5 Tricks to Care for a Combination Skin

Having a combination skin can be really frustrating at times, and downright confusing when it comes to buying and using the right skincare products – but it doesn’t really have to be that way. With the help of these good combination skincare tips, you’ll now be able to establish a simpler and more efficient routine that you can use to care for your skin type.


  1. Keep Your Skincare Products Cool. Instead of storing your skincare products in your dressing table or bathroom, place them in the refrigerator. Keeping the contents of your skincare products cool, it’ll help in reducing redness and inflammation when applied to the skin. Also, it’ll help in balancing the oil production of your skin throughout the day.


  1. Use Different Cleansers at Different Times. If you don’t know it yet, combination skin actually needs different types of cleansers at different times of the day. This is why we recommend that you use a foam cleanser in the morning to remove excess oil, and shift to a cream-based one at night to replenish the lost moisture.


  1. Choose Your Toner Wisely. Although it’s one of the most overlooked step in a skincare regime, toning is actually important especially if you have a combination skin. However, do know that not all toners are created equally. For your combination skin, seek out toners that has a high antioxidant content than those that have high alcohol content as they can further dry out your skin.


  1. Treat Your Cheeks and T-Zone Separately. Different areas of the skin needs to be treated individually, so instead of using the same moisturizer for your entire face, use rich moisturizer to hydrate your cheeks and an oil-balancing moisturizer over your T-Zone to control the shine. Doing this will help in ensuring that your combination skin is well-balanced throughout the day.


  1. Slather on SPF. Just like in any other skin types, wearing sun protection is essential to protect your complexion from the harmful UV rays. Simply opt for a sunscreen that’s perfect for combination skin like light, fluid formulas to ensure that you’re perfectly protected.

Now that you know the tricks to properly care for your combination skin, you can now create a skincare regime that’ll work best for your skin type.

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