App-date Your Work Life

5 Must-Download Apps to Make Your Work Life Easier
From helping your reach your fitness goals to getting the latest fashion trends, there’s just an app available for almost everything these days. Here, we’ve listed down six of the best and must-try apps that’ll surely help you be more productive, and get your job done more efficiently. So start downloading now.


  1. Trello.  Tired of regularly writing down your tasks? Then Trello is for you. The app will provide you with a page full of boards that you, or your colleagues, can categorize and organize. It also makes task cards that can be posted on the boards and allows tagging of people in-charge of a particular task. What’s even better is that Trello reminds you of any approaching deadline via email. No more late night cramming for you.


  1. Evernote. Are your sticky notes starting to cover up your desk? Start clearing them out now. With Evernote, you can already take as many notes as you want without clogging up your desk with those fancy-coloured sticky notes. Evernote also allows you to group your notes for an easier access, and even share them in real time with your colleagues without switching to another app. Cool, right?


  1. Monday. More than just a day, Monday is an online calendar app that connects to your Facebook and Google Calendar accounts to sync your meetings, and any upcoming birthdays and events. Each task is provided with a note section where you can write down addresses, important numbers and even links. Also, any task that you failed to do on its scheduled date will automatically be moved to the following day. No more worrying about manually changing your deadlines.


  1. Sunrise. Similar with Monday, Sunrise is also a great app for organizing your appointments. It syncs your calendar to other calendars (Facebook and Google Calendar) and even reminders (Evernote), while allowing you to see everything in one view. Aside from that, Sunrise also lets you track the airtime of your favourite TV programs and sports events by syncing the schedules of their networks to your calendar. Now, you have slimmer chances of missing the latest episode of your favourite series.


  1. Pocket. Unlike the other apps, Pocket works by saving your article, photo, music and video links. You can directly save any link from your browser, or networking apps like Twitter. You can also add tags to each link to organize them, and open them whenever you want, even if you’re offline.

With the presence of these apps, it’s now easier to keep your work life organized. So start downloading the apps that perfectly fits your needs now, and see how it can make things a lot easier even for a busy person like you.


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