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Tips to Never Get Bored in Singapore

shutterstock_100518286Singapore is one of the best destinations in Asia as well as in the world.  The country has several fun and exciting activities for tourist and also for its residents. Because Singapore has various ethic cultures and is a financially established nation, the country has a high level of living. In the past, Singaporeans were colonized by British and that is why the most common language used in Singapore is English.

When in Singapore, you’ll never get bored due to the fact that the country offers the following: entertaining activities, good services and amusing destinations.

1.       Exceptional Night-Time Destinations and Activities

Underwater World

Actions never stop in Singapore. You can stay wherever you want because Singapore is active and pumping 24 hours a day. Whether you go in bars, golf sites, malls or supermarkets or anywhere, fun never sleeps.

2.       Tea Time

Drinking tea is a tradition in Singapore. If ever you are a tourist, try to drink one. In Singapore, teas are being partnered with cakes and sandwiches but sometimes, it is served with rice and viand.

3.       Engage in Recreation

One of the most popular beaches in Singapore situated in Sentosa Island. Here, there are many activities to choose from. This includes kayaking, wave skating and more. But the most well-liked in the island is playing with sea animals such as dolphin, sea cow (dugong) and sharks.

4.       Pleasure from Nature

At the Singapore Zoological Gardens, you can get close to more than 2,000 animals including wild animals such as cheetahs. Also, you can get nearer to the different species of birds especially the pink flamingos. You can tour the zoo at your convenience but of course, you need a guide.


What to Do When You Are Stranded in Singapore Airport

airportpeople Various airlines from different countries have stopovers in Singapore giving passenger’s free time to tour around. However, it is only limited around the airport as stopovers is more than two hours or sometimes less than. Even if you want to tour the city, you can’t and you have no other options but to wait at the airport for your next flight. But instead of waiting for long hours, Singapore’s airport has something for stuck passengers.


Singapore’s airport particularly in terminal 2 and 3 have two movie theaters offered for free. Most movies that are played are both the most recent movies and classic movies. If you want to rest, there are many rest areas at Ambassador Transit Hotel and pay them at a cheap cost. In addition, the hotel has a swimming pool wherein visitors can swim for a cheap price. You can also make use of their bathroom facilities and access free Internet. At no cost, you can use their PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360.

Discover Nature

Singapore airport has its own scenery of the country’s natural world. You don’t need to leave the airport if you want to explore Singapore’s natural environment. In terminal 2 and 3, different gardens such as orchid garden, light garden, sunflower garden and butterfly garden are placed. Also there are species of different plants and other plants that can only be found in Singapore.

Pamper Yourself

In all terminals at the airport services such as massage, spa, showers and other services are free of charge. You can get a 15-minute foot massage and a 30-minute full body massage for free.



Chingay 2014 Event Highlights

Chingay parade 2014 will gallop and enchant locals and tourists as we welcome the year of the horse. Many spectators are looking forward to experiencing Singapore’s grandest and finest parade. From gigantic puppets to dashing horses, it is said that next year’s Chingay parade is the most grandest and vibrant ever. Chingay is an annual float and street parade that have been captivating every spectators since 1973. This parade is meant to amaze and impress. 


So, what are some event highlights of the Chingay parade 2014?

Giant Puppets

There will be about thirty giant puppets parading on the streets. The thirty puppets will represent ethnic groups here in Singapore. The puppets will also represent professions like cab drivers and hawkers.

Horses and Sculptures

Since it is the year of the horse, there will be parade of horses  originating from the Turf Club. You can also marvel in horse sculptures created by students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


Batik Art

There will be public viewing of the largest batik painting yet. The painting features flowers that include the national flower of Singapore. This painting was crafted by 40000 locals and immigrants. There will be knitted tapestries involved.

Outdoor Drama

Be awed by the very first outdoor drama. The outdoor drama will be performed by about one hundred eighty community artists.


International Performances

You can seize international performances from different countries like China, Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, Rwanda, Italy, Nigeria and Korea.

If you have nothing to do on February 7 and 8, 2013, you can join the annual Chinese Year Procession. The procession will occur in F1 Pit Building. This will become the biggest procession yet with about 70000 persons involved. Enjoy the parade and the sights!

The Principles of Chinese Medicine

There are many patrons of Chinese Medicine not only in China or in Singapore. Chinese Medicine is famous around the world because its practice was developed thousands of years ago. In fact, Chinese Medicine was developed earlier than the Western Medicine. Chinese Medicine is patronized by many people around the world because of its variety of techniques and traditions.


Chinese medical tradition is influenced by the principle of yin and yang and the wuxing (which symbolizes the five elements). Chinese believes that yin and yang are two contrasting but coexisting forces. Yin is distinguished by attributes like darkness, passive, negativity while yang is distinguished by attributes like light, active and positivity. Together, the two forces will create everything in the universe. These forces are constantly change to seek balance.

Apart from yin and yang, the universe is also created of wuxing – earth, metal, water, fire and wood. Wuxing matches to seasons, weather, colours, tastes, directions, etc. In medicine, each element corresponds to parts of the body. For example, water matches to the kidneys, bones, ears and bladder. The interpretation of yin and yang and wuxing vary depending on the period and context but this served as the essential framework for Chinese Medicine’s theory and practices.

Chinese Medicine is not only a thing of the past. It still exists with many herbs used. However, the HSA (Health Sciences Authority) advises the public of paying attention to some herbs that may contain illegal substances. People should always check the bulletin of HSA or listen to the news for any advises. To be safe, it is always better to get a prescription from a registered Chinese Medicine specialist.

Moving Forward: The Next Public Hospital

The Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong announced on October 27, 2013 that there will be a public hospital in North of Singapore by 2020. The announcement was made in the ground breaking of Sengkang General and Community Hospitals. According to the Minister, Sengkang General and Community Hospitals will be ready and operational by 2018.


Sengkang General can cater about 800 patients while the Community Hospitals can cater about 400 patients. There are 200 extra beds if the circumstance needs it. After the Sengkang General and Community Hospitals project, the public hospital in North of Singapore will commence. The exact location of the next public hospital was not yet finalized because there are a lot of factors that need to be considered but the Minister is seeing the potential of Woodlands.

The Health Ministry is now evaluating the precise location of the public hospital bearing in mind land agencies and land plans. Aside from the place, the Health Minister also mentioned about being flexible relating to the pattern of diseases in the next few years. The public hospitals mentioned above are elements of the Healthcare Master Plan. The Healthcare Master Plan is the government’s initiative which seeks to put in 4100 hospital beds by 2020.

Apart from these hospitals and beds, the government seeks to create four more acute hospitals from 2020 to 2030. After the completion of the hospitals, it is believed that they will form part of Singapore’s biggest regional hospitals which will provide residents in different regions (Pasir Ris, Sengkang, Punggol and Hougang) with the best healthcare system. This is good news for all Singaporeans.

Being a Responsible Pet Owner

They say that if you have a pet, you should be responsible for its wellbeing. If you cannot cope up to demands of your pet, better not have it at all. Here in Singapore, a man was fined $5000 for exposing his dog to sun and rain. On top of that, it was noted that he left little sustenance for the Border collie. The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) called the police because of the abuse.


The man never thought about animal cruelty. To him, it is just a means to an end but for the dog and other people, this is abuse. If you have a pet, whether it is a cat, dog or other exotic animals, you should make sure that everything is well taken care of. Pets deserve our love and time. If at the onset you cannot give this, you should never consider it.

To help you take care of your pets, here are some tips that you can consider:

  • Regular examinations – Dogs are like humans; they too can develop illnesses. If you want to ensure their health, you should always bring them to the doctor and have them checked.
  • Getting rid of parasites – It is important that you get rid of fleas and other parasites that can irritate the dog. Parasites can cause hair loss and infection too.
  • Regular vaccinations – Regular vaccinations should be considered to prevent common illness.
  • Providing a suitable environment – You should provide your dog with a suitable environment. The environment should stimulate the dog’s mind. You can purchase many toys for example and spend more time playing with them.

Dogs are loving, affection and loyal. It would add colour and vigour to our life. Please, take care of them as you would want them to take care of you.

Cleaning Tips that You Can Use

Singapore government always reminds all the citizens and other people around that cleanliness should be practiced and observed all the time. Failure to practice cleanliness or tidiness outside of the house can cost you. Failure to clean inside the house will compromise the health of the whole family. No matter what happens or how busy you get, it is imperative that you clean your surroundings.

Woman Holding Broom and Dustpan

You should start with the house because you spend most if your time there. Then you should proceed with your office space. If you are blabbering about having no time for cleaning, think twice. You can always look for domestic cleaners if you cannot handle the cleaning. But if you think that you can personally handle the cleaning, here are some useful things that you can consider:

Set the time. Cleaning will be faster and more fun if you ask your family to join you. You should set the time for cleaning. For example, you can schedule it once a week or every Saturday or Sunday to make sure that all members are around.

Secure your materials. Now that you set the time, you should proceed with the materials. You need to secure different materials like the broom, dust pan, damp cloth, duster, vacuum, cleaning agents and many more.

Zoning. Do you know that zoning means? It means that you take one room at a time. It is advisable if you begin upstairs then work your way down. You can start with the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and the living room. Never leave the place unfinished or until you are satisfied.

There is no such thing as over cleaning. Remember that the cleaner your house is, the more comfortable and safe your family is.

Singapore Armed Forces Open House

The SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) wants the locals to know about the significance of defence and national security in the country. This objective paved way to the organizing of various events related to defence and national security. The SAF hopes to raise the level of awareness of the locals about the operation and the basics of armed forces.


Due to the public’s interest, the SAF have prepared different activities that everyone can take part in. Anyone interested about the operations of our armed forces are invited to attend the following:

  • Open Houses – Open houses are scheduled so that the public can view the dwelling place of the men in our Army, Navy and Air Force. Visitors may come anytime they like.
  • Rides – The SAF also organizes rides, which is popular for the locals. Locals can enjoy the ride on SAF’s military ships. This ride is for citizens and PRs (Permanent Residents) only. This is the perfect way to get the feel of being in the service.
  • Tours – During weekdays, students, employees, servicemen and leaders can book a group tour. Here, they will be introduced to different aspects of the armed forces. The tour takes place on specific open houses.

Armed forces are crucial in every country. Without it, we will remain vulnerable and prone to attack. Though the world now despises war, it is still important that we train our armed forces so that if we are ever attacked, we will be ready. By participating in these activities, the public will gain knowledge on how our country protects itself.

Lucrative Food Business

Mr. Harry Ang tried his luck in Vietnam. He established a restaurant that specializes in Singaporean cuisines in Vietnam. To date, he has at least ten restaurants scattered around the country. Aside from thinking of the profits, he established the food business because he missed Singapore. He found out that food business in Vietnam was lucrative so he tried his luck. The success can be attributed to the delicious and delectable flavours of Singapore. The ingredients are from Singapore so it is literally a taste of Singapore.

He brought a part of Singapore in Vietnam. He offers the following cuisines in his restaurants:

Char Kway Teow


Singaporeans are fond of Char Kway Teow. It is a popular dish here in Singapore. There are many people who consider this dish their national dish. Char Kway Teow is a mixture of rice noodles,  soy sauce, cucumber, shrimp paste, sausages and other vegetables.

Chilli Crab


Chilli Crab is a must have when you are in Singapore. The dish is composed of a crab of course and a tasty sauce. You can eat it with or without rice.

Hainanese Chicken Rice


Hainanese Chicken Rice is a favourite of many Singaporeans and other tourists. The dish is prepared by steaming a chicken with herbs and spices.  It is then served with rice, soy sauce, side dishes and chicken soup.

Bak Kut Teh


Bak Kut Teh is also unique in Singapore. It is prepared by boiling pork ribs in broth. It is then served with bean curds, noodles, rice and the like.

Singaporean cuisine is exciting because it is comprised of many cultures. No doubt Vietnamese are fond of Singaporean cuisine. Kudos to Mr. Ang for bringing Singaporean dishes to Vietnam.

Singapore’s Film Industry

Film enthusiasts are well provided here in Singapore. You can choose from international blockbuster films to indie and local films. There are a lot of places that you can book but if you want the best movie experience, you can start by considering one or all of the following:


Sinema Old School

Sinema Old School is nestled in Mount Sophia. The location offers a cinematic experience like no other. The place is relatively new but many people who enjoy indie films gather here to watch it. The Sinema supports indie film industry and not so famous film makers. It has 136 luxurious couches with world class sound systems and projection. You can visit their website at

The Picture House

The Picture House is nestled in The Cathay (level 5 and 6). The place exclusively showcases first runs of the newest films. Aside from that, they also showcase independent films from master directors and new film makers. They also provide screening of musicals and documentaries. You can visit their website at

Gold Class Experience

Gold Class Experience has branches in Kim Seng Promenade, East Coast Road and and Harbourfront Walk. Enjoy a world-class entertainment and treatment. Movie goers will surely enjoy the luxurious recliner seats, private lounges and the concierge style of doing service. It is truly a sophisticated cinematic experience.

There is nothing wrong if you like to watch international blockbusters but never forget to support local movies. If you want to support it, you can join The Singapore International Film Festival where local films are promoted and showcased.

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