Singapore’s Recreational Area – Sentosa

From the main point of the country, just a 15-minute drive will bring you to the beautiful Sentosa Island – an island with a lot of activities to do. Also, you can see here the stunning beaches, unique spots along with the amusing recreational activities both for adults and children.


There nonstop activities here most especially water activities such as wake boarding, swimming and many more. One is taking a ride to what they called the Skyline Luge Sentosa. Also, if you are a nature explorer, you can tour around the trails of the beautiful Butterfly and Insect Kingdom. Literally, it will give you an idea o how insects live and how insects propagate. To add, you can learn about the different flowers and plants.


On the other hand, you can enjoy here variety of sport activities like volleyball and have a fun with the wave on the Wave house Sentosa. Once you felt hungry, you can choose from many restaurants in the place. In fact, there are more than 50 restaurants at Sentosa from ordinary to elegant.

If you really want to complete your Sentosa stay, you can have a holiday vacation package that will cover your trip from Sentosa to the finest attractions at the Marina Bay, Chinatown and Orchard Road. No problems that price since it is very affordable. It only cost $5. What’s more is that you will have a guide on the places that you will be going to visits. Thus, visiting Sentosa Island is a must.


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