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Fancy A Dinner in the Sky?


We constantly seek for new experiences to feel alive and that is good. If we do not seek anything worth living, then we are like a broken-winged bird. You should have a list of the things that you want to experience so you can look forward to the future with enthusiasm and excitement.


If you are a foodie, your bucket list of experiences would probably revolve around food tasting not just here in Singapore but around the world. Finding gastronomic delights is a fun experience. In this case, do you fancy a dinner in the sky? Yes, the sky – a first in South East Asia.

Enjoying a four-course meal is something but eating 150 feet off the ground is remarkable. If you want to try eating dinner in the sky while strapped unto seats and enjoying surreal sights, it is time that you head to Malaysia. Malaysia is near so you do not need to spend on flights and accommodations.

Here are the things that you should know about the Dinner in the Sky Malaysia experience:

  • What does it cover? For this particular experience, the guest is entitled to an admission to the welcome lounge, a set on the table, a four-course dinner, water and juices.


  • Where can you purchase tickets? Please be guided that no agency has the right to sell tickets. Tickets are only sold online. If you want to book, go to their website.


  • Who are welcome? People who are above 18 years old, at least 145 cm in height and not more than 150 kg are free to join. Guests should also be in good health. The organizers are discouraging people with heart conditions, pregnant, back and neck problems, recent surgery, broken bones and high blood pressure.


  • How many people can be accommodated? For one session, the maximum seating capacity is good for 22 people.


  • How long will it last? The dinner will include a dessert package. The experience will take at least an hour. Guests are advised to come early and get prepared. Guests can prepare at the lounge area.


  • What will happen if restroom is needed? Organizers are recommending the guests to use the restroom prior to the “lift”. However if there is really a need to use the restroom, table can be lowered and the other guests need to wait.


  • What are the dinner schedules? There are two sessions daily – 7PM and 8:30 PM. There is no switching of tickets once you bought it and if you are late, note that your seat will be forfeited not to mention seats are non-refundable.

This out of the world experience costs RM599 per head or about $203. However before heading there, you should at least book so you have sure seats.


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