5 Tricks to Brighten Tired-Looking Skin

Didn’t have enough sleep? No worries! Why walk around feeling and looking like a zombie when you can easily brighten up your tired skin and look more awake. Already curious with how you can remedy your exhausted look dilemma? Here are five easy and effective tricks that’ll surely brighten up even the most tired of faces.


  1. Exfoliate. One sure way to brighten and revive tired skin is by exfoliating it. Exfoliation is an essential step to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal fresher skin. Just doing a gentle scrub on your face and body is already enough to make you feel more refreshed and awake. Just make sure to use a scrub twice or thrice a week to keep your skin feeling and looking better and brighter.


  1. Hydrate. Frequently skimp on sleep? Then proper hydration is your skin’s saving grace. Start your day by drinking a tall glass of water and staying well-hydrated throughout the day to help your skin regain its natural moisture and glow. If you want, you can also add some lemon to your drink to aid in keeping your skin clear.


  1. De-Puff. If you feel like your skin needs more than just a splash of ice cold water, wake it up using a de-puffing product. Use a rollerball with an eye serum, such as Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager or Clinique’s All About Eyes, to get rid of puffiness and brighten your tired-looking skin.


  1. Conceal. What better way to camouflage dark circles and even out your skin tone than using your good old concealer. So opt for a good quality concealer like Benefit’s Erase Paste or Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer to hide all the giveaway signs that you had a rather restless night.


  1. Blush. Another beauty product that can instantly bring back your skin’s natural glow is your favourite blush. Applying a good amount of this product will already give your cheeks a sexy flush of colour, making you look more awake. With this, you no longer need to walk around with a tired and dull skin. Your simple blush can already add some life to your skin and revitalize your appearance.

Dealing with tired skin is actually easy when you have all the right tools with you. All you’ve got to do is follow the aforementioned tips and you’ll say goodbye with your dull and tired-looking skin.


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