The Principles of Chinese Medicine

There are many patrons of Chinese Medicine not only in China or in Singapore. Chinese Medicine is famous around the world because its practice was developed thousands of years ago. In fact, Chinese Medicine was developed earlier than the Western Medicine. Chinese Medicine is patronized by many people around the world because of its variety of techniques and traditions.


Chinese medical tradition is influenced by the principle of yin and yang and the wuxing (which symbolizes the five elements). Chinese believes that yin and yang are two contrasting but coexisting forces. Yin is distinguished by attributes like darkness, passive, negativity while yang is distinguished by attributes like light, active and positivity. Together, the two forces will create everything in the universe. These forces are constantly change to seek balance.

Apart from yin and yang, the universe is also created of wuxing – earth, metal, water, fire and wood. Wuxing matches to seasons, weather, colours, tastes, directions, etc. In medicine, each element corresponds to parts of the body. For example, water matches to the kidneys, bones, ears and bladder. The interpretation of yin and yang and wuxing vary depending on the period and context but this served as the essential framework for Chinese Medicine’s theory and practices.

Chinese Medicine is not only a thing of the past. It still exists with many herbs used. However, the HSA (Health Sciences Authority) advises the public of paying attention to some herbs that may contain illegal substances. People should always check the bulletin of HSA or listen to the news for any advises. To be safe, it is always better to get a prescription from a registered Chinese Medicine specialist.

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