5 Health Benefits of Being Optimistic  

Are you usually a negative thinker? Experts say that pessimism won’t do any good to the health. On the contrary, optimism will keep everything in you healthy, from keeping your brain sharp to boosting your cardiovascular health. To pull out the negative aura, here are the five health benefits you will experience for having a positive outlook in life.


  1. Your heart will be in tiptop condition.

Optimistic people have 200% more chances of having an ideal heart health, according to studies. Those who have the rosiest outlook on their lives have better blood sugar and cholesterol level, as well as better body mass indexes, than pessimists. Experts have also observed that many happy-go-lucky persons can handle stress better than some of the goal-oriented people.

  1. Your medicines will work better.

Science backed up the idea that opioid painkillers work far better when patients believe that they would. On the flip side, some doctors noticed that when patients don’t believe that the drug works, it doesn’t give much cure—or doesn’t cure at all, even if it was the exact same medicine. This finding suggests that a person’s expectations can affect brain reactions on how one perceives pain.

  1. You can avoid colds.

Looking on the bright side also make you less likely to get sick. Several researchers have studied the connection of positive attitude and immune systems over a year and found that people with sunny disposition have better immune system. Although there are lesser scientific explanation about how the two are linked, researchers think that cheerful moods somehow support the immune system’s function.


  1. You will keep your mental health in its best condition.

Being cynical can easily drive someone out of mind. It is said that those who always see the worst in people are more likely to develop dementia compared to more trusting individuals. While there is no concrete scientific explanation yet about how pessimism and dementia are connected, negativity plays an evident role in depression.

  1. You will live a longer life.

Here’s another thing to celebrate: you will likely have more years to live. Since perkier people have better mental health, make their meds work better, and have healthier immune and cardiovascular system, they are less likely to develop diseases and put themselves in critical heath condition. Because optimistic people expect better outcome, they have better overall health; thus, rewarding them with healthier and longer life.

Being healthy is more than the absence of illnesses. Healthy people don’t only take care of their physical wellbeing, but also their mental and emotional condition.


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