Wedding Planning

Step-By-Step Guide in Booking Wedding Live Band

You’ve chosen to have a wedding live music on your wedding reception to give quality entertainment and to add sparkle to the celebration. Before you start searching for the right kind of Singapore wedding live band, be sure to answer these guidelines first.

1. Determine a price range. Whether you’re a bride on a budget or just want to go lavish with your wedding live music, set a price range that you think you can afford for your wedding live band. The bands’ prices will differ depending on the accommodation, travel costs, number of musicians and the quality of the chosen live band.

2. Determine the demographics. Unless you’re either very old or very young, most likely, you will have guests in wide age-range. It is acceptable that you should choose your preferred band style, but make sure they will play something for the grannies as well. Also, determine whether for an amazing wedding live band in Singapore you would want a female or male vocals singing for everybody, or you can also have both for versatility.

3. Determine what band is allowed in the venue. Some venues only allow 3-4 musicians for an entertainment band. There are also some that have noise limits, therefore rock bands and heavy disco bands are not advisable for these types of venues.

4. Try Looking For Local Bands. Local talents mean less talent fee and travel expenses. Also, bands prefer to play in locations near their homes. By doing so, you can probably get discounts for the overall live band quote. You can Google search “wedding live band Singapore” and be surprised of what you will find.

5. How long will the band perform. The standard playing time of a live band is either 3x40mins or 2x60mins. Usually, bands fill-in gaps with recorded or iPod music through sound systems. If you want the band to play longer, check their song list if it has enough songs to fill-in extra time.

6. Shortlist 3-5 bands based on the criteria and demos/videos. After answering the first 5 steps above, shortlist 3-5 wedding live band in Singapore and see them perform live or ask for a recorder video. The best way to check the band’s quality, aside from watching them live, is to see a live video clip of one of their show. Keep in mind that it’s the voice and the versions of their songs you’re looking for, not the video quality. The live video clips will surely give you pure honesty performances.

7. Contact the shortlisted bands. Start calling every band that has been qualified according to our criteria. Start by asking for their availability. Top quality bands get fully booked almost a year in advance. It is advisable to start looking 12-10 months to get the best Singapore wedding live band. Compare each band’s prices and choose the one with the best deals.

8. Once you have decided, book them as soon as possible. A band can only perform in one place at a time. Once you have confirmed that they are available on your said date, immediately ask them to send you a contract. Read, understand and scan the contract for your personal copy. After that, pay the initial amount so you can be sure that the band will have no reason not to be in your event.

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