Before and After Care for Colour-Treated Hair

If you haven’t ever coloured your hair, dyeing it for the first time can be quite daunting. To the rescue are Singapore’s best hair salons and professional hairstylists. Here are hairstylist-approved before and after hair care tips on colouring your hair.

Before Getting Your Hair Coloured

1. Know that going lighter is more damaging than going darker
If you’re thinking of changing your hair colour but aren’t sure whether to go lighter or darker, consider going for the latter, especially if you have dry hair. When going darker, you are depositing colour into the hair instead of stripping it out of pigment. Going lighter entails much harsher process and requires the use of stronger chemical—bleach. While ash blonde is all the rage right now, cocoa or caramel shades are much more forgiving for your hair.

2. Book a consultation before the actual hair colouring appointment
To meet your expectations, it’s important to be on the same boat with your hairstylist in terms of the outcome you want, how long the process takes, and whether it takes more than one appointment at the hair salon in Singapore to complete the hair colouring process. If you skip the consultation phase, you might end up with more than one appointment, only to find out you don’t have enough available time to achieve the look you want. Meeting your hair salon expert beforehand allows you both to decide on the colour, style and method that best suits you.

3. Apply hair mask two days before your scheduled appointment
Take note: not a day before, but two days before your hair salon appointment, ok? Deep conditioning just the day before the treatment may inhibit the dye from penetrating easily into your strands, making the process more time-consuming and the colour less vivid. Deep conditioning two days earlier is just enough to prep your hair for the process while still keeping your strands in suitable condition for dyeing and achieving even results.

4. Decide how often you want to visit for touch-ups
If you don’t want to be touching up every three weeks, tell your hairstylist. Discussing this matter with your hair salon expert will let him or her know how dark or light to go with your strands. If your hairstylist knows how often you intend to come for touch-ups, it will help them narrow down the colour options that you’ll be able to maintain.

5. Take advantage of Instagram to research about hair salons
The best hair salon in Singapore has Instagram and other social media pages where they post before-and-after photos of their clients. Search for the name of your hair salon in Instagram to view their works. This is extremely helpful to see the actual hair colours they’ve done and to know what shades are achievable with a prospect hairstylist.

6. Work only with a professional
Working with a reputable hair salon in Singapore should be your only option to ensure best result. The best hair salon in Singapore will give you advices on how to prepare your hair for the treatment, as well as suggest or even provide hair products for post-treatment care to better protect and prolong the vibrancy of your new hair colour. By entrusting your hair only to a professional, you can minimize damage and be certain that your new hair stays beautiful for much longer.

After the Hair Colouring Treatment

7. Use colour-protective products for long-lasting result
Do all those hair styling products, shampoos and conditioners that claim to protect your hair colour actually do anything? Fortunately, yes! These products are much gentler and often contain fatty acids to help avoid stripping of hair colour. Usually, they don’t contain sulphates or surfactants that might strip off sebum or colour of your hair. However, the potency varies from product to product—some products or brands are more colour-protective than others.

8. Deep condition to smooth and add lustre to your hair
For extra shine, pamper your colour-treated strands once a week with deep-conditioning treatment. You can opt to this at a hair salon in Singapore or do it at home. For a DIY deep conditioning treatment, simply apply your colour-protective conditioner to damp hair and comb it from foots to tips. Put your hair into a bun, cover it with shower cap and let it sit for half an hour. Then, rinse thoroughly. You’ll be left with softer and shinier locks.

9. Apply heat on your hair as little as possible
Colour-treated hair is more susceptible to breakage, so avoid constant combing, hair dryers and hair irons as much as you can. Whenever possible, let your dyed hair dry naturally. If you really have to use heat, apply some heat protecting product. If blow-drying hair, keep it cool or on the lowest heat setting.

10. Swim with caution
The chlorinated water of swimming pools is damaging to coloured hair. It can alter the colour and dry out your strands. When you go for a swim, wet your hair in the shower first and apply a protective leave-on conditioner before getting into the pool to prevent chlorine from penetrating into the hair strands and altering the colour. Know that chemicals in chlorine can shift lighter hair colours to an unattractive greenish shade.

11. Protect your hair from the sun
To preserve your new hair colour, sun protection is a must—whether it’s in the form of hats, scarves, or UV protection hair products. Many hair products today like live-in conditioners and hair sprays contain SPF and even a mix of vitamins to protect hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays and restore the hair’s condition after the treatment. If you know you will be out in the sun for hours, do not forget to bring a hat or an umbrella and a moisturizing spray with SPF 15 to 20 to protect your coloured mane.

By following these tips and working with the best hair salon in Singapore, prepping your hair, choosing a flattering colour and maintaining your coloured locks shouldn’t be an intimidating process. Your hair salon and hair styling expert should make it easier for you to preserve your new hairstyle while keeping your locks healthy and shiny.

5 Tricks to Care for a Combination Skin

Having a combination skin can be really frustrating at times, and downright confusing when it comes to buying and using the right skincare products – but it doesn’t really have to be that way. With the help of these good combination skincare tips, you’ll now be able to establish a simpler and more efficient routine that you can use to care for your skin type.


  1. Keep Your Skincare Products Cool. Instead of storing your skincare products in your dressing table or bathroom, place them in the refrigerator. Keeping the contents of your skincare products cool, it’ll help in reducing redness and inflammation when applied to the skin. Also, it’ll help in balancing the oil production of your skin throughout the day.


  1. Use Different Cleansers at Different Times. If you don’t know it yet, combination skin actually needs different types of cleansers at different times of the day. This is why we recommend that you use a foam cleanser in the morning to remove excess oil, and shift to a cream-based one at night to replenish the lost moisture.


  1. Choose Your Toner Wisely. Although it’s one of the most overlooked step in a skincare regime, toning is actually important especially if you have a combination skin. However, do know that not all toners are created equally. For your combination skin, seek out toners that has a high antioxidant content than those that have high alcohol content as they can further dry out your skin.


  1. Treat Your Cheeks and T-Zone Separately. Different areas of the skin needs to be treated individually, so instead of using the same moisturizer for your entire face, use rich moisturizer to hydrate your cheeks and an oil-balancing moisturizer over your T-Zone to control the shine. Doing this will help in ensuring that your combination skin is well-balanced throughout the day.


  1. Slather on SPF. Just like in any other skin types, wearing sun protection is essential to protect your complexion from the harmful UV rays. Simply opt for a sunscreen that’s perfect for combination skin like light, fluid formulas to ensure that you’re perfectly protected.

Now that you know the tricks to properly care for your combination skin, you can now create a skincare regime that’ll work best for your skin type.

Clarins Sunscreen Control Cream For Face SPF 50 and Sunscreen Stick For Sun-Sensitive Areas SPF 30 Review

5 Tricks to Brighten Tired-Looking Skin

Didn’t have enough sleep? No worries! Why walk around feeling and looking like a zombie when you can easily brighten up your tired skin and look more awake. Already curious with how you can remedy your exhausted look dilemma? Here are five easy and effective tricks that’ll surely brighten up even the most tired of faces.


  1. Exfoliate. One sure way to brighten and revive tired skin is by exfoliating it. Exfoliation is an essential step to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal fresher skin. Just doing a gentle scrub on your face and body is already enough to make you feel more refreshed and awake. Just make sure to use a scrub twice or thrice a week to keep your skin feeling and looking better and brighter.


  1. Hydrate. Frequently skimp on sleep? Then proper hydration is your skin’s saving grace. Start your day by drinking a tall glass of water and staying well-hydrated throughout the day to help your skin regain its natural moisture and glow. If you want, you can also add some lemon to your drink to aid in keeping your skin clear.


  1. De-Puff. If you feel like your skin needs more than just a splash of ice cold water, wake it up using a de-puffing product. Use a rollerball with an eye serum, such as Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager or Clinique’s All About Eyes, to get rid of puffiness and brighten your tired-looking skin.


  1. Conceal. What better way to camouflage dark circles and even out your skin tone than using your good old concealer. So opt for a good quality concealer like Benefit’s Erase Paste or Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer to hide all the giveaway signs that you had a rather restless night.


  1. Blush. Another beauty product that can instantly bring back your skin’s natural glow is your favourite blush. Applying a good amount of this product will already give your cheeks a sexy flush of colour, making you look more awake. With this, you no longer need to walk around with a tired and dull skin. Your simple blush can already add some life to your skin and revitalize your appearance.

Dealing with tired skin is actually easy when you have all the right tools with you. All you’ve got to do is follow the aforementioned tips and you’ll say goodbye with your dull and tired-looking skin.


4 Ways to Salvage a Broken Lipstick

Of all the makeup mishaps that I ever experienced, nothing really beats the distress caused by a broken lipstick. It’s a really heart-breaking experience, especially if you only used it a few times and the product in question is a Tom Ford lipstick. There’s no way you’d toss it out if that’s the case. So if you’re interested in repairing or reusing your broken lippie, here are four genius ways on how you can bring your broken lipstick back to life.


  1. Scoop It and Set in Place. If your lipstick broke close to its base, then this method would be your best choice. This trick involves scooping out the lipstick’s base using a bent paper clip and putting the broken piece in the base instead. Once you’re done replacing the base, store the part that has been scooped out in a small container to serve as your extra lipstick.


  1. Heat and Freeze It. Want to take a chance at making your lipstick work like it used to? Then this trick is for you. Unlike the first trick however, this method involves using flames to melt a part of the lipstick and sticking it to the lipstick base. If there are some gaps on the sides of the lipstick, simply use a paper clip to scrape the lipstick from the top. After that, pop your lippie into the freezer and wait until it’s solid again.


  1. Place in a Container. If your lipstick no longer has a chance to regain its original form, then consider placing it in a solvent container, or a travel-size cosmetic container instead. Just ensure that you melt your lipstick before placing it in the container, then stick it into the freeze to solidify it.


  1. Repurpose Your Lippies. Another good way to salvage your broken lipstick is to turn it into a cream blush, or combine it with another lipstick to create a customized shade. You can use the melt method to combine your broken lipstick colours to achieve this.

Breaking your favourite lippie is really frustrating, but with these repurposing tricks, you can now salvage your remaining lipstick and still get the most out of your favourite lip colour.


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