amanda Tan who made it. Tan got her victory by 1 stroke and she got a two day shot total of one hundred fifty seven. She said that it was her fifth attempt for the qualifiers.

If you are a professional golfer, you will surely eye for major competitions. That is your goal but if you want golf as your pastime, you should first learn the basics of women’s golf. You have to learn the basics so when you are being watched by many people, you can hit the white ball. Do not be intimated. If you want to thrive in this male dominated sport, you should know the following things:


When you speak of etiquette, it means your decorum during the play. You should remember three things – respect your fellow golfers, respect the course and respect the tradition of golf. Respecting fellow golfers means not doing anything that can jeopardize the safety of other players. Respecting the course means departing the course in good shape like repairing pitch marks, driving carts away from the grass and many more. Respecting the tradition means complying dress code and observing precise score.



The game is basic: hit the ball to the hole with a few stroke. You should still know the rules of the game. You can have a maximum of fourteen clubs inside your bag. You need to hit the correct ball and observe proper teeing of the ball. There is two kinds of play – stroke play and match play. Stroke play refers to the play that needs the least no. of strokes to complete the whole round. Match play refers to a hole by hole play.


In golf, you can either borrow, rent or buy equipment. When you are starting, the best way is to borrow equipment but keep in mind that some golfers will be hesitant to hand you their equipment. You need to borrow clubs. If you cannot borrow, you can at least rent. Many golf courses offer clubs for rent. If you choose to buy, you should know the trade.  Ask fellow golfers for some tips.

If you are really serious, you should ask someone to teach you some basics so you will not be lost. Golf is a fun thing to do. Enjoy!



Chemical and Thermal Properties of Ceramics

Most of industrial ceramics are primarily compounds of oxygen (oxides); however there are a number of ceramics that are compounds of nitrogen (nitrides), compounds of carbon and heavy metals (carbides), compounds of silicon (silicides) and compounds of boron (borides). For example, the compound aluminum oxide can be the key component of a ceramic. The most important alumina ceramics is composed of about 85 to 99 percent aluminum oxide.


Key constituent compounds such as oxides can also be chemically amalgamated to produce complex compounds that make up the chief ingredients of a ceramic material. Examples of complex compounds aforementioned include zinc ferrite (ZnFe2O4) and or barium titanate (BaTiO3). Another compound that may be considered as a ceramic is the element carbon in the form of graphite or carbon. Ceramic materials have a greater resistance against corrosion when compared to most metals and plastics.

These materials typically don not react with most gases, liquids, acids and alkaline. Majority of ceramic materials have significantly high melting points; thus certain ceramics can be utilized in situation wherein exposure to extreme high temperatures is necessary. Ceramics also says stable over long periods of time. Majority of ceramics have extremely high melting points which means that even at high temperatures, these materials will retain its structural integrity and maintain its strength even under pressure.


Silicon nitride and silicon carbide in particular can endure temperature changes better than most metals do. Nonetheless, sudden and great changes in temperature can destabilize ceramics. There are a number of ceramic materials that undergo less contraction and or expansion per degree of temperature change; and thus can resist sudden changes in temperature better than other materials.

Architecture of Chinatown

Singapore’s Chinatown is a cultural area that primarily features uniquely Chinese cultural components and a historically devoted cultural population of Chinese individuals. Chinatown is situated within the larger district of Outram. The overall architecture of Chinatown’s different buildings, the shops and stalls in particular, has combined different elements of Victorian Architecture and Baroque Architecture and do not have a single division.


A number of these buildings were constructed in the style of painted ladies and have been renovated in that similar fashion. The styles aforementioned bring about an assortment of different colours of which pastel is most domineering. Pagoda Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street as well as the houses in Club Street and some developments in Upper Cross Street are some of the many buildings that exhibit the types of architecture mentioned before.

Boat Quay which was formerly a slave market found along the Singapore River has the most mixed style shops and stalls on the country. The constructions of terraces that can be currently found in Pagoda Street were initiated in the year 1843 when land titles were issued. These terraces were initially made back to back, a situation which made collection of night soil tricky; however a number of lanes were developed in between after the Singapore Improvement Trust or SIT backlane orders were made in 1935.


The structural architectural characteristics of a number of terraces that can be found in Chinatown is much more Italian in style when compared to those found in Petain Road and or Emerald Hill among others. Most of the windows appear as small slits with narrow wooden jalousies which are most often installed with adjustable slats. The fanlights that are placed over the windows are commonly somewhat decorative in nature.

The balconies, plasters, colours and plasterwork appear to be Mediterranean in theme and flavour. The style was possibly presented by Chinese immigrants who had knowledge regarding Portuguese architecture of places such as Malacca, Goa and Macau. The Tamils and Chettiars coming from Southern India could have possibly been familiar with European inspired architecture there. The architecture of Chinatown was inspired several different cultures and civilisations that came to recognize Singapore as their home.

sg chinatown windows yellow multi


Healthy Snacks for Adults

Snacking is one favourite past time of people of all ages, including adults. Adults are even more frequent eaters of snacks compared with kids because they are not subject to restraints of their parents anymore. Nonetheless, they also have the choice of having healthy snacks only if they know what snacks are healthy. For education and information, here are some healthy snacks for adults.


  • Baked potatoes over potato chips: Salt, preservatives and additives are highly present in potato chips snacks. These chemicals make one feel full for a while, but will eventually make one feel hungrier after a while. With that, a person will crave to eat more. However, when it comes to baked potatoes, too much salt and unwanted oil are not included. Once can only brush some butter and add a pinch of herbs after baking the potatoes. This food will also supply enough carbohydrates making the person feel full.


  • Fruits, peanut butter, crackers and cream: All these ingredients for a healthy snack can be easily found inside the kitchen cabinet. The procedure is also very simple. What one must do is to just spread some cream or peanut butter to a cracker and top it with slices of fruits like bananas, apples, pear or any soft fruits. After that, one can already munch to snack that is healthy and rich in fibre which will help aid in proper digestion.
  • Nuts and nachos: Nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and the like are all very healthy alternatives if you want to munch on chips. Nachos are another. Make healthy dips and salsas for your nachos, make sure that the dips are organically made and not those which are bought canned to have a healthier snacking.


How to Get a Job Right Away

Getting a job is one of the most important stages in one’s life. It is the platform where all the lessons in school can be applied. It is a place for new lessons. It can define one’s future. It is important, and it is something one should prepare for.


1. Have a comprehensive resume. The first step in getting a job is to prepare your resume. Make sure that everything you put there is relevant to the work you are applying for. Do not make a resume that is too long that will bore the reader. At the same time, do not make it too short that your affiliations and qualifications are not included.

2. Review your internet footprints. Internet is one of the most popular tools nowadays, and it is also an important tool for you to get hired or get rejected to the work you are applying for. Make sure that you build your internet footprints for your future job, and not use it as a tool to destroy your future.


3. Have a goal and be persistent. What is your dream? How do you see yourself 10 years from now? What you will do in your professional life should be towards pursuing your goal. Pursuing a goal follows a rough road, so make sure to be persistent because you will surely have a lot of stops, detours and fallbacks. Nonetheless, all of these will build you.

These are the three simple ways to secure a job easily. Make sure to have an appealing resume, a clean internet footprint and an attitude of never giving up.



What You Need to Know about Chikungunya Virus

Chikungunya virus

Chikungunya virus is present here in Singapore. According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), there are nine hundred twenty four cases of Chikungunya virus noted from April 2013. Chikungunya is a disease transmitted to humans by contaminated mosquitoes (like Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti). Though this is not fatal, you still need to know. Here are some information that you may find enlightening:


Symptoms of Chikungunya virus include abrupt onset of very high fever. The fever will be accompanied by rigorous joint pain (mostly in the legs and arms), rashes, headache, muscle pains and back pains. The symptoms may appear three to seven days after the bite of the infected mosquito. Patients will feel better in a few days (or weeks).



The symptoms can result to immobility and for others, it may cause serious complications. The bad news is that there is no particular medication offered to treat Chikungunya virus. The only thing that can be done is to stop the symptoms. For the fever, you need to lower it by taking aspirins. For the joint pain, you need to take pain relievers, etc. You should refer to your doctors.


Unfortunately, there are no vaccines available to prevent Chikungunya virus. The only thing that you can do to prevent the spread of the infection is to avoid mosquitoes. You can start by wearing long sleeve shirts plus long pants, use mosquito repellent, close windows and doors always or install screens for windows and doors and treat clothing.

Chikungunya virus is awfully painful. It will affect your daily performances if you deliberately ignore it. It is important that you are armed with the necessary information to stop it if not totally eliminate it.



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