4 Ways Long Distance Relationship Makes Love Stronger


Discuss the topic “long distance relationship” to millennial couples, and the thoughts of opposite time zones and communication through phone only send shiver down their spines. What many of us don’t believe is that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. And while it seems like an unending agony to be apart from your sweetheart, it’s doable and helps you cherish your relationship even more.


Whether it’s a week or a year, here are the reasons why couples should experience long-distance at least once in their relationships.

  1. Instills Appreciation

When you’re in an LDR, you miss being physically connected to your partner. When you finally get together, you appreciate each other’s presence even more and just feel grateful for being able to reunite after a long time of being apart.

  1. Foster Better Communication

When your relationship is dependent on phone calls, text messages, and Skype sessions, it means that you spend most of your time together talking. From “what are you doing?” to discussing your plans together in life, distance makes you realize that there’s so much more to a relationship than just being physically connected.


  1. Builds Better Foundation

No matter how short or long you have been with your partner, an LDR is a great way to foster foundation and to see if this relationship really is the one for you. Not everyone can survive long-distance; it takes two mature and trustworthy persons to make it work. Being apart with your beloved puts a lot of things into perspective, and this sheds light on what your relationship really is about.

  1. Allows for More Alone Time

Spending too much time together can hamper growth, both as individuals and as a couple—and it’s easy to fall into this trap without you noticing it. While you may not have the luxury of being with your bae whenever you want and need to, you’ve got lots of time to invest in yourself for your own individual development.

A relationship requires effort from both parties to make it work. And if you can survive the long-distance one, you’ll be surprised how invincible you are as a couple in facing every trial that comes your way in the future.


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