Wedding Etiquette

4 Unspoken Rules of Social Media in Weddings


Before you start Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting, and Snapchatting your friend’s wedding, make sure you’re fully aware of social media etiquette. Not everything can be posted online, especially if it isn’t your event.  To avoid hurting anybody’s feelings, especially the bride’s and groom’s, here are the unspoken rules of social media to always remember when attending special events like weddings.

Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom

  1. Look for Signs

When attending a wedding, it’s best to keep your phone hidden until you know what the couple has planned. There are thing that couple plan ahead of time, and these involves special hashtags and the like. They usually put signs in a prominent place or write a notice in the program, and that gives you the go signal to use your phone and post about the wedding to social media.

  1. Think Before You Click

Sometimes, what seems to be a funny joke in person—such as a joke about an elopement—doesn’t translate as funny in a Facebook post. To avoid offending anyone, avoid posting jokes or any unnecessary things about the event. As a wedding guest, you should not post any negative comment about the couple and the wedding itself.


  1. Wait Until After the Wedding to Post Anything

It’s a common slip-up for bridesmaids to broadcast photos of the bride before the groom first sees her on their wedding day. And if the wedding doesn’t seem to have signs displaying a special wedding hashtag or encouraging social media posts, it would be polite to just wait until the bride and groom have done so first before you start posting yours.

  1. Avoid Obtrusive Acts

The couple paid incredible amount to hire a professional photographer, so make sure not to get in the way and ruin their shots. Even not the photographer, don’t nudge anyone out of the way just so you can get your own shots of key moments, such as first kiss, first dance, etc. Another reminder is to avoid using your phone’s flash—or avoid using your phone at all—as the flash from other cameras can mess with the wedding photographer’s snapshots.

Social media is a great tool for the wedding preparation phase. However, on the wedding itself, it can be a source of frustration when not used in the right way. Be a courteous guest and know the (unspoken) rules of social media before broadcasting anything about the wedding.


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