4 Ways to Salvage a Broken Lipstick

Of all the makeup mishaps that I ever experienced, nothing really beats the distress caused by a broken lipstick. It’s a really heart-breaking experience, especially if you only used it a few times and the product in question is a Tom Ford lipstick. There’s no way you’d toss it out if that’s the case. So if you’re interested in repairing or reusing your broken lippie, here are four genius ways on how you can bring your broken lipstick back to life.


  1. Scoop It and Set in Place. If your lipstick broke close to its base, then this method would be your best choice. This trick involves scooping out the lipstick’s base using a bent paper clip and putting the broken piece in the base instead. Once you’re done replacing the base, store the part that has been scooped out in a small container to serve as your extra lipstick.


  1. Heat and Freeze It. Want to take a chance at making your lipstick work like it used to? Then this trick is for you. Unlike the first trick however, this method involves using flames to melt a part of the lipstick and sticking it to the lipstick base. If there are some gaps on the sides of the lipstick, simply use a paper clip to scrape the lipstick from the top. After that, pop your lippie into the freezer and wait until it’s solid again.


  1. Place in a Container. If your lipstick no longer has a chance to regain its original form, then consider placing it in a solvent container, or a travel-size cosmetic container instead. Just ensure that you melt your lipstick before placing it in the container, then stick it into the freeze to solidify it.


  1. Repurpose Your Lippies. Another good way to salvage your broken lipstick is to turn it into a cream blush, or combine it with another lipstick to create a customized shade. You can use the melt method to combine your broken lipstick colours to achieve this.

Breaking your favourite lippie is really frustrating, but with these repurposing tricks, you can now salvage your remaining lipstick and still get the most out of your favourite lip colour.


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