Car Solutions

Correct Car Maintenance Practices

Ever wondered how some car owners are able to keep their vehicles looking new even after years of driving? Not only do simple driving habits prolong the life of the car, but regular car maintenance as well.

Scheduled Maintenance

The car dealers and manufacturers in Singapore usually have a recommended schedule for car maintenance, car servicing, lubrication and car workshop. Don’t forget to read the owner’s manual or consult the dealers for this information. Most modern cars have complex systems that need to be maintained to keep them running for years.

Maintenance Don’ts

1. No regular checks on the tire pressure

Some first-time car owners often overlook this because the tires look normal at first glance. If not properly inflated, the tires could blow out or your car will be using more fuel as a result. It’s not just the rough roads that could lower the air pressure in tires, but even changes in temperature.

2. No oil changes

Most modern cars no longer require regular motor oil changes every 3,000 miles traveled. For most of the cars today, the recommended oil change interval is after a total of 7,800 miles is traveled. Just because the car doesn’t need frequent oil changing, it doesn’t mean you should ignore this either. An old motor oil can break down and will leave sludge in your engine. Remember that the motor oil is supposed to lubricate the engine parts. If the engine breaks down because of old, broken down oil, you’ll be spending more for car repair than a simple car maintenance habit.

3. Ignoring the check engine light

The check engine light should indicate if you need to have your car looked at the nearest car servicing shop in Singapore. It’s easy to overlook the indicator because usually all the lights come on in your car when you turn the key, as the people from in Singapore will tell you as well. The longer you wait, however, means that the possibility for a breakdown will be higher. In turn, the cost for repairs will also be higher.

4. Ignoring the TPMS light

This is in connection to the regular monitoring of the air pressure in your tires. In some models, the tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS light will activate when the pressure is low. If there is nothing wrong with the tires, however, the TPMS itself needs to be replaced.

5. Overheating

Sometimes overheating can’t be avoided especially during a particularly hot Singapore weather. An engine will heat up when it’s used, that is why it needs a coolant. But when the situation can’t be avoided even with regular car servicing, you should stop the car and take it to the nearest auto shop. If not, you can call for a tow.

6. No fluid checks

Just like changing the motor oil should become a part of your car maintenance routine, other fluids used to run the car should also be monitored. Car servicing should include the monitoring of the engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. These should be checked, exchanged or topped off. The changing of fluids should be based on what the car manufacturer has recommended. The auto mechanic should also check for leaks.

7. No brake inspections

If the brakes start to deteriorate or are not working properly, you should immediately take your vehicle to car servicing for brake assessment and replacement. You could get in accidents if you ignore the weird noises in the car.

8. No wheel alignment

You cannot visibly check for wheel alignment by yourself. This is the kind of task that needs to be done at a car servicing shop. Car experts also recommend that you have the tires rotated every time the car has traveled 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

9. Failing to check windshield wipers

Windshield wipers can deteriorate over time because they are exposed to heat, rain, dirt and others. Once the wipers don’t clean effectively anymore, take the vehicle to a car servicing shop to replace them.

10. Incorrect cleaning of the rear windshield

Although it’s okay to clean the exterior of the car at home, using products not designed for vehicles can damage the car. Cleaning the windshield using a home glass cleaner for example, will break down the materials in the glass.

11. Use of dirty filters

The filters need to be cleaned or replaced if necessary. They keep the fuel in your tank, the air-conditioning system, and the engine clean from dust, dirt and other particles.

12. Repairing without expertise

While most car aficionados know a lot about how cars work in general, doing the car servicing yourself to save money can cost you more in the end. Modern cars are computerized and have their own monitoring system. It can alert you using the check engine light. These types of cars, however, are difficult to repair or maintain unless you have the tools and the know-how. Instead of taking chances, consult a car servicing in Singapore for a better result.

Maintenance Practices You Should Observe

These are the basic car servicing practices that you need to do regularly or as scheduled by the car manufacturer. Take your vehicle to the nearest car servicing in Singapore for check-ups, assessment and car repair.

1. Keep the exterior and interior of your car clean at all times.
2. The car’s paintjob must be waxed preferably every 6 months, but always check the manual. Take the vehicle to a car workshop.
3. Always check or change the oil and the filters. To keep the engine in good condition, this should be your priority.
4. Change the differential and transmission oils depending on the service intervals.
5. Flush the cooling system. Don’t forget to change the coolant yearly to avoid buildup of deposits and corrosion in your car’s cooling system.
6. Grease the moving parts. They need lubrication to function properly and extend their usefulness.

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