How to Prepare for an Exam Effectively

Most of us were guilty at least once in our lives for failing to prepare for an exam. Some students look forward to it, but there are those who dread the approaching date. So how do the brilliant students in class prepare for an exam?

Enough Time to Study
The best way to prepare is not to study the day before the exam, but everyday even if there are no upcoming exams. Be attentive during classes, take notes and review them every night so you will only need to study a few items before the exam and even get plenty of rest. Cramming will only make you anxious and forgetful.

Create a Study Space
Designate a corner in your room for studying. It has to be quiet, comfortable, clean and organized. Fill it with items that will help you relax and focus, not distract you. Place all your school items and books neatly so you don’t waste time looking for your notes when you need it.

Make Use of Tools
People study differently. If making an outline, charts, diagrams, lists and flashcards can help you remember and understand your lessons, then make use of every available tool. Use the Internet for something other than social media. There are a lot of things around you that can help you study.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
Don’t skip meals even when you’re studying. Eat a balanced diet everyday. Drink plenty of water so you don’t get dehydrated. Your body is like a machine that needs to be maintained for you to function well. Go out, exercise, socialize and breathe fresh air on your free time. Do the things that make you happy like your hobbies.

No All-Nighters
Losing sleep is bad. Losing sleep because you needed to review is even worse. You will never remember everything you’ve read for the next day because you’re tired. That will only cause more anxiety.

Fewer Distractions
Days before the exam, you should avoid activities that will distract you like going out with friends, watching television programs and movies, video games, and even starting a new book. You can still relax and enjoy, but limit these activities until the exams are over. A week’s preparation should be enough not to make you worry about the results.

Practice Makes Perfect
If you know you’re going to have a difficult time with a particular topic, you should prepare for that ahead of time. Make use of reviewers and study manuals. Keep practicing and researching until you’re confident you can produce a decent answer.

Ask for Help
If all else fails, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You might have a friend who’s good at math or maybe you can also approach your instructors for questions. Ask some family members to help you review or organize a group study with your classmates.

No matter what the results are, stop worrying and just focus on the next exams. If you prepared well, you won’t do so bad.

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