Benefits of Taking Regular Breaks  

Somehow 8 hours of work is not enough here in Singapore that is why we take overtimes or worse, we sacrifice our break times. There is nothing wrong if we work hard but we have to take it easy or suffer the sequences. Our body can do many things but we have to be wary because there is a limit.


We have to give our body a break. Taking a break should be regular – that is, every day not every other day. Taking a few moments will not only help us feel more at ease, peaceful and satisfied, it also improves our productivity, mental and physical well-being.

There are scientific studies that support the taking of breaks. Here are some:

  • Studies conducted by Gao et al and Floru & Cail: According to the studies conducted by Gao and colleagues in 1990 and Floru & Cail in 1987, our performance begins to deteriorate after fifty to sixty minutes of non-stop work. Deterioration can be prevented if we take breaks at least every 40 minutes. It doesn’t have to be long.


  • Studies conducted by Balci & Aghazadeh: According to the studies conducted by Balci & Aghazadeh in 2003, “micro-breaks” increased the accuracy and speed or the overall performance of data entry workers. “Micro-breaks” last twenty to thirty seconds.
  • Studies conducted by McLean, Tingley and Rickards: According to the studies conducted by McLean, Tingley and Rickards in 2001, scheduled breaks are more effective that leaving breaks at the discretion of the workers.
  • Studies conducted by Henning et al: According to the studies conducted by Henning and colleagues, short breaks are more effective if it includes physical activities like stretching rather than sitting or sleeping.

Taking a moment and freeing ourselves from the tangles of work can indeed do us good. Singaporeans need and deserve a break.3147b8ff80f043c0a9d64184ff0d112c

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