Benefits of Taking Regular Breaks  

Somehow 8 hours of work is not enough here in Singapore that is why we take overtimes or worse, we sacrifice our break times. There is nothing wrong if we work hard but we have to take it easy or suffer the sequences. Our body can do many things but we have to be wary because there is a limit.


We have to give our body a break. Taking a break should be regular – that is, every day not every other day. Taking a few moments will not only help us feel more at ease, peaceful and satisfied, it also improves our productivity, mental and physical well-being.

There are scientific studies that support the taking of breaks. Here are some:

  • Studies conducted by Gao et al and Floru & Cail: According to the studies conducted by Gao and colleagues in 1990 and Floru & Cail in 1987, our performance begins to deteriorate after fifty to sixty minutes of non-stop work. Deterioration can be prevented if we take breaks at least every 40 minutes. It doesn’t have to be long.


  • Studies conducted by Balci & Aghazadeh: According to the studies conducted by Balci & Aghazadeh in 2003, “micro-breaks” increased the accuracy and speed or the overall performance of data entry workers. “Micro-breaks” last twenty to thirty seconds.
  • Studies conducted by McLean, Tingley and Rickards: According to the studies conducted by McLean, Tingley and Rickards in 2001, scheduled breaks are more effective that leaving breaks at the discretion of the workers.
  • Studies conducted by Henning et al: According to the studies conducted by Henning and colleagues, short breaks are more effective if it includes physical activities like stretching rather than sitting or sleeping.

Taking a moment and freeing ourselves from the tangles of work can indeed do us good. Singaporeans need and deserve a break.3147b8ff80f043c0a9d64184ff0d112c

Highest Paying Jobs for Women

Men and women nowadays are equal when it comes to work opportunities. It is a known fact that most of industries with high-paying jobs are still ruled by men but there are certain fields that give opportunities for women to earn tons of money.


A report made by PayScale identified highest-paying jobs for women. Here are the top ten lists:

  • Obstetrician/Gynaecologist: The highest-paying job for women is OB/GYN.
  • Psychiatrist: OB/GYN is followed by Psychiatrists.
  • Physician: The third place goes to doctors.
  • Nurse Anaesthetist: The fourth place goes to nurses.
  • Chief Nursing Officer: The fifth place went to nursing officers.


  • Corporate Counsel: The sixth place goes to corporate counsel or lawyers.
  • Pharmacist: Pharmacists made it to the number seven spot of highest-paying job for women.
  • Orthopaedic Physician Assistant: Pharmacists are followed by physician’s assistants.
  • Human Resources Vice President: The Vice President for Human Resources made it to number nine.
  • Optometrist: Women who specialize in eye care are in number ten spot.

Optometrists are followed by User Experience Researcher, Clinical Trial Manager, Certified Nurse Midwife, Physician Assistant, Information Architect, Senior Marketing Manager, Nurse Practitioner, Senior Clinical Research Associate, Senior Fashion Designer and Associate Media Director. This goes to show that females can be at their best too if given a chance.

If you notice, the highest-paying jobs are concentrated on healthcare. This study was patterned in the United States but Singapore can gain a lot from this study. The contributions of women in the economy of Singapore are unfathomable. Regardless of what industry they are in or how much they are paid to do it, women here should be empowered and valued.


The Rights as an Employee


There are companies that have few employees. Most of the time, this is where multi-tasking starts. The employees here are like Superman. They should save the day or else, they are the ones who are going to save their day. If it cannot be avoided to do multi-tasking, ask an increase to your salary. It’s your right. But don’t get angry when you ask for salary increase because employers may not approved your request or might fire you. If employees fire you, do not feel mad, it’s only normal and it’s good because your stress is gone. Don’t worry; you can look for another job. But be wise now and do not accept work with triple tasks.


Do not Do Multi-tasking

Aside that multi-tasking is very weary;  it can also affect your job performance. Compare a person with so many jobs to a person with only one duty. For example, a security guard and an office staff; basically, a security guard is only tasked to guard the vicinity, check the people who is coming. That’s all.  On the other hand, an office staff will do almost everything at the office. He can be a recruiter, a trainer, an account manager and many more.  What do you notice? Yes, they are both employees but the thing here is about the importance of workload. Now, if you are an employee and your job is like an office staff on the given example, you should gradually eliminate those jobs that are not indicated in your job description.


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