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Clothing Pieces Every Men Should Have

Who says only women can be fashion-conscious? Here are the clothes every man should have for every occasion.

Tailored Suit. Renting suits for formal occasions can be a hassle especially if you can’t find the right size. If you’re in a hurry too, going to the tailor isn’t an option. You should have your own black suit that fits you perfectly.

Brown or Black Dress Shoes. They go well with suits and any formal attire. You should have both colors for variety, but you’ll never go wrong with black dress shoes alone.

Leather Belt. Besides the belts you use for casual attire, you should also invest in a black or brown leather belt for formal attires.

A Set of Ties. Even if you don’t need to wear a tie at the office, you still need to have at least one plain-colored tie at home to go with other outfits.

Straight-Cut Blue Jeans. Straight-cut jeans are a classic. Even with the introduction of different cuts for men, a lot of guys still prefer straight cut. Blue jeans can be paired with almost any shirt and shoes.

Trainers. A lot of guys love sneakers, but not all types were designed for outdoors and training. You should have at least one that you can use at the gym or when you’re out jogging with your friends at the park.

White Undershirt. A white undershirt should be worn under a button-up shirt. A lot guys take for granted that they don’t need to wear a bra like other women, but some men are endowed with noticeable nipples.

Sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays and also make you look more stylish overall. Pick shades that go well with your outfit. There are sunglasses too that are made for sports and outdoors.

Gray Sport Coat. Sport coats are the equivalent of blazers for women. They can be worn over casual or formal attires. The gray color doesn’t clash with other colors in your outfit.

Khaki Pants. If you’re tired of blue jeans, you should also have a selection of khaki pants for variety. Besides neutral colors like brown, there are also khaki pants in other shades as well.

Sweatshirt With Hoodie. Don’t you just love the designs on the sweatshirts? If you have money to spare, you should check out some of the designer hoodies available.

Plain T-Shirts. Plain t-shirts can be layered with other clothes and don’t distract the eyes unlike printed shirts. They can also serve as another option besides the white undershirt.

Moccasins. You should have another option besides your sneakers and dress shoes. Moccasins look stylish and can be paired with both formal and casual outfits. They’re also very comfy.

Top 10 Most Notoriously Difficult Retro Video Games

You thought that your last boss fight was gruelling so you brag about it to your friends. Before you declare yourself the ultimate gamer however, you should try these notoriously difficult titles. Beware, many a controller and joystick have been the brunt of frustration over the years.

1. Punch-Out!!
Although this 1987 game itself isn’t difficult, it’s infamous for its final fight against the pixel version of then-real life World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson. The player controls Little Mac who wants to go up the boxing ranks.

2. Ninja Gaiden
This is one of those games that test your patience. The player takes on the role of half-dragon half-human Hayabusa Ryuu. Ladies, you should let your boyfriends play this game and watch their reaction every time the character dies.

3. Souls Series
During particularly challenging fights, some of us pause the game to regain composure. But in Demon’s Souls, the first installment of the series, it won’t even give you that reprieve. When you die, you return to the beginning of the level with a lower health bar.

4. Contra
Eight levels sound too easy, but with only three lives, trying not to get hit seems unfair. It was also the game that made cheat codes popular. Why? Because it’s just that difficult to complete without cheating.

5. Battletoads
A lot of players place this within the top 3 of the most difficult games. The players guide the toads in their quest to defeat the Dark Queen and her mutants. It may look like any other platformer but the game has only three continues and no saves.

6. Ghosts ‘n Goblins
Think evading the enemy is your specialty, huh? If you’re a bit on the masochist side, in this game your character Arthur can die after two hits. Test your button-mashing skills by evading traps and getting past enemies to rescue Princess Prin-Prin.

7. Faster Than Light
This spaceship simulator sounds cool but once you find out that you’re in-charge of the entire crew and the ship operations, your opinion might change. Once you lose all your crew or your ship is destroyed, you’ll have to start all over again. It doesn’t matter if you have a saved game because it will be deleted.

8. Super Meat Boy
Rescuing a kidnapped girlfriend has never been this hard. The animation looks cute, but it’s not so cute anymore when you have to get through 300 levels with near-perfect reflexes and god-like patience to start over and over and over again.

9. F-Zero GX
Love racing games? Try your luck with winning against other competitors or controlling Captain Falcon until he defeats Black Shadow and Deathborn. The obstacles alone are a test of patience. There’s no smooth driving in this game.

10. I Wanna Be the Guy: The Movie: The Game
Once you get over that crappy name for a game, you’ll notice that this game must have been designed solely to make people’s lives miserable. Only memorization from trial-and-error can get you through.

Correct Car Maintenance Practices

Ever wondered how some car owners are able to keep their vehicles looking new even after years of driving? Not only do simple driving habits prolong the life of the car, but regular car maintenance as well.

Scheduled Maintenance

The car dealers and manufacturers in Singapore usually have a recommended schedule for car maintenance, car servicing, lubrication and car workshop. Don’t forget to read the owner’s manual or consult the dealers for this information. Most modern cars have complex systems that need to be maintained to keep them running for years.

Maintenance Don’ts

1. No regular checks on the tire pressure

Some first-time car owners often overlook this because the tires look normal at first glance. If not properly inflated, the tires could blow out or your car will be using more fuel as a result. It’s not just the rough roads that could lower the air pressure in tires, but even changes in temperature.

2. No oil changes

Most modern cars no longer require regular motor oil changes every 3,000 miles traveled. For most of the cars today, the recommended oil change interval is after a total of 7,800 miles is traveled. Just because the car doesn’t need frequent oil changing, it doesn’t mean you should ignore this either. An old motor oil can break down and will leave sludge in your engine. Remember that the motor oil is supposed to lubricate the engine parts. If the engine breaks down because of old, broken down oil, you’ll be spending more for car repair than a simple car maintenance habit.

3. Ignoring the check engine light

The check engine light should indicate if you need to have your car looked at the nearest car servicing shop in Singapore. It’s easy to overlook the indicator because usually all the lights come on in your car when you turn the key, as the people from in Singapore will tell you as well. The longer you wait, however, means that the possibility for a breakdown will be higher. In turn, the cost for repairs will also be higher.

4. Ignoring the TPMS light

This is in connection to the regular monitoring of the air pressure in your tires. In some models, the tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS light will activate when the pressure is low. If there is nothing wrong with the tires, however, the TPMS itself needs to be replaced.

5. Overheating

Sometimes overheating can’t be avoided especially during a particularly hot Singapore weather. An engine will heat up when it’s used, that is why it needs a coolant. But when the situation can’t be avoided even with regular car servicing, you should stop the car and take it to the nearest auto shop. If not, you can call for a tow.

6. No fluid checks

Just like changing the motor oil should become a part of your car maintenance routine, other fluids used to run the car should also be monitored. Car servicing should include the monitoring of the engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. These should be checked, exchanged or topped off. The changing of fluids should be based on what the car manufacturer has recommended. The auto mechanic should also check for leaks.

7. No brake inspections

If the brakes start to deteriorate or are not working properly, you should immediately take your vehicle to car servicing for brake assessment and replacement. You could get in accidents if you ignore the weird noises in the car.

8. No wheel alignment

You cannot visibly check for wheel alignment by yourself. This is the kind of task that needs to be done at a car servicing shop. Car experts also recommend that you have the tires rotated every time the car has traveled 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

9. Failing to check windshield wipers

Windshield wipers can deteriorate over time because they are exposed to heat, rain, dirt and others. Once the wipers don’t clean effectively anymore, take the vehicle to a car servicing shop to replace them.

10. Incorrect cleaning of the rear windshield

Although it’s okay to clean the exterior of the car at home, using products not designed for vehicles can damage the car. Cleaning the windshield using a home glass cleaner for example, will break down the materials in the glass.

11. Use of dirty filters

The filters need to be cleaned or replaced if necessary. They keep the fuel in your tank, the air-conditioning system, and the engine clean from dust, dirt and other particles.

12. Repairing without expertise

While most car aficionados know a lot about how cars work in general, doing the car servicing yourself to save money can cost you more in the end. Modern cars are computerized and have their own monitoring system. It can alert you using the check engine light. These types of cars, however, are difficult to repair or maintain unless you have the tools and the know-how. Instead of taking chances, consult a car servicing in Singapore for a better result.

Maintenance Practices You Should Observe

These are the basic car servicing practices that you need to do regularly or as scheduled by the car manufacturer. Take your vehicle to the nearest car servicing in Singapore for check-ups, assessment and car repair.

1. Keep the exterior and interior of your car clean at all times.
2. The car’s paintjob must be waxed preferably every 6 months, but always check the manual. Take the vehicle to a car workshop.
3. Always check or change the oil and the filters. To keep the engine in good condition, this should be your priority.
4. Change the differential and transmission oils depending on the service intervals.
5. Flush the cooling system. Don’t forget to change the coolant yearly to avoid buildup of deposits and corrosion in your car’s cooling system.
6. Grease the moving parts. They need lubrication to function properly and extend their usefulness.

Guidelines for Storing Milk


Express breast milk is the most convenient option for working mothers who doesn’t want baby formula. Express breast milk is a process where mothers squeeze milk from their breast to store it. The stored breast milk can later be used to feed the baby. When taking the milk out, you either use your hands or pump (manual or electrical).

The easiest to handle for working mothers is electrical pump. In this pump, it needs battery or plug. The good thing about this it can pump one breast or both at the same time. You have to remember though that after use, the pump should be cleaned thoroughly for next use. If you do not know how to use it, you should read the label or simply asked other parents who use it. Looking for electrical breast pumps is not hard here in Singapore.

After pumping the milk, there is another challenge – storage. It is important that you know storage guidelines as milk can easily be contaminated or spoiled. Before storing, you have to remember to put the date it was expressed. The date will serve as your basis for the “consume until”. Here are some guidelines for storing milk depending on the storage used:

• At room temperature: It is recommended that the baby consume the milk right away. It is called fresh milk. For fresh milk, room temperature is okay. It should be consumed by the baby 4 to 6 hours after expressing. The milk should be covered and if possible, it is cool. Covering the container using a damp towel can help with cooling the milk.

• In insulated cooler bag: For milk stored in insulated cooler bags (with temperature of 5-39F), it can still be consumed twenty four hours after expressing. If you have insulated cooler bag, always keep in mind to put ice packs. It should be in contact with milk containers all the time and as much as possible, limit opening it.

• In refrigerator: For milk stored in the refrigerator (with temperature of <39F), it can still be consumed eight days after expressing. It is crucial that the bottles are collect to minimize spillage or spoilage. • In the freezer: For milk stored in the freezer (with temperature of 5F), it can still be consumed two weeks after it was expressed.

• In deep freezer: For milk stored in deep freezer (with temperature of -4F), the milk can last up to six to twelve months after expressing.

The shelf-life of the milk will depend on where you store it.

The Types of Dates You Should Do With Your Partner

The importance of going on dates can’t be over emphasized. Dates are highly important in a relationship as it gives you and your partner a chance to bond and nourish your relationship more.

However, dates don’t always have to be just dinner and movie. There are many fun ways to spend quality time with your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend, and here are some ideas worth trying.

1. A Date With the Family

If you’re still in dating stage, going on a date with your family means you get to spend time with the people you love and allow them to know your SO even more. When you go on a double date with your or your partner’s parents/brother/sister, you build a solid foundation for a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

2. A Fancy Date

You may be together for years, but your relationship doesn’t have to mean complacency. One of the secrets to keep the fire burning after years of marriage is to make a first-date-like-effort and do something different once in a while. This reminds that you still care for each other and want to do something more special to prove it.

3. The Netflix-and-Chill Date

We don’t mean get frisky under the sheets (though you can), but instead enjoy your favourite movies in the comfort of your home. Rather than going out to catch a movie, stay in with your spouse, be in the comfort of your own pajamas and binge-watch your favourite series or movies. Don’t worry about not looking all cute and fancy; this is the best part of this type of date.

4. A Date With Friends

As much as it is essential to other aspects of your relationship, feeling comfortable to go out with each other’s friends is key to a happy relationship, too. This is the chance to know the people in your SO’s life and be able to have as much of a good time with your partner’s friends as you do with your own circle of friends.

5. An Unplanned Date

Not every date should be planned in advance. Just take a half-day from work and meet up with your beau. Don’t even think about what to do next. Let the thrill of spontaneity make this one of the most memorable and fun dates with your beloved. When you’re old and grey, you will surely have a fun story to tell your grand kids.

Which of these dates have you done with your SO? Which one is your favourite? Having these dates every once in a while with your partner will rekindle the fire and nurture your relationship even more.

Before and After Care for Colour-Treated Hair

If you haven’t ever coloured your hair, dyeing it for the first time can be quite daunting. To the rescue are Singapore’s best hair salons and professional hairstylists. Here are hairstylist-approved before and after hair care tips on colouring your hair.

Before Getting Your Hair Coloured

1. Know that going lighter is more damaging than going darker
If you’re thinking of changing your hair colour but aren’t sure whether to go lighter or darker, consider going for the latter, especially if you have dry hair. When going darker, you are depositing colour into the hair instead of stripping it out of pigment. Going lighter entails much harsher process and requires the use of stronger chemical—bleach. While ash blonde is all the rage right now, cocoa or caramel shades are much more forgiving for your hair.

2. Book a consultation before the actual hair colouring appointment
To meet your expectations, it’s important to be on the same boat with your hairstylist in terms of the outcome you want, how long the process takes, and whether it takes more than one appointment at the hair salon in Singapore to complete the hair colouring process. If you skip the consultation phase, you might end up with more than one appointment, only to find out you don’t have enough available time to achieve the look you want. Meeting your hair salon expert beforehand allows you both to decide on the colour, style and method that best suits you.

3. Apply hair mask two days before your scheduled appointment
Take note: not a day before, but two days before your hair salon appointment, ok? Deep conditioning just the day before the treatment may inhibit the dye from penetrating easily into your strands, making the process more time-consuming and the colour less vivid. Deep conditioning two days earlier is just enough to prep your hair for the process while still keeping your strands in suitable condition for dyeing and achieving even results.

4. Decide how often you want to visit for touch-ups
If you don’t want to be touching up every three weeks, tell your hairstylist. Discussing this matter with your hair salon expert will let him or her know how dark or light to go with your strands. If your hairstylist knows how often you intend to come for touch-ups, it will help them narrow down the colour options that you’ll be able to maintain.

5. Take advantage of Instagram to research about hair salons
The best hair salon in Singapore has Instagram and other social media pages where they post before-and-after photos of their clients. Search for the name of your hair salon in Instagram to view their works. This is extremely helpful to see the actual hair colours they’ve done and to know what shades are achievable with a prospect hairstylist.

6. Work only with a professional
Working with a reputable hair salon in Singapore should be your only option to ensure best result. The best hair salon in Singapore will give you advices on how to prepare your hair for the treatment, as well as suggest or even provide hair products for post-treatment care to better protect and prolong the vibrancy of your new hair colour. By entrusting your hair only to a professional, you can minimize damage and be certain that your new hair stays beautiful for much longer.

After the Hair Colouring Treatment

7. Use colour-protective products for long-lasting result
Do all those hair styling products, shampoos and conditioners that claim to protect your hair colour actually do anything? Fortunately, yes! These products are much gentler and often contain fatty acids to help avoid stripping of hair colour. Usually, they don’t contain sulphates or surfactants that might strip off sebum or colour of your hair. However, the potency varies from product to product—some products or brands are more colour-protective than others.

8. Deep condition to smooth and add lustre to your hair
For extra shine, pamper your colour-treated strands once a week with deep-conditioning treatment. You can opt to this at a hair salon in Singapore or do it at home. For a DIY deep conditioning treatment, simply apply your colour-protective conditioner to damp hair and comb it from foots to tips. Put your hair into a bun, cover it with shower cap and let it sit for half an hour. Then, rinse thoroughly. You’ll be left with softer and shinier locks.

9. Apply heat on your hair as little as possible
Colour-treated hair is more susceptible to breakage, so avoid constant combing, hair dryers and hair irons as much as you can. Whenever possible, let your dyed hair dry naturally. If you really have to use heat, apply some heat protecting product. If blow-drying hair, keep it cool or on the lowest heat setting.

10. Swim with caution
The chlorinated water of swimming pools is damaging to coloured hair. It can alter the colour and dry out your strands. When you go for a swim, wet your hair in the shower first and apply a protective leave-on conditioner before getting into the pool to prevent chlorine from penetrating into the hair strands and altering the colour. Know that chemicals in chlorine can shift lighter hair colours to an unattractive greenish shade.

11. Protect your hair from the sun
To preserve your new hair colour, sun protection is a must—whether it’s in the form of hats, scarves, or UV protection hair products. Many hair products today like live-in conditioners and hair sprays contain SPF and even a mix of vitamins to protect hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays and restore the hair’s condition after the treatment. If you know you will be out in the sun for hours, do not forget to bring a hat or an umbrella and a moisturizing spray with SPF 15 to 20 to protect your coloured mane.

By following these tips and working with the best hair salon in Singapore, prepping your hair, choosing a flattering colour and maintaining your coloured locks shouldn’t be an intimidating process. Your hair salon and hair styling expert should make it easier for you to preserve your new hairstyle while keeping your locks healthy and shiny.

5 Places You’ve Never Heard of But Should Visit


There are world-famous attractions that you should experience at least once in your life, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the Bali beaches in Indonesia. These are the first places you’d expect travellers to visit.

However, there are plenty of places to explore that are off the beaten path—often known only by the locals. Here, we put together five hidden gems around the world that are under the radar, but are definitely worth the trek.

Margaret River, Australia

While most travellers to Australia stick to the eastern side, where you’ll find Melbourne, Sydney and the infamous Great Barrier Reef, the Margaret River region offers a fascinating reason to explore the western coast of the country. Margaret River, Australia’s popular wine region, boasts scenic opportunities for caving, surfing, hiking and art-museum hopping.

Tinago Falls, Iligan City, Philippines

You have to make the journey down the 500-step stairs to reach this mesmerizing waterfall in Iligan City. From the name itself—Tinago, which means hidden—you’ll find a cave you can venture tucked behind the waterfalls.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Exploring Kelowna may not be common on most travellers’ to-go list, but should be. Located in the valley of Okanagan, you can venture through the glorious mountains, pine forests, orchards, lakes, vineyards and sandy beaches. If that’s not enough for a breathtaking view, check out Know Mountain Park and Lake.

Cannaregio, Venice, Italy

Among the least visited spots in one of the world’s most romantic countries, this little Venetian neighbourhood was once a home to the Jewish community during the 16th century. Escape the crowded tourist sights of Venice by getting lost in one of its many alleyways while making friends with the locals.

Desert Nomad House, Arizona

If you just feel the urge to just run away from everything, the Desert Nomad House in Arizona is the perfect place to go. The simple steel box house consists of a 780-square foot living room, kitchen, dining and bathroom area and a 440-square-foot bedroom with an office. Being situated in the middle of vast desert, next to nothingness, makes it the perfect epitome of a tranquil getaway.

Of course, there are plenty of lesser known destinations that were not on this list. But if you’re looking for an absolute rest and relaxation, away from the noise of the crowd, this list is a great way to start your vacation plans.

Apartment Essentials for First-Time Movers


You’ve just earned your college degree and are ready to head out on your own. Finding a place to be your new home will be exciting, stressful, confusing, difficult and rewarding all at the same time.

But of course, like most things in life, you can avoid unnecessary confusion and minimize stress by preparing in advance. Doing some research before deciding to move out will save tons of heartache—and cash—in the future.

The Right Place

Before going on your own, you have to find the right place for you. This first step can be tough. Not just because you’ll likely have to wade through several dozens of options, but also because there’s some pressure involved. After all, you will be living in this place for at least the next six months of your life, right?

Is the place affordable? Is it in an ideal neighbourhood? Does it provide the convenience you need, like near your workplace, a hospital, a mall or a police station? And most importantly, do you like it? Finding the right apartment is the most important part of moving out. It’ a major investment, so it should be considered a top priority.

Home Essentials

If you lived in a dorm during college, you probably have an idea about home essentials. Let’s say you already have the toiletries and home cleaners (if not, buy them first). The next thing to do is to fill your cupboard with kitchen essentials, such as salt, pepper, butter, flour and various spices. After all, you’re a college graduate now; it’s time to ditch the instant noodles and pre-packed food.

Then, invest on quality cookware and dinnerware, which includes pots and pans, plates and cups, spoon and fork and other miscellaneous items.

Lastly, after securing the aforementioned essentials, it’s time to shop around for furniture. This includes couches, desks, side tables, dining chairs, a dining table, a bed, coffee tables… you name it. To make it cost-efficient, research their prices and look for places where you can get quality items for less.

Explore Your New Neighbourhood

Once you have everything in place, it’s time to make yourself feel at home. Explore the neighbourhood for restaurants, coffee shops and local grocery. Roam around to see if there are any cool places to watch movies or hang out with friends.

And don’t be afraid to ask around. Knock on doors and introduce yourself. Part of moving to a new apartment is actually embracing it and living in it. This means not only filling your space with furnishings, but becoming part of the neighbourhood as well.

Moving to a new place is no easy feat, physically and mentally. But the sooner you start planning and by keeping these important points in mind, the easier it is to find the right home and neighbourhood for you.

What You Need to Know about Alcosynth


Do you drink alcohol? Alcohol has benefits if taken moderately but if you consumed too much, be prepared for its adverse effects. You may not like what it can do with your head. Hangover is inconvenient and pretty annoying not to mention troubling. There are many tricks so you can lessen hangover if not totally avoid it. It does not end there because alcohol can also provoke aggression and mood swings – all bad things.

If you really enjoy alcohol but hate hangover, loss of control and liver damage at the end of the session, you would wish that there is something close to alcohol without these effects. The good news is that there is a product recently developed as an alcohol alternative. This sounds promising. The alternative is called Alcosynth. Here are some things that you need to know about it:

What’s Alcosynth?

Alcosynth is made to imitate the positive effects of alcohol but without its devastating after effects. This is developed by Professor David Nutt. It is a version of benzodiazepine which is prescribed to treat anxiety. However, the best part is that it will not cause any withdrawal symptoms. It can make you tipsy but without throbbing head, dry mouth and nausea.

Will it replace the normal alcohol?

According to the developer, Professor Nutt, who was a former adviser on drugs, said that Alcosynth can potentially replace the normal alchohol come 2050. For booze lovers out there, he said that it will be available alongside your usual gin and scotch in the future. The best part is that one can dispense it into the cocktail and you get the same pleasure without the inconvenient hangover and potential damage to the heart and liver – which can save a lot of lives.

What are the issues behind it?

Why is it not in the market already? There is news saying that Alcosynth can have a “seismic effects on public health”. It is still not available especially bars in the United Kingdom let alone here in Singapore. Despite the positive results Alcosynth promises, it faces punitive regulations. The government should not stand in the way of this new alcohol. Regulations need to be encouraging as well as flexible for the health of the people around.

Hopefully this product gets to the market as soon as possible so it can save more lives. This is like e-cigarettes. People should continue to develop products that are actually safer. You get to enjoy it but eliminating the harm it can cause.

Step-By-Step Guide in Booking Wedding Live Band

You’ve chosen to have a wedding live music on your wedding reception to give quality entertainment and to add sparkle to the celebration. Before you start searching for the right kind of Singapore wedding live band, be sure to answer these guidelines first.

1. Determine a price range. Whether you’re a bride on a budget or just want to go lavish with your wedding live music, set a price range that you think you can afford for your wedding live band. The bands’ prices will differ depending on the accommodation, travel costs, number of musicians and the quality of the chosen live band.

2. Determine the demographics. Unless you’re either very old or very young, most likely, you will have guests in wide age-range. It is acceptable that you should choose your preferred band style, but make sure they will play something for the grannies as well. Also, determine whether for an amazing wedding live band in Singapore you would want a female or male vocals singing for everybody, or you can also have both for versatility.

3. Determine what band is allowed in the venue. Some venues only allow 3-4 musicians for an entertainment band. There are also some that have noise limits, therefore rock bands and heavy disco bands are not advisable for these types of venues.

4. Try Looking For Local Bands. Local talents mean less talent fee and travel expenses. Also, bands prefer to play in locations near their homes. By doing so, you can probably get discounts for the overall live band quote. You can Google search “wedding live band Singapore” and be surprised of what you will find.

5. How long will the band perform. The standard playing time of a live band is either 3x40mins or 2x60mins. Usually, bands fill-in gaps with recorded or iPod music through sound systems. If you want the band to play longer, check their song list if it has enough songs to fill-in extra time.

6. Shortlist 3-5 bands based on the criteria and demos/videos. After answering the first 5 steps above, shortlist 3-5 wedding live band in Singapore and see them perform live or ask for a recorder video. The best way to check the band’s quality, aside from watching them live, is to see a live video clip of one of their show. Keep in mind that it’s the voice and the versions of their songs you’re looking for, not the video quality. The live video clips will surely give you pure honesty performances.

7. Contact the shortlisted bands. Start calling every band that has been qualified according to our criteria. Start by asking for their availability. Top quality bands get fully booked almost a year in advance. It is advisable to start looking 12-10 months to get the best Singapore wedding live band. Compare each band’s prices and choose the one with the best deals.

8. Once you have decided, book them as soon as possible. A band can only perform in one place at a time. Once you have confirmed that they are available on your said date, immediately ask them to send you a contract. Read, understand and scan the contract for your personal copy. After that, pay the initial amount so you can be sure that the band will have no reason not to be in your event.

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