Common Fears of Parents with Special Children

The summer is officially over and every student is coming back to school here in Singapore. If you have a child with special needs, you are anxious because of many things. It is understandable considering their state but it is important that you do not impede your child’s development. You still need to send him/her to school no matter how hard it is.

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It is crucial that you understand your fears and eventually face it for the greater good of your child. Here are some fears of parents with special children and what you can do about it:

  • The child doesn’t know how to talk: At three, children with special needs are not that verbal. Parents who are sending their kids to school are worried because they cannot fully express their feelings. Communicating to other people is not easy.  To facilitate ease of communicating, you can teach your kid to use pictures and other signs when communicating.


  • The child has behaviour problems: Your child has behaviour problems; he/she throws tantrums. You have to let the teacher know how he/she can deal with your kid.
  • The child is not yet potty trained: If you have concerns like this, you need to let the teacher know. The teacher will understand.
  • The child takes many medications during the day: If your child takes many medications during the day and you are concerned, you can collaborate with the teacher and the school nurse so they can still take it even if they are in the classroom.

The list goes on. Every parent with a special child will agree that raising the child is challenging but it should not hinder you or the child. There are many institutions here in Singapore that you can seek for help if things are getting rough for you.


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