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The Ill Effects of Bad Posture on Your Mind and Body


For developed countries like Singapore, most people spend all their waking hours glued in a chair. There is nothing wrong with that but you have to be conscious of your posture because it can make a difference at the end of the day. Bad posture is actually the problem of many here and it can lead to physical and mental health complications.


Remember that your body is created to move and not to sit in the chair for more than eight hours every day. If you are conscious about good posture then you are already living a happy and healthy life. However if you have bad posture, it can pose health and mental risk on you. Over time, bad posture will become a habit and it will then lead to headaches, fatigue and pain.

Here are the ill effects of bad posture on your mind and body:

Exacerbates stress and depression

You do not know it but when you slouch, your body actually tries to constrict and compress. If this is the case, the lungs and heart are forced to work twice to pump blood thereby slowly circulating the oxygen. This is enough to cause stress especially in your muscles and internal organs.

There was a study commissioned by San Francisco State University. The researchers asked student responders to walk in a slouched position. The students who walked in that way experienced decreased levels of energy. When the body is seated for a long time, the internal processes will slow down and as an outcome, the energy levels decrease.


Leads to poor breathing

Remember that the lungs will function well if the diaphragm and rib cage expand properly. Poor posture can actually restrict the blood and more importantly, oxygen flow. If you are engaged in different outdoor activities, you have to make sure that you have good posture because it is during this time that the body needs more oxygen.

Back, neck and shoulder pain

When you have bad posture, the most common effect include back ,neck and shoulder pain. In most cases, the common pain areas include wrist, shoulder, neck and lower back.

By knowing these, you will gradually change your posture and finally realize why your mother was constantly bugging you about posture back then. If you have questions about it, you can always seek for the help of your doctor. The trick here is never under estimate it or ignore it. Avoid more pain starting now.


Monsoon Make-Up: Practical Make-Up for the Rainy Season


After a long and torturous hot season, the rain season has returned. But as welcome as the cool weather may be, it isn’t very good for keeping our make-up on fleek since a lot of make-up doesn’t sit well on the skin when wet. So, unless you’re going for a ‘melted make-up’ look, here are six of our favourite make-up techniques to keep your make-up in place even on wet days.


  1. Primer

A good primer will hold everything you applied to your face in place. It will keep your make-up intact and ensure it will last the entire day, whether it’s going to rain or shine. If you have oily skin, get a matte primer. For dry skin, we suggest getting a moisturizing one.

  1. Tinted Moisturizer

When dealing with rain, you have to go as natural as possible to avoid smudges and meltdowns. One of the best products to have is tinted moisturizer. Just a thin coat of tinted moisturizer will last you longer than any foundation, especially if you’re out in the rain.

  1. Waterproof Mascara

When it comes to rain and mascara, we all know that waterproof is the way to go. After all, you don’t want to have “racoon eyes” after a drizzle, do you? To keep your lashes in place, make sure to check the tube and see that it’s labelled waterproof before leaving home.


  1. Cream Blush

We all love our powder blush for neutral and windy days, but not when it’s raining. When you think it’s going to rain later in the day, pick something that’s going to show some colour and stick to your skin. That’s what cream blushes do. Pop some on your cheeks before putting on your tinted moisturizer for a more natural look.

  1. Lip Stain

Lipstick are great, but may not withstand the moisture of the rain. To make sure your lip colour won’t smudge and budge when it rains, wear lip stains instead. This product doesn’t move when applied on the lips and usually lasts much longer than regular lipstick.

  1. Moisturizing Mask

This last one isn’t technically a make-up, but it helps make-up apply smoothly if you have well-conditioned skin. Since the rain season has the tendency to dry the skin out, replenish the moisture by applying a moisturizing mask the night before. You don’t want your make-up to look patchy and uneven, so make sure to hydrate your skin well.

There you have it! Our top six favourite make up. Now that you know what products to use and the necessary know-how about them, you can step out into the rain fearlessly—and gorgeously!


5 Things Fast Food Chains Don’t Want You to Know


Nowadays, fast food is the preferred choice, but how safe it is? Sometimes, the industry cut corners to make easy money, and one of those corners is your health. So, before you order your next cheeseburger and fries, here are some fast food facts that you ought to know.


  1. Fast food is meant to be eaten fast

It takes 20 minutes for your body to realize that you are already full. So the faster you eat your food, the more food you will buy and eat, because your body doesn’t know yet that you’re stuffed.

  1. Your iced drink is as contaminated as a toilet

Soda machines are particularly complicated to clean—if they are even cleaned. That’s why many restaurants clean them once in a blue moon, allowing bacteria and moulds to form. In a study, results show that 70% of the time, sodas from fast food chains is dirtier than toilets. There are also studies that a drink from a soda machine tested positive for E. coli, a bacteria usually found in human waste.

  1. There’s no actual grilling

Don’t be fooled by the grill marks found on fast food burgers and chicken slabs. They were purposely marked to make you believe that the food was licked by flames, though the truth is that they were not. The marks were painted with edible dyes or were stamped at the food factory, and then char and smoke flavourings are added to make the illusion more realistic.


  1. Fast foods look good for long

In a study, a photographer stored a McDonald’s fries and burger in a jar. A couple of months later, the fries and burger still looked edible, while the fries from KFC stored on the same day were already coated with moulds. This is because most fast food chains use a lot of sodium propionate to keep bacteria and mould off the food.

  1. There’s more in your salad than what you can see

Nowadays, fast food restaurants offer salads. But that doesn’t mean you can name every single ingredient that you can see in it. Did you see propylene glycol in there? Many chains dust their greens with such chemical to keep the greens crisp. The chemical is considered edible—and can also be found in anti-freeze additives and sexual lubricants.

As you can see, fast food chains aren’t as transparent as you think they are. While this may not be the case for all fast food restaurants in Singapore, these five points were reported too often. Do your research and be more observant next time and you might be surprised of the things you’ll learn.


Fancy A Dinner in the Sky?


We constantly seek for new experiences to feel alive and that is good. If we do not seek anything worth living, then we are like a broken-winged bird. You should have a list of the things that you want to experience so you can look forward to the future with enthusiasm and excitement.


If you are a foodie, your bucket list of experiences would probably revolve around food tasting not just here in Singapore but around the world. Finding gastronomic delights is a fun experience. In this case, do you fancy a dinner in the sky? Yes, the sky – a first in South East Asia.

Enjoying a four-course meal is something but eating 150 feet off the ground is remarkable. If you want to try eating dinner in the sky while strapped unto seats and enjoying surreal sights, it is time that you head to Malaysia. Malaysia is near so you do not need to spend on flights and accommodations.

Here are the things that you should know about the Dinner in the Sky Malaysia experience:

  • What does it cover? For this particular experience, the guest is entitled to an admission to the welcome lounge, a set on the table, a four-course dinner, water and juices.


  • Where can you purchase tickets? Please be guided that no agency has the right to sell tickets. Tickets are only sold online. If you want to book, go to their website.


  • Who are welcome? People who are above 18 years old, at least 145 cm in height and not more than 150 kg are free to join. Guests should also be in good health. The organizers are discouraging people with heart conditions, pregnant, back and neck problems, recent surgery, broken bones and high blood pressure.


  • How many people can be accommodated? For one session, the maximum seating capacity is good for 22 people.


  • How long will it last? The dinner will include a dessert package. The experience will take at least an hour. Guests are advised to come early and get prepared. Guests can prepare at the lounge area.


  • What will happen if restroom is needed? Organizers are recommending the guests to use the restroom prior to the “lift”. However if there is really a need to use the restroom, table can be lowered and the other guests need to wait.


  • What are the dinner schedules? There are two sessions daily – 7PM and 8:30 PM. There is no switching of tickets once you bought it and if you are late, note that your seat will be forfeited not to mention seats are non-refundable.

This out of the world experience costs RM599 per head or about $203. However before heading there, you should at least book so you have sure seats.


Common Mistakes in Cooking Eggs


Eggs are a common staple here in Singapore because it is a good source of high quality protein. Most protein is found in the whites together with vitamin B2, B12, B6 and D, selenium, iron, zinc and copper. You will find low amounts of cholesterol and fat in the yolk.


All that and it is inexpensive. It is important that you learn how to cook eggs properly so you can maximize its health benefits and or course for tastier eggs. You would want your kids to enjoy eggs. On their own, eggs can be tasteless and boring. It is therefore important that you make it tasty and that all depends on the way you cook it. Here are some cooking mistakes that you commit and it is time to correct it:

  1. Cracking eggs: You have to crack eggs alright when you need to beat it but what you are doing wrong is cracking it on the side of the bowl. Cracking on the side of the bowl can invite cracked eggshells. Crack eggs on a flat surface instead. Also, crack eggs in a small bowl before adding it to whatever you are creating.


  1. Poached eggs: The mistake: dropping eggs in steaming water: The common practice is to drop the egg when the water starts to boil. When you do this, you might end up burning fingers and cracking the egg. To be safe, place eggs in cold water before bringing the water to boil. After boiling, let the egg sit for at least ten minutes before giving an ice bath to halt the cooking process. Do not overdo it because overcooking can lead to a sulphurous smell.


  1. Scrambled eggs: A favourite of many, scrambled eggs are tastier if it is silky. If it is dry, it is hard to feed them to the people around. When you scramble your eggs, just limit the flame to medium and then gently stir it with fork. This will permit curds to form resulting to silky scrambled eggs.


  1. Over beating eggs: If you love omelettes, avoid over beating the eggs. Before adding the eggs to the pan, you should beat eggs but not to the point of overdoing it. Overbeating will lead to dense and flat omelettes. With enough beating, cream and little water, your omelettes will be fluffy and light.


  1. Non-stick pans: You do not want brown eggs or eggs sticking on your pan at the end of cooking time. This is time to consider non-stick pans. These pans are easily washable with good quality of egg.


5 Healthy Foods to Eat to Bulk Up


While most of us are constantly trying to shed some weight, there are those whose battle to gain weight is just as real. If it’s the kind of battle you’re currently into, then read on to discover what kinds of food you should eat so you could bulk up in an easy and healthy way.


  1. Lean Red Meat

Lean red meats are the first things you should eat if you’re planning to gain some weight. Steak, in particular, contains lots of iron and protein necessary for building up some muscles. Opt for cuts like rib-eye, T-bone and New York strip with marbled meat as these cuts are loaded with more calories and are tastier when cooked as well. Such meats are high in cholesterol, however, so avoid incorporating it in your diet on a daily basis. Also, avoid combining it with saturated fats as it might cause some serious health problems.

  1. Natural Peanut Butter

Apart from eating red meat, consuming organic peanut butter is also a good way to gain some weight; just a tablespoon of it already contains four grams of protein and 100 calories. Other than that, this tasty spread is also rich in magnesium, folate and vitamins B3 and E. Enjoy it mixed in your oatmeal, as an apple dip, or as a filling to whole grain bread.

  1. Whole Fat Milk


One crucial change that you should make if you’re planning to gain weight is to swap skim milk for whole milk. It contains 60 calories per glass and is rich in other nutrients like vitamin A and D. Add whole milk wherever you use skim milk, such as in cereals, oatmeal, sauces or as a regular drink. If you like adding milk to your coffee, then use it as a creamer for your daily cup of Joe.

  1. Tropical Fruits

Aside from making you feel refreshed after a rough workout, tropical fruits are also capable of helping you gain some weight. Bananas, mangoes, papayas and pineapples are some of the best fruits to eat for weight gain since they provide energy-boosting natural sugars. So be sure to add some fruit servings into your diet either as a snack or as a smoothie.

  1. Whole Wheat Bread

A study conducted by health experts in Singapore found that consuming healthy bread products aids in weight gain. One of the best bread choices to incorporate in your diet is whole wheat bread. Aside from being packed with fibre and minerals, whole wheat bread also helps in sustaining your energy level and in keeping you full for longer periods.

Gaining isn’t just about doing the right workouts, it’s also about eating the right kinds of food. So make sure that you keep these foods in mind as you start working on bulking yourself up.


A Guide to Saving Money When Purchasing Jewellery


Jewellery has long been part of human culture. People wear jewellery to show off their wealth, religious beliefs and political affiliations. This is the very reason why jewellery is considered to be timeless and a constant target of refinement and development. But that doesn’t mean that acquiring one should be costly. Here, we’ve listed down some tips on how you can purchase your favourite accessories without breaking the bank.


  1. Purchase Online

Just like with your clothing and makeup pieces, it’s also possible to purchase jewellery online. You get to purchase them from sites like Amazon, AliExpress, EBay or Etsy. Aside from having a wide array of jewellery selections to choose from, purchasing from these sites also prove to be a cost-effective move. The only downside in this strategy though, is you need to wait for several days to receive the item you purchased.

  1. Buy From Artisans

Purchasing jewellery pieces from the artisans in your area is also a good idea, especially if you’re into handmade items. Aside from being inexpensive, you can also guarantee that the pieces they produce are one of a kind. Just be extra careful in handling such items as they break easily and are quite difficult to fix.

  1. Visit a Local Jewellery Store

Buying from the local jewellery stores in your area in Singapore is also a good option if you’re not into online shopping or don’t feel like purchasing from an artisan. In these stores, you get to try on each item before deciding on which piece to purchase. What’s more amazing is these shops offer a good selection of accessories that matches with any type of get-up you can think of – and most of them are sold at a reasonable price.

Jewelry Exchange in Tustin.

  1. Apply Clear Spray Paint or Clear Nail Polish

Caring for your jewellery pieces is crucial in keeping it in its tip-top shape. In fact, doing a simple pre-care routine is already enough to make any budget-friendly piece look like its expensive counterpart. Coating your plated jewellery with an enamel spray paint or a clear nail polish is already enough to seal its plating and make it look good even after years of use.

Do this pre-care trick before wearing the jewellery though, as any form of contact with your skin or perspiration immediately affects the accessory. Also, make sure to cover the stones with a tape before coating it with a clear polish.

  1. Protect Your Ears With Petroleum Jelly

Got an ear that’s sensitive to any type of jewellery? Then apply some petroleum jelly on the hook of the earrings before wearing them. Not only will you protect your ears from getting infected, you also get to enjoy pair of dangling’s that you’ve always wanted to try.

Accessorizing shouldn’t cost a fortune, especially when it comes to purchasing jewelleries. Simply putting these tips to work is already enough to satisfy your obsession with jewelleries without breaking the bank.


A Guide to Turning Your Blog into a Money-Making Business

With more and more of us spending our lives online, you should look for ways to use it to your advantage. A great way to go about this is to turn your blog into a money-making business. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but putting the following tips to work will surely help you get started with it.


  1. Start Running a Blog

This might seem obvious – and apologies to those who are already running a blog – but starting a blog is the first step to turning one into a money-making business. There’s simply no excuse for not running one, since starting a blog is incredibly easy.

Blogging is something that everybody learns to do as they go. Remember that all successful blogs you see today once started out a small personal blog. So go ahead and make one before you even start thinking about how you’re going to turn it into a money-making business.

  1. Share Your Blog Posts in Social Media

Now that you’ve set up your blog, it’s now time to get your posts out there. One of the easiest ways to do it is to share your posts on all of your social media accounts. As your friends start liking your links, their friends will start seeing it too. Little by little, you’ll start building your audience.

In addition, you should engage with more established blogs that produce content similar to yours. Let these people know that you like what they’re doing. Chance are they will also take notice of you and your blog.


  1. Learn About SEO

Perhaps the world of SEO is a complete mystery to you, but this is something that you should if you’re planning to have a Google search direct people to your blog. You don’t need to be an SEO expert, but you should know the basics of using it. Learning about it will surely take up some of your time, but it’ll prove invaluable as you start turning your blog into a money-making business.

  1. Sell Some Advertising Space

Once you’ve developed you blog to the point that you’re already attracting a regular audience, start selling some advertising space on your page. The simplest method of doing this is through signing up at Google’s AdSense. Once done, you will now automatically earn money every time a reader clicks on the ads on your blog.

If your audience is starting to grow, then you might want to consider branching out beyond AdSense and look for affiliates that could be interested in offering you bigger money.

Turning your blog into a money-making business is actually quite easy. Just make sure that it is well-maintained through getting professional assistance so you could continue making the most out of it.


Tell-Tale Signs That You Have Outgrown Your Job

You generally like what you’re doing with your current job. But if you’re being honest with yourself, you’ll start feeling a bit limited with your routine. Of course, you wouldn’t want to go and proclaim that your current work is beneath you. Still, you’re eager to constantly learn and grow in your career. So how will you know if you’re just being impatient or if you’ve finally outgrown your work? Here are the tell-tale signs that you’re to move forward from your current gig.


  1. You feel detached to your work.

Although you don’t necessarily need to leap with joy and charge into your office with an unmatched enthusiasm, you need to at least have a certain level of engagement and interest in your work. If you feel completely detached from your work and the impact your performance might have in the company, then it might be time to move on to a new work that will spark excitement and creativity in your career again.

  1. Your current job has become monotonous to you.

Having the feeling that you’ve master your position and work is what will boost your confidence in your workplace. That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that you don’t want to feel challenged. If you’re existing work has become predictable and monotonous that you can no longer remember what it’s like to not have an answer to any predicament, then you’ve probably gotten too comfortable with where you currently are.


  1. Your conscience tells you so.

Perhaps you’ve experienced having a little nagging voice in your head saying, “What are you still doing in this company? Why do you still choose to do this?” every time you go to work. Well, that’s your conscience telling you that you’re too good to be stick with where you are right now – and that you could anywhere else you wanted. So if you constantly hear your conscience whispering those words, then it might be the right time to weigh in your options.

  1. You feel that your skills are under-utilized.

You landed a good entry-level job in a great company right after college. You love your colleagues, your employer and you just adore everything there is at your work. The only problem? It’s starting to feel restrictive on your part – particularly in utilizing your skills.

Anybody wants to find a job that allows them to use their skills to the fullest extent possible. So if you’re current work is missing the mark in that regard, then get out of there and see if you can find a company that could make better use of your expertise.

Moving on from a job that you’ve had for years is never easy. In fact, determining if you have really outgrown your current gig makes things much tougher. So make sure that you keep your eyes open for these tell-tale signs and you’ll be able to take the next steps in your career with confidence.


Easy Solutions for a Limited Closet Space

Closet space is something that many homes seriously lack. In fact, a lot of bedrooms don’t have any closets whatsoever in them. So whether you have a serious amount of overflow with your things, or you lack closets altogether, here are some useful tips on how you can keep your wardrobe organized without needing a closet.


  1. Hanging Clothing Racks

Hanging clothing racks are the best space saver. Since it hangs from the ceiling without relying on a base, it leaves you with a lot of floor space to work with. Also, if you separate short and long clothing pieces, you’ll be able to fit a shoe rack or several layers of drawer underneath.

  1. Freestanding Racks

Although this option tends to make a room seem cramped, it can be easily moved around as you rearrange your furniture. Plus, it also has a built-in base that’s perfect for storing your purses, shoes, etc. Just look for some DIY and portable options of this rack on the internet.

  1. Crannies and Nooks

Don’t think you have enough space in your room for a clothing rack? Then you’re probably not looking hard enough. Instead of going for freestanding racks, look for spaces in your room where you can hang rods, such in unused nooks, or under eaves.


  1. Armoire or Wardrobe

If an open closet isn’t your thing, consider having an armoire or wardrobe instead. These options are great for hanging items, as well as folded pants and tops. The best part about it? All the clutter is hidden from the view.

  1. High Shelf

Don’t ignore the space that you have up on your walls. For your seasonal pieces, or items that you don’t wear often, try installing high shelves. Not only will it make your ceiling look higher, it’ll also give more floor space to use.

  1. Shoe Ladder

Most of us consider our shoe collection as our wardrobe’s crown jewel. But instead of letting your shoes take up valuable closet space, display your lovely pairs on a shoe ladder, or on a glass door cabinet if you have enough budget for it.

  1. Under Bed Storage

Perhaps one of the best ways to keep your closet organized is to stow away your out-of-season pieces in an under bed storage. So as you shop for your bedframe, consider going with one that has or allows an under bed storage.

With these clothing piece storage ideas, it’s now possible to make the most out of your closet space. So go ahead and try any of these limited closet space solutions now!


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