6 Healthy Tips for Leaner Bbq Season

The all-year round sunny weather of Singapore is always ideal for outdoor grilling. When the family is together and the weather is just warm and cosy, we just want to relax, unwind, and just have fun. Well, what would be a better way to enjoy an outdoor get-together than with a barbecue party? You can either hire a bbq catering service provider or do the grilling your own.


But before you start hitting the grill, we have a couple of tips for you to help you enjoy your otah and satay party while keeping everyone in the family lean and healthy.

Healthy Tip No. 1: Bold Ingredients for Stronger Flavours

Using bolder ingredients from Singapore mean more flavour for a quantity of less. Here are some flavouring for sauces and marinades that won’t give you too many fat grams and calories.

• Worcestershire Sauce: Two tablespoons contain 30 calories, 390 milligrams sodium, and zero grams fat
• Tomato Paste: Two tablespoons contain 30 calories, 20 milligrams sodium, and zero grams fat
• Soy Sauce: Two tablespoons contain 20 calories, 1,150 milligrams sodium, zero grams fat
• Molasses: Two tablespoons contain 120 calories, 40 milligrams, zero grams fat.

Healthy Tip No. 2: Little sweetness is Good, But Too Much is Never Better

Adding a bit of sweet ingredient, like sugar or fruit juice, to the marinade or sauce from mybbq place wholesale food in Singapore is fine. It enhances the flavour and balances the intense flavour of bold spices. However, too much of the sweet ingredient easily burns the fish, meat, or vegetables when they are grilled over high heat.

Healthy Tip No. 3: Take the Skin Off When Grilling Chicken

Half the fat in chicken thigh and breast is found in the skin, which is why it’s much healthier to have your chicken skinless. You can order from a Singapore bbq wholesale provider skinless chicken parts or personally remove them with your own hands. Just make sure you take the skin off before marinating your chicken as doing it after will strip away all the flavour from the marinade, rubs, and seasonings. After taking off the skin, marinade your skinless chicken for at least two hours in the fridge. Drain the marinade off, and then cook the chicken over direct heat. Constantly check the chicken’s thickest part to ensure your chicken barbecue is perfectly cooked.


Healthy Tip No. 4: Throw in Some Veggies

One of the best parts about grilling veggies is that they’re quick to cook, and most of them taste better when grilled than cooked in any other way. To enhance the flavour, you can marinate your vegetables as well. If you don’t have much time for preparation, just coat them so slightly with canola or olive oil. The trick to achieve perfection over grilled veggies is cutting them into sizes that cook well on the grill. When cooking over medium heat, turn them frequently and they’ll be usually done in about eight to ten minutes (or less, depending on the vegetable). Wait for light browning and grill marks to develop before removing them from the heat.

Healthy Tip No. 5: Serve Barbecue in Sensible Size

Encourage healthier dining by serving your grilled meats in smaller but sensible portions. For example, you can have:

• Filet-mignon-sized steaks instead of the typical 10- to 15-ounce steaks.
• Quarter pound burgers, made with lean ground sirloin, instead of ½ pound patties.
• Cut sausage lengthwise instead of grilling them whole.
• Alternate meats cut in smaller cubes with vegetables for kebabs.
• Thinly slice larger cuts of barbecue meats. Let the oil drip by resting the meat for 10 minutes before serving them to your family.

You can ask these specifics to your bbq catering provider if you opt for a catered get-together.

Healthy Tip No. 6: Tenderize Meats with Marinades

When tenderizing meat, use low-fat marinades with acid ingredients to breakdown tough fibres. Apart from its tenderizing abilities, marinades add flavours. However, remember that its power to tenderize meat is only to about a quarter of an inch deep. That’s why it is important to make sure that the meat is completely submerged into the marinade.

Many people in Singapore love to barbecue. And like any type of cooking, it’s important to be always healthy and fit even when indulging into these kinds of food. With these healthy tips, it should be now easier for you to prepare your family a hearty barbecue meal.


Prelude to The World Street Food Congress

Last year, Singapore hosted the World Street Food Congress. It was so successful that there will be a second edition. In fact, the second edition is in place. It will happen on April 8 to 12, 2015. Before the big event, the Singapore Tourism Board together with Makansutra invited twenty five international journalists, TV film crew and bloggers to have a taste of the upcoming event.


The prelude is called the 24 Hour Food Frenzy Safari. The prelude is considered to be the world’s longest press conference event. For 1140 minutes, the local and international media will be transported to places and feast as if there is no tomorrow. No sleep is allowed.

The food feast started on October 18 at exactly 10:30 am and concluded 24 hours after that. Famous cooks and chefs whipped the best dishes for the visitors. Twenty five participants visited and enjoyed foods from:


  • Gluttons Bay
  • Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Food Centre
  • Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Food Centre
  • Golden Mile Food Centre
  • Tong Ah Eating House
  • Maxwell Food Centre
  • Singapore Tourism Board Office
  • Bedok South Food Centre
  • Bedok Corner Food Centre
  • Dragon Phoenix Restaurant
  • Immigrants and Candlenut
  • Keng Eng Kee
  • JB Ah Meng
  • Boon Lay Food Centre and Jalan Kayu
  • Jurong Fishery Port
  • Pasir Panjang Vegetable Wholesale Centre
  • Woodlands Centre Food Centre
  • Midview City
  • Geylang Serai Market

The event was fun and interesting but it is not over yet. You can visit the World Street Food Congress. It will take place at the open field which is in the opposite of Bugis Junction. Your taste buds will surely enjoy the event.


Have a Very Delicious Breakfast

Most of the time we tend to skip breakfast because we are thinking about our diet but actually it is not good for our health. You may think that skipping breakfast is a good start to lessen your body weight. In reality, it doesn’t decrease your weigh, it increases as fast as eating many foods. Even if you are not eating, you still gain weight.

Actually, you have no enough energy to do everything if you do not eat. Since most of the food we eat are like energy bars, we need to consume it so that we can move well and other body can work well. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need to have eat every breakfast.


Even if you are not eating lunch or maybe dinner, you should not cut your breakfast meal because it helps your body and mind to function properly. If you never skip breakfast, it would make you feel like you are full and this is a good indication that you might lose weight. In reality, skipping the first meal of the day will not cut your weight.

In fact, it adds you more weight because you crave more during snack time and most especially lunch time. You may say that you can win over your hunger but in reality, you are very hungry and is dying to eat more. Now, if you really want to become a healthy individual, do not skip every meal of the day. Even if you are on diet, just choose the right foods to eat but never skip it.


Great Snacks: Oatmeal, Banana and Apple

This is a very easy diet. First thing in the morning, find some apple together with an oatmeal. Eat them as it will regulate the bad cholesterol you eat. Also, it makes you feel relieved. Now, if you make it a habit to eat the aforementioned, you are more likely to avoid a number of diseases. Nevertheless, you must be careful on the amount of food that you intake because in the long run, you will suffer. Now, if you want to avoid it to happen, control you food consumption. Choose the foods that are healthy but do not exceed to the limit. Everything that is excess is bad, right? Thus, you better avoid it or if not, just reduce it.


The Good Snacks: When it talks about snack, you will think about biscuits, crackers, chips, cookies and more. However, it is not good for the heart. Instead of eating potato fries, choose to eat baked potato. Now, if you continue to consume chips, cookies and many more, you are finding ways to kill yourself. Enjoy and be contended in eating small amount of baked potato instead of eating fries.


Reducing or perhaps exceeding the amount of how much you eat is not a good way to become healthy. Basically, if you really what to be healthy, it comes with a strict diet, weary exercise and more. Actually, you have a little bit of similarities with a prisoner. However, the only difference is that you can go inside and outside your vicinity.


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