Pet Care

5 Tips to Pet-Proof Your Furniture

There’s just nothing like the unconditional love that our furry friends give us. In fact, sharing your space with a pet is one of the most fulfilling decisions that you can make in your life. However, living with a pet also have its own set of drawbacks – especially when it comes to keeping your furniture in its tip-top shape. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the helpful tips on your how you can keep your furniture safe from the prying paws.


  1. Spray Some Deterrents. One good way to pet-proof your furniture is to use a spray deterrent product. Opt for deterrents that are specifically designed for pets and spray it on your furniture pieces. This will help in associating your furniture with a smell or a taste that’s repulsive to your pet, but is unnoticeable to you and your guests.


  1. Slip In Covers. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to keep your pets from making themselves comfortable in certain spots in your home. Cats, for instance, has that habit of discovering a favourite perch on the back of the sofa or chair and will continue to use that spot even if you discourage them from doing so. If this happens to be the case, use washable covers that you can easily remove when needed.


  1. Work on Your Pet’s Behaviour. Tired of protecting your furniture? Then try working on your pet’s behaviour. Start training your pet during their younger years by using positive reinforcements every time they listen to your commands. By simply teaching them to not bite, claw, jump on or scratch your furniture, they’ll be able to avoid such bad behaviours throughout their lifetime.


  1. Groom Your Pet Regularly. Giving your pet their regular nail trimmings is one good way of decreasing their chances of scratching your furniture. If you still find their short nails awfully sharp, try filing the tips to make them smoother.


  1. Invest in a Cat or Dog Bed. A nice, comfy pet bed is a good option to replace your pet’s favourite spot on your couch. There are a lot of dog bed options to choose from: the bolstered, heated, orthopaedic and pillow beds. Just understand that not all dogs love their beds right away, and it’ll take some time for them to be comfortable with it so be patient with them.

Pet-proofing your furniture can be difficult at times, but by using the aforementioned tips, you’ll definitely be able to keep those prying paws off your furniture pieces and keep it in its pristine state.


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