How to Get Yourself an Inexpensive Make-Over


Do you ever get that feeling of wanting a major change after a long time of sporting a monotonous look? When you start to browse through different images of personalities whom you find attractive and wonder in silence if you can pull off that look, then yes – you are craving for change. In Singapore, affordable salons and boutiques offer various packages that will definitely give you that change you’ve been setting eyes on. On top of that, an inexpensive make-over is made possible with these tips:


  1. Hair

Whether you like a change in style or a change in color or both is up to you. It is a good thing that hair salons have those glossy magazines you can use for reference. The hair stylists are also more than willing to advise you on the color and style that best suits you! A curly hair from the regular straight hair or a copper-colored tone from the normal black will make you feel and look glamorous than ever!

  1. Nails

If you have always painted your nails with consistent color throughout, it is good to try those trendy colors and styles available in nail salons across the country. Pampering your hand is therapeutic. It will help you relax and will likewise give you positive vibes. The new splash of colors will add posh and beauty. You will find yourself admiring your delicate hands and vibrant-colored nails over and over again!

  1. Wardrobe

It is easy to get tangled with the busy life that you sometimes forget to spend ample time buying sets of clothes. Clothes are investments. Always set time to go around town when buying clothes. A fresh change in wardrobe from the affordable boutiques will give you an impressive ensemble. Now who said there’s no fun in mixing and matching old with the new?


  1. Accessories

Little accessories can have great impacts on your outfit. Make a mental picture of your wardrobe and experiment what accessories will go nice with it. Accessorizing is not expensive if you have ample time to roam around the boutiques and choose accessories meticulously!

  1. Shoes

Shoes are also investments. Because your shoe-size will not be changing anymore, you will be able to use your shoes in good condition as long as you want. Have you always been comfortable using flats and sneakers? Why not try those popular pumps or those with slight heels? These shoes are designed for comfort, thus it is unnecessary to worry about tripping and what-ifs. As long as it is the perfect size, you can strut along with your new shoes style anywhere you want!

A good make-over is a welcome change physically and emotionally. It is symbolic and it gives the person a fresh perspective in life. When you enjoy experimenting on your looks, you give yourself chance to discover more about your potential. Awakening your inner creativity is good for the body and soul. It serves as an inspiration to others, likewise showing them how everyone is capable of transformation even in little ways. As long as one continues to follow her heart, an outward and inward make-over will be wonderfully celebrated!


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