Empowering Vulnerable Persons

Disabled persons are looking forward to the opening of MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) 5th day-activity centre. The building will be completed in 4-6 months’ time. The good news is that it can cater to many intellectually disabled clients. It is said that the new centre is twice as big as the existing centres.


The centre is nestled in 8,000 square meter cluster which is operated by MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development). It is located along 11 Jalan Ubi. The building used to be the NorthLight School. Apart from the activity-centre, the building will be equipped with rehabilitation facilities and soup kitchen for persons recuperating from addictions and former offenders. MINDS centres will provide training for these people through workshops.

This is one way of empowering disabled persons, persons recuperating from addictions and former offenders. In the domestic level, it is important that you know how to empower such people. You may know someone or you may have a family member who is vulnerable. Here are some things that you can do to empower them:


  • Sport: Persons with Disabilities (PWD) need to know that they are still valued members of the society. Despite their deficiency, they can still do something. This is the reason why special Olympics are considered. It seeks to bring together PWD and gain inspiration from each other. Sport is a vehicle that can improve their health, confidence and teamwork.
  • Education: PWD have the right to be educated. Education is not a privilege and it is not exclusive. It is universal meaning it should be offered to everyone regardless of the condition, race and state in life. PWD can go to school if they choose it. PWD needs to be empowered so they can achieve their dreams and increase their self-worth and self-confidence.
  • Safe Environment: PWD have the right to safe environment. They should not be marginalized or discriminated in any way because of their condition in life. PWD should be provided with safe environment free from abuse and exploitation.
  • Health Care Services: PWD needs proper access to health care services. There is this Healthy Athlete Program that promotes health and wellness amongst athletes. PWD are entitled for screenings and treatments. The best way to be healthy is to promote sports activities.

The things mentioned above are core tenets of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The rights of PWD should not be neglected or ignored. The message here is to accept and respect PWD.



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