Picking the Right Running Shoes

You love to run. Whether you run to relieve stress or to live healthy, it is imperative that you pick an appropriate pair of running shoes. This will help you run conveniently and comfortably. You should know that most of running shoes may feel to be just right when you are still fitting it, but when you go on to use it for long periods, you might notice some tight or loose spots that make the shoes feel uncomfortable.


There are many shoe stores here in Singapore but picking the right running shoes is not easy. However, you can consider some tips that will somehow make things easier for you. Here are some tips worth mentioning:

  • Determine what you want: You should determine what you want. Do you want to be a road runner or a trail runner? If you want to be a road runner, you should look for shoes that are designed for pavements. If you want to be a trail runner, you should look for shoes that are intended for off-road routes.


  • Know your feet: You have to know the statistics of your feet. The first thing that you should know is your foot size. If you are unsure, you should have it measured by your shoe retailer. The next thing that you should do is determine your arch shape.
  • Know running style: For better and effective running, it is important that you know your running style. You can either be an overpronation, neutral stride and supination.
  • Different types of running shoes: You have to know that there are at least three types of running shoes to include cushioning, stability and motion control.

If you are serious about running, you should look tirelessly for the perfect shoes. Running in the paths of Singapore will be this fun and comfortable with the right shoes.


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