Making the Most Out of 30 Minutes  

All Singaporeans want a comfortable life. Comfortable life is possible if we work hard and watch out for every penny earned. Unfortunately, not all Singaporeans understand the importance of hard work and frugality. If we want to be richer, we have to comprehend what hard work and frugality means. Aside from that, we should take time seriously. Time is of great essence.


Every second is passing If we want to make our seconds useful, we have to think of something. If in this case we are aspiring to get richer and more comfortable, we have to make our thirty minutes useful. Here are some ways we can do to be richer by just spending at least thirty minutes of our time differently starting today:

  • Research about different banks and their savings account: We have to consider a savings account in our age. We can easily do this by researching about different banks and their terms. There are many banks and financial institutions here that can benefit us the most. We can spend at least thirty minutes sitting down with a personal banker to enlighten us. We have to consider interest rates say 3% per annum or higher.
  • Opening a savings account: If we are decided and ready to open an account, applying is easy. We can go personally to the bank or apply online. It will not take much of our time. Even if it makes much of our time, we have to put in mind that it is nothing since it concerns our future.


  • Boarding train thirty minutes earlier: There is a difference between exiting or boarding the station at Raffles Place at 8am and 8:30am. The difference is about 50 cents. If we board the train thirty minutes earlier, we could save at least 50 cents every day for five working days. Cents are just small amounts but if it is collected aggregately, 50 cents can make a difference.
  • Spending thirty minutes on the news: Instead of spending our time watching primetime dramas or playing some games, we could spare at least thirty minutes of our time trying to catch up with the world. We have to know the news because it can give us awareness. If we do not want to read everything, we can just browse some news and read what captures our attention. We can also opt for television news, all we have to do is listen and pay attention. If we have stocks, we can spend at least thirty minutes on the Singapore Exchange which can allow us to choose stocks to our advantage which will make us richer in return.


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