Meat Protein Sources You Should Try


When it comes to building a physique, no other protein food source is better to intake than meat. Now, there are many sources of meat but the more popular ones are pork, beef, lamb, and chicken. Breaking it down a little further, people often buy particular cuts of those meats because of their fat to protein content and the price as well. But there are actually other cuts of those meats that are just as nutritious and just as affordable.


  1. Pork Belly

Pork belly is a good substitute for other more expensive cuts of pork. Not only is it cheap but it also has a good helping of fat per 100 grams. It does not contain as much protein as pork chops (9 g versus 21 g) but fat is just as important as protein is when you’re building a body because higher fat levels mean high testosterone levels. As you might already know, higher levels of testosterone connotes to more muscles.


  1. Chicken Liver

Chicken breasts are some of the most popular cuts of meat for bodybuilders because of the big protein content at 15 g while at the same time a light amount of fat. It is one of the leanest cuts of meat available in the market. However, chicken liver is also as good as breasts because it has the same amount of protein to fat ratio and has more Vitamin B. Liver also has less calories versus chicken breasts per 100 grams.


  1. Beef Cheeks

There are many popular cuts of beef. These are usually around the rib or at the loins. Loins are an excellent protein source and also have less fat than most cuts. But the cheeks can substitute for the more expensive cuts of steak because they have less calories and fat but more protein.


  1. Lamb Neck

Lamb neck has more protein and fat than the more popular cuts of lamb (especially cutlets). Although it has more fat, it does have a lot more protein. So the additional protein just cancels out the extra fat. However, lamb is usually an expensive source of meat protein. So we only advise that you buy lamb when you have the budget or when you’re craving for a different taste of meat.


Criminal Liabilities for Infringement  

Everyone here in Singapore knows about the copyright infringement issues of “Blurred Lines”. According to the claim, “Blurred Lines” has similarities to Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up”. The children of Marvin Gaye filed copyright infringement case against Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams. For the information of everyone, the judges favoured the Gaye’s but the lawsuit against Sony is dismissed.


It is important for all Singaporeans to know infringement and the enforcement of copyright to avoid criminal liabilities. This is not a light issue. Before discussing the criminal liabilities, it is imperative that we know what infringement is. Infringement happens when someone has not acquired consent or permission from the copyright owner to do something that only the owner has the exclusive right to do.

It does not end there because infringement also happens when someone sells or distributes something without the permission of the owner. The owner can take legal action against an individual who infringes. The copyright law gives measures to a person whose rights are infringed. Measures include injunctions (this refers to stopping an individual from doing something), damages (if there are actual damages) and the account of profits. In the case of the “Blurred Lines”, the court asked the Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams to pay fees to the family.

The criminal liabilities depend on the country. Here in Singapore, there are penalties for direct copyright infringement. It is a criminal offence here if the person directly infringes a copyright for the purposes of attaining commercial advantage. When we hear “commercial advantage”, it means the person seeks for a financial gain in his/her specific trade or business. The penalties include:


  • 1st offence: A person who infringed the right of the owner should pay a fine not exceeding $20,000. The person may also be imprisoned for up to six months. The worst thing that could happen is that the person could get both (fee and imprisonment).
  • 2nd or subsequent offences: A person who infringed the right of the owner should pay a fine not exceeding $50,000. The person may be imprisoned for up to three years. Again, the worst thing that could happen is to get both penalties (fee and imprisonment).

Infringement doesn’t end at copying or selling, it can also include dodging a technological measure and altering the information attached to a specific work. Copyright infringement is a serious crime and it should be respected. People need to know these things so they will know the consequences. We have to remember that ignorance of the law excuses no one.

Online Piracy And Illegal Downloading Of Music, Films And Software

How to Get a Job Right Away

Getting a job is one of the most important stages in one’s life. It is the platform where all the lessons in school can be applied. It is a place for new lessons. It can define one’s future. It is important, and it is something one should prepare for.


1. Have a comprehensive resume. The first step in getting a job is to prepare your resume. Make sure that everything you put there is relevant to the work you are applying for. Do not make a resume that is too long that will bore the reader. At the same time, do not make it too short that your affiliations and qualifications are not included.

2. Review your internet footprints. Internet is one of the most popular tools nowadays, and it is also an important tool for you to get hired or get rejected to the work you are applying for. Make sure that you build your internet footprints for your future job, and not use it as a tool to destroy your future.


3. Have a goal and be persistent. What is your dream? How do you see yourself 10 years from now? What you will do in your professional life should be towards pursuing your goal. Pursuing a goal follows a rough road, so make sure to be persistent because you will surely have a lot of stops, detours and fallbacks. Nonetheless, all of these will build you.

These are the three simple ways to secure a job easily. Make sure to have an appealing resume, a clean internet footprint and an attitude of never giving up.



Health Bulletin: The Benefits of Viagra

Viagra is famous for its healing powers when it comes to sexual dysfunction. But Viagra is more famous now because it has other health benefits worth mentioning. The following are health benefits of Viagra:


1. Encourages Fertility

Viagra showed promises when it comes to increasing the chances of pregnancy in particular group of women. Viagra aids pregnancy by assisting blood flow to the women’s uterus. Some women cannot conceive because they have problems with their uterine lining (which is thin). Viagra can expand blood vessels which can encourage uttering lining growth. So far, there are no side effects noted.


2. Prevents PAH

Viagra can help people with PAH (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension). Scientists noted that Viagra can promote relaxation of blood vessels in the lungs which can lead to PAH, hyroxia and other heart and lung conditions.

3. Neonatal Care

Scientists also believe that Viagra can help an infant suffering from heart and lung conditions. Viagra is known to dilate arteries which can lead to increase of blood flow to the pulmonary artery from the lungs to the art and vice versa.


4. Anti Jetlag

There are some Singaporeans that consider Viagra. According to a survey commissioned by Skyscanner, an international travel site, one out of ten Singaporeans tried Viagra in their jetlag fight. The survey was released on November 13, 2013. Though this claim needs confirmation and further study, the fact remains that there are people who find it effective.
You see? Viagra is not only to increase sexual function. It has other benefits too. If you want to consider this, you should first ask your doctor. If your doctor allows you to use it, you can proceed but if it is your own volition, you need to think thousand times.

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