How to Maintain Professionalism in the Workplace


A workplace consists of different individuals with one goal – to perform their respective assigned tasks and achieve all their deliverables. In Singapore, most companies hire both local and foreign employees. With lots of ideas coming from a pool of employees with different views sometimes, it is expected for conflicts to arise in the workplace every now and then.


Misunderstanding among colleagues and superiors are fairly common. When faced with a situation like this, an employee tends to lose his cool and do something irreversible along the process. Maintaining professionalism in any workplace is important to gain respect among one’s superiors and colleagues. No matter how ugly a situation gets, you must learn the art of being the bigger person. Doing the following will make you a better co-worker and help to make the workplace a healthy environment for everyone:

  1. Do not throw a tantrum. First of, you are not a toddler anymore. You are a professional whose idea may just differ from others. There is no excuse to having tantrums in the office. Banging of doors, stomping off around the office and throwing anything you get your hands at are signs of immaturity.

When faced with an upsetting situation at work, never let rage take over you. Remove yourself from the cause of the problem and try to calm yourself by closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Control your impulses and refrain yourself from doing something offensive in front of your colleagues.

  1. Do not vent out on social media. The things you post on your social media accounts must be thoroughly filtered by none other than you. When you are at the height of a negative emotion and your fingers are itching to post what you are feeling at the moment, step back and think again.


Are you sure you want the whole of your virtual community to know what has been going on at your workplace? This may give you a temporary relief of being able to air out your feelings but this may potentially lead to more problems in the long run. If you absolutely have to express your feelings, use a private messenger. Avoid posting anything that you don’t want to be made public.


  1. Do not talk about someone behind their back. In the workplace, be conscious of who you talk with regarding your opinions of anyone. Talking behind someone’s back is unprofessional and may put you in trouble. If you really need someone whom you can talk with, call a trusted friend outside work. Also, a good conversation with a friend will ease your mind from the stresses at work.


  1. Do not let your personal struggles affect your work. If your job is making you really stressed, take a break and just appreciate that you have a work that enables you to pay your rent and bills, and then continue to focus on your deliverables. Do not let conflicts get at you. When you reach your target, you will feel fulfilled and happy. The negativities that you may have encountered performing your task will be long forgotten.


At the end of the day, try to find learning from your conflicts with others. Challenge yourself to be more patient and understanding in dealing with co-workers. Above all else, maintain a professional attitude. After all, the merits of having work far outweighs any conflicts that may come your way.


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