Common Mistakes in Cooking Eggs


Eggs are a common staple here in Singapore because it is a good source of high quality protein. Most protein is found in the whites together with vitamin B2, B12, B6 and D, selenium, iron, zinc and copper. You will find low amounts of cholesterol and fat in the yolk.


All that and it is inexpensive. It is important that you learn how to cook eggs properly so you can maximize its health benefits and or course for tastier eggs. You would want your kids to enjoy eggs. On their own, eggs can be tasteless and boring. It is therefore important that you make it tasty and that all depends on the way you cook it. Here are some cooking mistakes that you commit and it is time to correct it:

  1. Cracking eggs: You have to crack eggs alright when you need to beat it but what you are doing wrong is cracking it on the side of the bowl. Cracking on the side of the bowl can invite cracked eggshells. Crack eggs on a flat surface instead. Also, crack eggs in a small bowl before adding it to whatever you are creating.


  1. Poached eggs: The mistake: dropping eggs in steaming water: The common practice is to drop the egg when the water starts to boil. When you do this, you might end up burning fingers and cracking the egg. To be safe, place eggs in cold water before bringing the water to boil. After boiling, let the egg sit for at least ten minutes before giving an ice bath to halt the cooking process. Do not overdo it because overcooking can lead to a sulphurous smell.


  1. Scrambled eggs: A favourite of many, scrambled eggs are tastier if it is silky. If it is dry, it is hard to feed them to the people around. When you scramble your eggs, just limit the flame to medium and then gently stir it with fork. This will permit curds to form resulting to silky scrambled eggs.


  1. Over beating eggs: If you love omelettes, avoid over beating the eggs. Before adding the eggs to the pan, you should beat eggs but not to the point of overdoing it. Overbeating will lead to dense and flat omelettes. With enough beating, cream and little water, your omelettes will be fluffy and light.


  1. Non-stick pans: You do not want brown eggs or eggs sticking on your pan at the end of cooking time. This is time to consider non-stick pans. These pans are easily washable with good quality of egg.


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