Singapore Theatre Scene

You don’t need to go to Broadway in America just to enjoy the performances and shows because you can have it here in Singapore. Singapore is considered Asia’s Broadway. Singapore Theatre scene is abundant with a wide range of performances or shows from the classics to modern, international Broadway hits and local plays.

There are many theatre groups in Singapore from different cultures (Indians, Malay and Chinese). If you want to catch one of their performances, you should consider:



Bangsawan is a Malay opera. This form of opera is uncommon across the Asian region these days. The performances are based on the depiction of typical tales of deceit and love. Moreover, Bangsawan plots are inspired by children’s stories like Sang Nila Utama, Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah. The performances can only be enjoyed on broadcasted variety shows carried out by Sri Warisan dance troupe. .

W!ld Rice

W!ld Rice is considered as the leader of theatre companies here in Singapore. W!ld Rice is divided into 3 categories- Outreach, Education and Ch!ll Pad!. If you want to visit the place, you can head to Kerbau Road.


Wayang is a Chinese opera. The performances are founded on popular Chinese myths, classics, philosophy and culture. The opera stresses on virtues like patriotism, loyalty and love. Here in Singapore, the performance of Wayang are seen during celebrations of Hungry Ghost Festival and Chinese New Year. The opera employs instruments like drums, cymbals and erhu together with vibrant and bizarre costumes and make ups to mesmerize audiences.

It is essential that you understand and appreciate theatre performances. There are many performances in store for you.

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