Pet Watch

What Your Pets Say about Your Character

Pets are more than just animals. For many Singaporeans, pets are their best friends and companion. Only a true animal-person can appreciate pets and how they bring joy. We are lucky that we are given the opportunity and discretion to take care of pets here but first we have to know the local rules implemented by Veterinary Authority of Singapore.


If our HDB flat or condos allow pets inside, we have to grab that chance and care for a specific one. However, do you know that the pet you choose can say a lot about your character? Your choice of pet can say a great deal about you and there are many studies that reveal what kind of person you are through your animal choice. One of the studies featured here was commissioned by the University of Texas.

Here are some things that you need to know about pets and what they say about your character:

  • The dog person: Dogs are the most popular pet here. In fact, many people here claim that their canine pet is a member of the household. The study said that dog persons are more extroverted not to mention more conscientious and agreeable more than cat people. The study even found out that dog people are most fun to be around seeing them walking, hiking and surfing.
  • The cat person: The second most popular pets are cats. Cat persons are creative and more adventurous than dog persons. Cats are prone to some anxiety. The study revealed that cat persons are most dependable not to mention emotionally sensitive. It does not end there because cat persons are good listeners – they are good friends.


  • The bird person: Bird persons are expressive and outgoing. For female bird owners, they are thought to be high in dominance. Though birds are strange choice, it does not mean they are all lesser than other famous pets. Birds are not flighty so you can count on them.
  • The reptile person: Reptiles are not your normal pet but there are few people who take solace when caring a reptile. Reptile persons are thought to be the most independent of them all. This is because it is hard to cuddle reptiles and they do not require more attention. Reptile persons have the lowest sense of humour but it doesn’t mean they are less fun to be with.

Now, many will not agree to the findings but there are some truths to the study. Indeed, the animal we choose as a pet reflects our own personalities and characters.

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