The Microscopic Decision: Small Matters Affect Our Whole Life

Ever made a decision in your life that made you say to yourself, “Well, it’s not that big of a deal”, but then realize that that decision actually set the course of your life? Well, funny as it may seem, every decision, whether big or small, affect our lives. Now does this have to scare us? Well, to be completely honest, yes, a little bit.

Every Decision is a New Path in Life
Should this make us anxious? Definitely not! In fact, this should be a wakeup call for us when it comes to decision making. This should inspire us to take our decision making more seriously rather than blindly making random decisions here and there. After all, not every decision we make is beneficial for us. Some of them might even turn our lives around in a very negative way.

Now let’s take a look at those microscopic decisions. Let’s say you chose to skip lunch today. What happened? You got too hungry in the afternoon that you weren’t able to function well during your work or school. This is just one of the many microscopic decisions we make on a daily basis.

Better Decisions Means Better Life
Now, why is taking control of our microscopic decisions very important? If we make a dirty little microscopic decision every now and then, it forms into a habit. Now that habit along with other habits are what we are made of. Just like how human beings are made of cells, we as a person are made of our decisions.

Decision making is something we cultivate over the years but at the same time, they could happen overnight. You see, a habit is just something you feel more comfortable doing. Now imagine if you were able to make good habits like a really good diet, constant exercise, and maybe even a little time to meditate and relax. What would happen? You would definitely have a healthy lifestyle?

Forming Habits is a Kind of “Decision Hack”
Is living a good life really hard to achieve? The answer is yes and no. If you look at the concept of habits and how they are made of a great amount of small decisions, it definitely looks complicated. But if you look at a decision without thinking of how comfortable you are doing it, that decision is easier to make.

Every decision happens in the moment and although there is a certain level of hold your habits have onto you, that decision is made in the now. Every decision counts no matter how big or how small. What we don’t realize is that although we might have bad habits we would like to change, we can’t change them by changing everything right away. We have to start from the microscopic decision.

Making the Most Out of 30 Minutes  

All Singaporeans want a comfortable life. Comfortable life is possible if we work hard and watch out for every penny earned. Unfortunately, not all Singaporeans understand the importance of hard work and frugality. If we want to be richer, we have to comprehend what hard work and frugality means. Aside from that, we should take time seriously. Time is of great essence.


Every second is passing If we want to make our seconds useful, we have to think of something. If in this case we are aspiring to get richer and more comfortable, we have to make our thirty minutes useful. Here are some ways we can do to be richer by just spending at least thirty minutes of our time differently starting today:

  • Research about different banks and their savings account: We have to consider a savings account in our age. We can easily do this by researching about different banks and their terms. There are many banks and financial institutions here that can benefit us the most. We can spend at least thirty minutes sitting down with a personal banker to enlighten us. We have to consider interest rates say 3% per annum or higher.
  • Opening a savings account: If we are decided and ready to open an account, applying is easy. We can go personally to the bank or apply online. It will not take much of our time. Even if it makes much of our time, we have to put in mind that it is nothing since it concerns our future.


  • Boarding train thirty minutes earlier: There is a difference between exiting or boarding the station at Raffles Place at 8am and 8:30am. The difference is about 50 cents. If we board the train thirty minutes earlier, we could save at least 50 cents every day for five working days. Cents are just small amounts but if it is collected aggregately, 50 cents can make a difference.
  • Spending thirty minutes on the news: Instead of spending our time watching primetime dramas or playing some games, we could spare at least thirty minutes of our time trying to catch up with the world. We have to know the news because it can give us awareness. If we do not want to read everything, we can just browse some news and read what captures our attention. We can also opt for television news, all we have to do is listen and pay attention. If we have stocks, we can spend at least thirty minutes on the Singapore Exchange which can allow us to choose stocks to our advantage which will make us richer in return.


5 Health Benefits of Being Optimistic  

Are you usually a negative thinker? Experts say that pessimism won’t do any good to the health. On the contrary, optimism will keep everything in you healthy, from keeping your brain sharp to boosting your cardiovascular health. To pull out the negative aura, here are the five health benefits you will experience for having a positive outlook in life.


  1. Your heart will be in tiptop condition.

Optimistic people have 200% more chances of having an ideal heart health, according to studies. Those who have the rosiest outlook on their lives have better blood sugar and cholesterol level, as well as better body mass indexes, than pessimists. Experts have also observed that many happy-go-lucky persons can handle stress better than some of the goal-oriented people.

  1. Your medicines will work better.

Science backed up the idea that opioid painkillers work far better when patients believe that they would. On the flip side, some doctors noticed that when patients don’t believe that the drug works, it doesn’t give much cure—or doesn’t cure at all, even if it was the exact same medicine. This finding suggests that a person’s expectations can affect brain reactions on how one perceives pain.

  1. You can avoid colds.

Looking on the bright side also make you less likely to get sick. Several researchers have studied the connection of positive attitude and immune systems over a year and found that people with sunny disposition have better immune system. Although there are lesser scientific explanation about how the two are linked, researchers think that cheerful moods somehow support the immune system’s function.


  1. You will keep your mental health in its best condition.

Being cynical can easily drive someone out of mind. It is said that those who always see the worst in people are more likely to develop dementia compared to more trusting individuals. While there is no concrete scientific explanation yet about how pessimism and dementia are connected, negativity plays an evident role in depression.

  1. You will live a longer life.

Here’s another thing to celebrate: you will likely have more years to live. Since perkier people have better mental health, make their meds work better, and have healthier immune and cardiovascular system, they are less likely to develop diseases and put themselves in critical heath condition. Because optimistic people expect better outcome, they have better overall health; thus, rewarding them with healthier and longer life.

Being healthy is more than the absence of illnesses. Healthy people don’t only take care of their physical wellbeing, but also their mental and emotional condition.


5 Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks

Writer or not, most of us have definitely experienced mental blocks. We’ve always felt sure that the tiniest detail that we need is in our memory, but it’s as if a wall sprung up and hid it. Memory blocks could range from mild, irritating lapses in conversations, to memory failure during exams. The good thing is, there are several ways that we can do to overcome it and get us right back on track.


  1. Run Through The Alphabet

If what you’re trying to remember is a name, getting the initial letter of that person’s name would be enough to allow you to completely recall that particular information. Slowly run through the alphabet, pausing on each letter so that the process of word and letter association would work. Once you’ve hit the right letter, say it out loud and see how easily you’ll remember the name.

  1. Switch Your Attention

Putting so much effort to remember something that you forgot only makes the mental block worse. Instead of intently remembering that particular thing you forgot, switch your attention to something that’s entirely different. See how that particular information surfaces on its own accord after you’ve switched your attention to another matter.


  1. Apply Free Association

Psychoanalysis in Singapore often uses the free association of ideas on a particular topic or word to give an insight about a person’s unconscious mind. You can use this technique if you want to remember the name of a particular actor in the film that you recently watched. By focusing all the associations you created with the person – his physical features, or distinctive characteristics – you’ll find his name suddenly sliding back into your memory.

  1. Sleep It Through

Memory problems often resolve themselves overnight. In such cases, it would seem like you unconscious mind works away to find the answer as you sleep. What makes this tips quite effective is because it allows the existing memories to resurface without any interference of other ideas and thoughts, allowing them to come to mind easily the following day.

  1. Relax

Stress is one of the major causes of mental blocks, and it’s easy to panic if the right information failed to emerge right away, especially in situations like job interviews. If this happens, take deep breaths, reassure yourself, and focus on the task at hand one at a time. Allow your thoughts to surface, but don’t force it to come straightaway.

Experiencing mental block every once in a while is just normal. Simply follow any of the aforementioned tips on times that you are faced with this problem. Just relax, take deep breaths, and allow your thoughts to flow.getting_over_a_mental_block

Handling Comments about Your Weight Gain  

Brushing off comments about one’s weight can be very difficult for some people. In fact, many Singapore women who have relatives and friends who are critical of their weight tend to gain more pounds compared to women who receive kind words regarding their size. Of course, our families should be our source of support, but there are some members who can’t help but give a snide comment about our weight every chance they get. So how can you possibly quiet your weight critics? Here are some tricks on how to wittily respond to their rather harsh remarks.


  1. Don’t Be Defensive

When a nasty relative makes a snide remark after you’ve asked for another serving of mashed potatoes, calmly ignore your instincts to talk back. Using a defensive tone in answering that relative won’t just make things awkward, it will also make other people embarrassed for you, which is worse than getting a mean comment about your weight.

  1. Add Some Humour

Humour has always been the best way to handle touchy topics since it turns a potentially heated discussion into to light-hearted one. If you have a slim sister asking whether you’ve had an all-out feast of sweets, tell her that it’s between you and your fridge. Also, if someone calls your attention about your buffet meal choices, jokingly say, “I’ll be sure to call you when I will need permission for what goes in my mouth.”

  1. Practice Self-Disclosure

Get ahead of your family’s unwelcoming comments about your weight gain by announcing that you’ve been so stressed out lately, and you’ve failed to attend your gym classes. Since they care more about you, they’d be more focused on how much pressure you’ve been through than the fact that you gained some weight.


  1. Play the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ Card

One way to handle mean comments about your weight is to put your New Year’s Resolution to good use, especially on holidays. Admit that you’re being indulgent on special occasions, but will get back to your healthy diet and exercising when the holiday ends. It’s also safe to assume that almost all of us Singaporean women made this promise at one point in our life.

Remarks about your weight gain aren’t all bad. Although it’s given that there will always be someone who will make nasty comments about your size, there are still some who are pointing it out since they are concerned about you. How you deal with these various comments is up to you, but remember to always keep your head cool, and if possible, just laugh the comments off.


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Ways to Get More Done

You have to endure a busy life here in Singapore. There is always something that you need to do and there is always not enough time. With this, it is important that you know ways to get more done this way you will work smarter rather than harder.


Here are some suggestions that can help you so you can have a more productive day without putting in more hours:

  • Measure results: Many people are bothered that they will put in more hours because of their work but they fail to realize that everything should be measured depending on the results not the time they have put in.
  • Minimize your to-do list: You think that your to-do list is productive but the truth is it is counterproductive. It will only limit your productivity instead of increasing. When you do your list, learn how to prioritize unless you plan to wake up all day and accomplish your entire list.


  • Set firm cut-off time: You have to set your cut-off time and make sure to strictly comply. When you are working under flexible hours, you will surely relax knowing that you have plenty of time and at the end of the day, you do not accomplish something.
  • Track time wasted: The next thing that you should do is track the time you wasted so you can do something about it. You can do this by retracing your steps and identify activities that waste your time.

These are enough so you can get by. Working here in Singapore is not easy and you need all the help that you can get.


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