Ghost Encounters

3 Things You Should Do When You See a Ghost

There are a lot of places that you should be afraid of in Singapore. Aside from eating exotic foods, the most exciting yet frightening activity that you can do here is to have a ghost experience. Most ghost appears on abandoned houses, hospital, funeral parlor, burial ground or even in the church. The first thing that you are going to do when you see a ghost is run. It is a normal reaction of a person who sees ghost. The fear that felt by an individual makes him a less man. However, if you are too fearless when you see a ghost you can do these things:


  • Record an audio – This is only done by experts but if you are courageous enough to do this thing, you’re the man! For an average person, this is impossible. But if it is registered to your mind that you have to record an audio, you can simply do it.
  • Communicate with the ghost – Many people believe that communicating to a ghost is only done by paranormal experts. In reality, all people can do it. It is just the fear hinders you to talk with a ghost. You may not see a ghost in actual. But you can speak with them through a spiritual communication.


  • Never shout – Whenever you see a ghost, the initial reaction is to shout. Do not do this because you might disturbed other souls that also staying in that place. This best thing to do is to keep calm and act as if you haven’t seen anything. It’s hard; but it is much harder if you are being surrounded by demons.


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