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The Types of Dates You Should Do With Your Partner

The importance of going on dates can’t be over emphasized. Dates are highly important in a relationship as it gives you and your partner a chance to bond and nourish your relationship more.

However, dates don’t always have to be just dinner and movie. There are many fun ways to spend quality time with your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend, and here are some ideas worth trying.

1. A Date With the Family

If you’re still in dating stage, going on a date with your family means you get to spend time with the people you love and allow them to know your SO even more. When you go on a double date with your or your partner’s parents/brother/sister, you build a solid foundation for a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

2. A Fancy Date

You may be together for years, but your relationship doesn’t have to mean complacency. One of the secrets to keep the fire burning after years of marriage is to make a first-date-like-effort and do something different once in a while. This reminds that you still care for each other and want to do something more special to prove it.

3. The Netflix-and-Chill Date

We don’t mean get frisky under the sheets (though you can), but instead enjoy your favourite movies in the comfort of your home. Rather than going out to catch a movie, stay in with your spouse, be in the comfort of your own pajamas and binge-watch your favourite series or movies. Don’t worry about not looking all cute and fancy; this is the best part of this type of date.

4. A Date With Friends

As much as it is essential to other aspects of your relationship, feeling comfortable to go out with each other’s friends is key to a happy relationship, too. This is the chance to know the people in your SO’s life and be able to have as much of a good time with your partner’s friends as you do with your own circle of friends.

5. An Unplanned Date

Not every date should be planned in advance. Just take a half-day from work and meet up with your beau. Don’t even think about what to do next. Let the thrill of spontaneity make this one of the most memorable and fun dates with your beloved. When you’re old and grey, you will surely have a fun story to tell your grand kids.

Which of these dates have you done with your SO? Which one is your favourite? Having these dates every once in a while with your partner will rekindle the fire and nurture your relationship even more.

Going the Distance: How to Deal with Long Distance Relationships  


There many couples here in Singapore who are dealing with long distance relationships. Being a part of this kind of relationship is tough and challenging but surviving is possibly if we are just in one country. As much as possible we do not want to be parted from our loved one but our work and career demand it. For the sake of the future, we have to deal with it.


We hear different long distance relationship stories – some succeeded and thrived, some failed and broken. At the end of the day, everything will be up to us. The distance will really put a strain on our relationship and it really sucks. However, if we are in Singapore, there are chances that we can make this work.

Unless we plan to get married soon and let the other move to our place, we have to know different ideas to strengthen and make the relationship solid. Here are some tips that we can consider when we are in a long distance relationship:

  • We are not the first: We have to understand that long distance relationship is common and we are not the first. Many couples actually experience it and it worked. This perspective is right so we will not strain or pressure ourselves.
  • Use our advantages: If we were born fifty years ago, maintaining a long distance relationship is hard but we are living where technology abounds – we have to use it to our advantage. Video chatting, calling and texting are common these days.


  • Do not over-think: It is natural if we feel paranoid from time to time but if it happens most of the time, we have to step back and not over-think it. If we trust our loved one, our peace of mind should go with them. Instead of being happy with him/her, we are constantly worried and bothered which are not good combinations in the relationship.
  • Assert but not aggress: Fights are inevitable. A relationship without a fight is somehow weird. Arguments every now and then are common and it could be anything. When arguments come, we have to be assertive but not aggress and look for trouble or fight.
  • Do not under-think: It is not good if we are like the clingy koala but it would be worst if we are under-clingy. This means that we are only serious when the other is talking to us but when they are not, we live our lives without thinking of them. Under-clinging can spell trouble. So, to show that we are not under-clingy, little acts of love will be appreciated like sending of flowers every now and then.


The Art of Planning Your Wedding

For others, planning a wedding is stressful but there are some that find it joyful. Your wedding moments should last. If you want to make an impression during your wedding, the best way to do it is by using impressive décor and wearing stunning wedding gowns. You deserve a grand wedding. If you can afford it, you should have the best wedding in town. No one can deprive you of that. A grand wedding is not easy but if you get the right people, your wedding will be a blast. The first thing that you should do is look for a wedding planner.


There are many wedding planners here in Singapore. If you do not know where to look for one, you can ask your friends and other relatives if they know someone. It is necessary that your wedding planner who will be planning the perfect wedding singapore understands what you like so she can put it in practice. If you have the wedding planners, it doesn’t mean that you will not do anything. You have to take part in the process if you do not want your wedding to be a disaster. You should expect the following things:

Ocular inspection

If your wedding planners managed to find a place, you should go with them when they conduct ocular or site inspection. This is important so you will know what your reception would look like. If you like the place, you should book it right away but if you don’t, you can ask your planners to look for more places. This is not a problem since Singapore has a lot of venues to offer.

Cake and food tasting

You should go with your planners when you consider cake and food tasting. If you find the menu entrees and the desserts delectable, you should pursue it. If you find a beautiful cake, you should have it. Your wedding planners will do the rest of the job like talk to the person in charge and arrange everything.

Fitting Your Wedding Gowns

For soon-to-be brides, fitting their wedding gowns at wedding events can be exciting. This is not a problem too because there are many couture here in Singapore that can provide the best wedding gowns and suits. Enjoy the process and make sure everything fits well.


Bridal shower

If your wedding planner arranged for a bridal shower, you should go and have fun.

Rehearsal dinner

Before the actual wedding, you can have a rehearsal dinner where all the people who will have a special role in the wedding will attend. The rehearsal dinner is important because these people will be oriented with what they will do on the actual day. It is more of a practice.



After the wedding, you have the honeymoon to look forward to. If you want your wedding planners to surprise you, you can leave the honeymoon planning to them but if you have a specific place in mind you want to go to, share your thoughts with your planners and have them arrange your stay there.

Wedding only comes but once. Well, there are people who got married many times already but if you are true to your vows, one wedding will last a lifetime. You deserve a grand wedding if you want one. But if in this case you are a little tight of the budget, it doesn’t mean a wedding cannot happen. You can have a simple and practical wedding if that is what you prefer. Your close friends and relatives will understand your choice. The important thing here is the wedding ceremony not the reception, the catering and the honeymoon.

Congratulations and best wishes!

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