Women’s Health

5 Menstruation Myths You Should Stop Believing

Growing up, you’ve probably heard a lot of menstruation stories from your aunts and grandmas that you already find it hard to tell as to which story is reliable and which are not. Such myths have their own way of messing up your head and making you believe that you can’t do certain things. Don’t worry though, since we’ve busted five of the age-old period myths that are stopping you from doing anything that you want to do.


  1. The one and only thing you need to ease your period pain is bed rest.

Most people think that simply because you lose blood during this time, you’ll need to lie down and rest all the time. What they don’t know is, it’s normal for most women to lose four to 12 tablespoons of blood during this time so there’s no need for you to strap yourself into your bed. Instead, try exercising or moving around to regulate your blood flow and keep the period cramps at bay.

  1. Jumping off several steps in a stairs will shorten or delay your period.

This is probably one of the most popular period myths that your aunts or grandmas told you, but sad to say, jumping off five steps down your stairs won’t shorten your cycle to five days. Truth is, the length of menstrual cycles vary from one woman to another, and is largely affected by stress, illness, diet changes and even the amount of exercise that you do. So skip on doing a stair jump now, and work on your fitness routine instead. Having a healthier life is a much better way to regulate your menstruation cycle.

  1. You shouldn’t be moving when you have premenstrual syndrome.

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is known to have a wide variety of emotional and physical symptoms that can be relieved with just a little exercising. If you tend to experience rather serious symptoms, take up ibuprofen to ease cramps or consult your doctor for advices on how you can deal with your PMS problems.


  1. Eating certain foods is a big no-no when you have your period.

While it’s advisable to eat iron-rich foods when you’re on your period, you’re actually free to eat any food that you want. You can even indulge on your favourite ice cream flavour, since cold foods won’t really worsen your period cramps. For sweet and salty foods, just eat it moderation to prevent bloating and perform a light cardio routine to be sure.

  1. Using hot compress will aid in increasing your period flow.

Although hot compress has been proven to ease tensed muscles, using it doesn’t really affect the amount of blood that you lose during your period. In fact, regardless of what you do, your period flow will still be heavy during the first few days of your cycle.

Now that we’ve finally busted some of the period myths you used to believe in, you are now free to do anything that you want to do, with or without your period.


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