Clothing Pieces Every Men Should Have

Who says only women can be fashion-conscious? Here are the clothes every man should have for every occasion.

Tailored Suit. Renting suits for formal occasions can be a hassle especially if you can’t find the right size. If you’re in a hurry too, going to the tailor isn’t an option. You should have your own black suit that fits you perfectly.

Brown or Black Dress Shoes. They go well with suits and any formal attire. You should have both colors for variety, but you’ll never go wrong with black dress shoes alone.

Leather Belt. Besides the belts you use for casual attire, you should also invest in a black or brown leather belt for formal attires.

A Set of Ties. Even if you don’t need to wear a tie at the office, you still need to have at least one plain-colored tie at home to go with other outfits.

Straight-Cut Blue Jeans. Straight-cut jeans are a classic. Even with the introduction of different cuts for men, a lot of guys still prefer straight cut. Blue jeans can be paired with almost any shirt and shoes.

Trainers. A lot of guys love sneakers, but not all types were designed for outdoors and training. You should have at least one that you can use at the gym or when you’re out jogging with your friends at the park.

White Undershirt. A white undershirt should be worn under a button-up shirt. A lot guys take for granted that they don’t need to wear a bra like other women, but some men are endowed with noticeable nipples.

Sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays and also make you look more stylish overall. Pick shades that go well with your outfit. There are sunglasses too that are made for sports and outdoors.

Gray Sport Coat. Sport coats are the equivalent of blazers for women. They can be worn over casual or formal attires. The gray color doesn’t clash with other colors in your outfit.

Khaki Pants. If you’re tired of blue jeans, you should also have a selection of khaki pants for variety. Besides neutral colors like brown, there are also khaki pants in other shades as well.

Sweatshirt With Hoodie. Don’t you just love the designs on the sweatshirts? If you have money to spare, you should check out some of the designer hoodies available.

Plain T-Shirts. Plain t-shirts can be layered with other clothes and don’t distract the eyes unlike printed shirts. They can also serve as another option besides the white undershirt.

Moccasins. You should have another option besides your sneakers and dress shoes. Moccasins look stylish and can be paired with both formal and casual outfits. They’re also very comfy.

7 Fashion Items to Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Closet  

Fed up of lacey tops and floral-printed skirts? We’ll help you raid your boyfriend’s closet and turn those manly pieces into chic and trendy fashion staples.


  1. His Plain White Muscle Tee

An oversized plain white muscle tee can be a staple for any feminine wardrobe. Pair your baggy white top with black leather jeans, a scarf, and red louboutins for a rock-star chic look.

  1. His Leather Belt

Your beau’s boring black leather belt is perfect for low-rise jeans for a casual look. If the belt is too long for you, knot the tail end of the belt for an edgy touch.

  1. His Denim Polo

Denim polo is a fashion must-have. You can wear it all buttoned up for a hipster look or wear it on top of a white muscle tee for a casual day wardrobe. Whether light or dark denim, it’s guaranteed to go well with everything.

  1. His Flannel Shirt

The humble flannel is also among those versatile pieces that every chic should have in her closet. You can wear it over a dress or a shirt, under a cute overall, or simply tie it around the waist.


  1. His Sunnies

His sunglasses are an essential steal. Men’s sunnies, whether aviators, reflectors, or wayfarers, look hot on almost any girl. Pair them with a structured blazer for a cool man-like look.

  1. His Watch

The thicker bands of a men’s watch is a fashion essential to achieve a stylish layering on your arm. Team it with bracelets and bangles for a trendy touch. Don’t worry if the watch looks a little big as it will complement your accompanying stacks of bracelets.

  1. His Hat

If your man has a bowler hat or a fedora, steal it now and add it to your wardrobe. Even a simple baseball cap would be a good thing to have for a workout session at the gym or a quick jog in the morning.

Looking chic and trendy isn’t only achieved by wearing girly-girl stuff. If you want an edgier look, sneak through your boyf’s closet for hidden fashion finds. Who knows, you could be rocking that tux far better—and hotter—than your man.


Eco Fashion Awareness

With the barrage of media informing us of climate change, it would be quite impossible to still be unaware of the reality of it. Wouldn’t you agree that even without googling climate change or reading about it on books, you will still know that it exists simply by noticing the temperature every day? Surely, you will also agree that nowadays the temperature has become unbearably hotter unlike before in the good old days. And it’s not just because it’s summer; even on rainy days, the temperature is still high.


Climate change, as we all know, isn’t good. So, let’s do whatever we can to help prevent any further damage it might cause. There are actually many ways to start helping Mother Earth, from conserving water and electricity to reducing waste products and recycling. But have you ever considered switching your wardrobe to one that will benefit the environment? Sustainable fashion, more commonly known as eco fashion, is a slowly growing trend with its philosophy centered on creating and producing clothing that helps preserve the environment and promotes social responsibility.

Now, it might not be quite easy to buy an entire wardrobe of eco-friendly clothes, but starting with simply getting ourselves oriented with the existence of these kinds of clothes and knowing where to buy them isn’t a bad place to start. Here in Singapore, there are quite a number of brands that do provide eco fashion


One of which is Etrican. Founded in 2009 by Yumiko Uno and Dragos Necula, this Singaporean brand provides men and women with a selection of on-trend apparel which are all made of 100% organic cotton. Not only do their clothes stay true to their promise of being eco-friendly but you will surely be delighted to find out that their clothes are also affordable. If you’re interested to browse through their selection, you could check their website at or if you happen to be at Hill Street, then take some time to fit their clothes at 47 Hill Street, #06-06, Singapore 179365.

For your most basic clothing needs, such as a simple white tee,  a plain-colored shirt, and of course let’s not forget underwear, Nukleus has got you covered. Specializing in sustainable underwear and basics, Nukleus only uses the finest sustainable materials to create their products. Feel free to visit their website at or find their products at selected stores such as OG Albert Complex (60 Albert Street) and Organic Basic (1 Maju Avenue #01-06 myVillage Serangoon Garden).



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