Handling Comments about Your Weight Gain  

Brushing off comments about one’s weight can be very difficult for some people. In fact, many Singapore women who have relatives and friends who are critical of their weight tend to gain more pounds compared to women who receive kind words regarding their size. Of course, our families should be our source of support, but there are some members who can’t help but give a snide comment about our weight every chance they get. So how can you possibly quiet your weight critics? Here are some tricks on how to wittily respond to their rather harsh remarks.


  1. Don’t Be Defensive

When a nasty relative makes a snide remark after you’ve asked for another serving of mashed potatoes, calmly ignore your instincts to talk back. Using a defensive tone in answering that relative won’t just make things awkward, it will also make other people embarrassed for you, which is worse than getting a mean comment about your weight.

  1. Add Some Humour

Humour has always been the best way to handle touchy topics since it turns a potentially heated discussion into to light-hearted one. If you have a slim sister asking whether you’ve had an all-out feast of sweets, tell her that it’s between you and your fridge. Also, if someone calls your attention about your buffet meal choices, jokingly say, “I’ll be sure to call you when I will need permission for what goes in my mouth.”

  1. Practice Self-Disclosure

Get ahead of your family’s unwelcoming comments about your weight gain by announcing that you’ve been so stressed out lately, and you’ve failed to attend your gym classes. Since they care more about you, they’d be more focused on how much pressure you’ve been through than the fact that you gained some weight.


  1. Play the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ Card

One way to handle mean comments about your weight is to put your New Year’s Resolution to good use, especially on holidays. Admit that you’re being indulgent on special occasions, but will get back to your healthy diet and exercising when the holiday ends. It’s also safe to assume that almost all of us Singaporean women made this promise at one point in our life.

Remarks about your weight gain aren’t all bad. Although it’s given that there will always be someone who will make nasty comments about your size, there are still some who are pointing it out since they are concerned about you. How you deal with these various comments is up to you, but remember to always keep your head cool, and if possible, just laugh the comments off.


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