Singapore’s Film Industry

Film enthusiasts are well provided here in Singapore. You can choose from international blockbuster films to indie and local films. There are a lot of places that you can book but if you want the best movie experience, you can start by considering one or all of the following:


Sinema Old School

Sinema Old School is nestled in Mount Sophia. The location offers a cinematic experience like no other. The place is relatively new but many people who enjoy indie films gather here to watch it. The Sinema supports indie film industry and not so famous film makers. It has 136 luxurious couches with world class sound systems and projection. You can visit their website at

The Picture House

The Picture House is nestled in The Cathay (level 5 and 6). The place exclusively showcases first runs of the newest films. Aside from that, they also showcase independent films from master directors and new film makers. They also provide screening of musicals and documentaries. You can visit their website at

Gold Class Experience

Gold Class Experience has branches in Kim Seng Promenade, East Coast Road and and Harbourfront Walk. Enjoy a world-class entertainment and treatment. Movie goers will surely enjoy the luxurious recliner seats, private lounges and the concierge style of doing service. It is truly a sophisticated cinematic experience.

There is nothing wrong if you like to watch international blockbusters but never forget to support local movies. If you want to support it, you can join The Singapore International Film Festival where local films are promoted and showcased.

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