7 Fashion Items to Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Closet  

Fed up of lacey tops and floral-printed skirts? We’ll help you raid your boyfriend’s closet and turn those manly pieces into chic and trendy fashion staples.


  1. His Plain White Muscle Tee

An oversized plain white muscle tee can be a staple for any feminine wardrobe. Pair your baggy white top with black leather jeans, a scarf, and red louboutins for a rock-star chic look.

  1. His Leather Belt

Your beau’s boring black leather belt is perfect for low-rise jeans for a casual look. If the belt is too long for you, knot the tail end of the belt for an edgy touch.

  1. His Denim Polo

Denim polo is a fashion must-have. You can wear it all buttoned up for a hipster look or wear it on top of a white muscle tee for a casual day wardrobe. Whether light or dark denim, it’s guaranteed to go well with everything.

  1. His Flannel Shirt

The humble flannel is also among those versatile pieces that every chic should have in her closet. You can wear it over a dress or a shirt, under a cute overall, or simply tie it around the waist.


  1. His Sunnies

His sunglasses are an essential steal. Men’s sunnies, whether aviators, reflectors, or wayfarers, look hot on almost any girl. Pair them with a structured blazer for a cool man-like look.

  1. His Watch

The thicker bands of a men’s watch is a fashion essential to achieve a stylish layering on your arm. Team it with bracelets and bangles for a trendy touch. Don’t worry if the watch looks a little big as it will complement your accompanying stacks of bracelets.

  1. His Hat

If your man has a bowler hat or a fedora, steal it now and add it to your wardrobe. Even a simple baseball cap would be a good thing to have for a workout session at the gym or a quick jog in the morning.

Looking chic and trendy isn’t only achieved by wearing girly-girl stuff. If you want an edgier look, sneak through your boyf’s closet for hidden fashion finds. Who knows, you could be rocking that tux far better—and hotter—than your man.


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