Getting Ready for Golf

Amanda Tan, will represent Singapore in the upcoming HSBC Women’s Champions Tournament. She is fourteen years old which made her the youngest golfer to represent the country in the upcoming tournament. She is a student of Singapore Sports School. She topped the qualifying tournament which concluded on January 28, 2014.


The qualifying tournament started on January 27, 2014 at Serapong course. There were twelve women who vied for the top position and it was Amanda Tan who made it. Tan got her victory by 1 stroke and she got a two day shot total of one hundred fifty seven. She said that it was her fifth attempt for the qualifiers.

If you are a professional golfer, you will surely eye for major competitions. That is your goal but if you want golf as your pastime, you should first learn the basics of women’s golf. You have to learn the basics so when you are being watched by many people, you can hit the white ball. Do not be intimated. If you want to thrive in this male dominated sport, you should know the following things:


When you speak of etiquette, it means your decorum during the play. You should remember three things – respect your fellow golfers, respect the course and respect the tradition of golf. Respecting fellow golfers means not doing anything that can jeopardize the safety of other players. Respecting the course means departing the course in good shape like repairing pitch marks, driving carts away from the grass and many more. Respecting the tradition means complying dress code and observing precise score.



The game is basic: hit the ball to the hole with a few stroke. You should still know the rules of the game. You can have a maximum of fourteen clubs inside your bag. You need to hit the correct ball and observe proper teeing of the ball. There is two kinds of play – stroke play and match play. Stroke play refers to the play that needs the least no. of strokes to complete the whole round. Match play refers to a hole by hole play.


In golf, you can either borrow, rent or buy equipment. When you are starting, the best way is to borrow equipment but keep in mind that some golfers will be hesitant to hand you their equipment. You need to borrow clubs. If you cannot borrow, you can at least rent. Many golf courses offer clubs for rent. If you choose to buy, you should know the trade.  Ask fellow golfers for some tips.

If you are really serious, you should ask someone to teach you some basics so you will not be lost. Golf is a fun thing to do. Enjoy!



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