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The Wonders of Pomegranate  

If we want a fruit that dates back centuries ago, we have to consider pomegranate. Pomegranate is one of the oldest fruits in the world. In fact, it is found in early artefacts and writing of many religions and cultures. Pomegranate is otherwise known as punica granatum and it originally sprung in Persia (modern day Iran).


There are some Singaporeans who are familiar with the fruit but there are others that are not. For those that are not familiar with the fruit, pomegranate is a red fruit. It has a tough outer layer but we should not be deceived by its look. Inside the tough layer, there’s juice and seeds that are edible. Pomegranate is widely available here in Singapore. Juices are in most grocery stores. If we do not want to consume everything, we can just put it in a plastic bag and it can last up to two months.

The seeds are particularly full of nutrition. It contains phytochemical compounds, polyphenols, antioxidants and flavonoids. This fruit made a comeback after some clinical results. According to researchers from Israel, a 4 ounce glass pomegranate juice (with 3 dates) could protect us against the accumulation of lipids in our arterial walls by 33%.

Here are some wonders of pomegranate:


  • Anti-cancer and immune supporting effects: Clinical tests show the potential of pomegranate as an anti-cancer treatment. It hinders breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and leukaemia. It does not end there because it can also thwart vascular changes that accelerate tumor growth.
  • Constrains abnormal platelet aggregation: Potent antioxidant compounds can constrain abnormal platelet aggregation. Abnormal platelet aggregation can cause embolic disease, strokes and heart attacks.
  • Lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure: Pomegranate contains punicalagin which can benefit our heart and its blood vessels. Punicalagin lowers cholesterol and blood pressure which can effectively melt heart blockages.
  • Improving depression: Pomegranate contains phytochemical compounds that can secret serotonin and oestrogen. This will improve the symptoms of depression.

We also need to get acquainted with the concept of seeding. Seeding will get us all the nutrients in the seed. Seeding is not easy but it is all worth it. If we want to know how to see pomegranate, we only need to ask or to research. We can also make pomegranate more interesting by making smoothies.

Not all people appreciate the wonders of pomegranate. It is time that we discover it. If we want to see and feel its benefits, we only need to secure one or more.


Inclusions and Exclusions of Gluten-free Diet

There are some Singaporeans who prefer gluten-free diet. Gluten-free diet is a form of diet that disregards gluten. For your information, gluten is a protein that are found in wheat and other grains (like barley and rye). Too much gluten in your system will cause celiac disease.


Here in Singapore, you will find many stores that offer gluten-free diet. However, if you want to prepare your own meals, you have to be familiar of the food inclusions and exclusions. Here are some ideas to begin with:

  • Exclusions: It was mentioned earlier that gluten-free diet excludes wheat and other grains. Apart from that, it also rules out flour-containing foods, custards, soups, sauces, gravies and the like. The most common exclusion is oats but there are people who can tolerate oats. The safest thing that you should do is check the label.

Healthy Foods

  • Inclusions: You can still enjoy many tasty foods. You can have meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, rice and potato. You can also consider other starchy and grainy foods like almonds, corn, millet, sorghum, pea flour, coconut flour and many more. To add, there are other alcoholic beverages that you can still enjoy – whiskeys, mead, sherry, rum, vermouth, tequila and brandy.
  • Others: You will be happy to know that there are foods or beverage with gluten removed. The Flavours like eggs, corn starch, hydroxypropyl can be an alternative for gluten.

If you are uncertain about your diet, you have to consult your doctor or nutritionist to be sure. Celiac disease is serious and you should not ignore it.


How to Improve Your Eating Habits

There is no doubt that Singaporeans are hard working. In fact, Singaporeans are very hard working that sometimes we forget to take our meals. It is important that you improve your eating habits because it will give you the necessary energy to go forward.


If you are struggling to improve your eating habits, you can go to your dieticians and collect their advice or you can consider the following things to improve your eating habits:

  • Timing: Timing is the key to be successful in everything. You miss breakfast because you woke up late. You also miss lunch because of the bulk of paperwork. When you come home, you are too tired to eat. You have to realize that eating is a necessity, not a thing that you should consider when you have nothing else to do. When it is time for breakfast, say 7am, you have to sit and eat. If it is lunch time, stop everything and enjoy a hearty meal. That’s not so hard, right?

Reduce Junk Food Eating Habits

  • Drink more water: Like many others, you like coffee. You drink coffee all the time that sometimes you consider it as water. If it is not coffee, it is carbonated drinks. That is not advisable. To be safe, you need to drink more water.
  • Avoid fast foods: You prefer fast and convenience that is why fast foods appeal to you. Experts warn about the negative impacts of fast foods. Fast foods are overloaded with saturated fats that can harm you.

These are just simple things that you can do to improve your eating habits. You have to seriously abide by these as these will give you strength, energy and endurance every day.


A Treat for Your Sweet Tooth

For all those with a sweet tooth, this post is perfect for you! Here are some of Singapore’s finest dessert shops that will surely fill you with their sweetest treats. And this goes without saying, diabetics, please take caution.



The French are known to have perfected creating desserts to an art. But we don’t need to fly to France just to have a taste of their desserts because right here in Singapore at 30 Penhas Road, you’ll find a sweet haven named Antoinette. This Parisian patisserie was the creation of Chef Pang Kok Keong, who is among Singapore’s most revered pastry chefs. The cakes in Antoinette are a definite must-try. Not only do they taste so heavenly but they also look oh-so-good. Their famous Antoinette cake is made up of milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea and other sweet goodness.

Grin Affair

Ever tried cake in a jar? Sounds a bit odd but at Grin Affair they do serve this unique treat. Starting at S$6, you’ll get to enjoy the delightful cakes this petite cake shop has to offer. Their creations include Cookies & Cream cake, a combination of a cookie base and chocolate cake layered with custard mousse and vanilla cake, topped with crunchy vanilla cookies. If you ever find yourself dreaming of a cake in a jar, then make that a reality and head on to 3 Everton Park, #01-77A Singapore 080003.


Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Dubbed as Singapore’s Best Chocolates by Tatler Magazine (2013), Laurent Bernard’s exquisite chocolates will undoubtedly make you crave for more. They offer an assortment of decadent pralines and other chocolate items and you can order them online via or you could go to their outlets, one of which is at The Pier at Robertson Quay.



Healthy Snacks for Adults

Snacking is one favourite past time of people of all ages, including adults. Adults are even more frequent eaters of snacks compared with kids because they are not subject to restraints of their parents anymore. Nonetheless, they also have the choice of having healthy snacks only if they know what snacks are healthy. For education and information, here are some healthy snacks for adults.


  • Baked potatoes over potato chips: Salt, preservatives and additives are highly present in potato chips snacks. These chemicals make one feel full for a while, but will eventually make one feel hungrier after a while. With that, a person will crave to eat more. However, when it comes to baked potatoes, too much salt and unwanted oil are not included. Once can only brush some butter and add a pinch of herbs after baking the potatoes. This food will also supply enough carbohydrates making the person feel full.


  • Fruits, peanut butter, crackers and cream: All these ingredients for a healthy snack can be easily found inside the kitchen cabinet. The procedure is also very simple. What one must do is to just spread some cream or peanut butter to a cracker and top it with slices of fruits like bananas, apples, pear or any soft fruits. After that, one can already munch to snack that is healthy and rich in fibre which will help aid in proper digestion.
  • Nuts and nachos: Nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and the like are all very healthy alternatives if you want to munch on chips. Nachos are another. Make healthy dips and salsas for your nachos, make sure that the dips are organically made and not those which are bought canned to have a healthier snacking.


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