A Guide to Saving Money When Purchasing Jewellery


Jewellery has long been part of human culture. People wear jewellery to show off their wealth, religious beliefs and political affiliations. This is the very reason why jewellery is considered to be timeless and a constant target of refinement and development. But that doesn’t mean that acquiring one should be costly. Here, we’ve listed down some tips on how you can purchase your favourite accessories without breaking the bank.


  1. Purchase Online

Just like with your clothing and makeup pieces, it’s also possible to purchase jewellery online. You get to purchase them from sites like Amazon, AliExpress, EBay or Etsy. Aside from having a wide array of jewellery selections to choose from, purchasing from these sites also prove to be a cost-effective move. The only downside in this strategy though, is you need to wait for several days to receive the item you purchased.

  1. Buy From Artisans

Purchasing jewellery pieces from the artisans in your area is also a good idea, especially if you’re into handmade items. Aside from being inexpensive, you can also guarantee that the pieces they produce are one of a kind. Just be extra careful in handling such items as they break easily and are quite difficult to fix.

  1. Visit a Local Jewellery Store

Buying from the local jewellery stores in your area in Singapore is also a good option if you’re not into online shopping or don’t feel like purchasing from an artisan. In these stores, you get to try on each item before deciding on which piece to purchase. What’s more amazing is these shops offer a good selection of accessories that matches with any type of get-up you can think of – and most of them are sold at a reasonable price.

Jewelry Exchange in Tustin.

  1. Apply Clear Spray Paint or Clear Nail Polish

Caring for your jewellery pieces is crucial in keeping it in its tip-top shape. In fact, doing a simple pre-care routine is already enough to make any budget-friendly piece look like its expensive counterpart. Coating your plated jewellery with an enamel spray paint or a clear nail polish is already enough to seal its plating and make it look good even after years of use.

Do this pre-care trick before wearing the jewellery though, as any form of contact with your skin or perspiration immediately affects the accessory. Also, make sure to cover the stones with a tape before coating it with a clear polish.

  1. Protect Your Ears With Petroleum Jelly

Got an ear that’s sensitive to any type of jewellery? Then apply some petroleum jelly on the hook of the earrings before wearing them. Not only will you protect your ears from getting infected, you also get to enjoy pair of dangling’s that you’ve always wanted to try.

Accessorizing shouldn’t cost a fortune, especially when it comes to purchasing jewelleries. Simply putting these tips to work is already enough to satisfy your obsession with jewelleries without breaking the bank.


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