Meat Protein Sources You Should Try


When it comes to building a physique, no other protein food source is better to intake than meat. Now, there are many sources of meat but the more popular ones are pork, beef, lamb, and chicken. Breaking it down a little further, people often buy particular cuts of those meats because of their fat to protein content and the price as well. But there are actually other cuts of those meats that are just as nutritious and just as affordable.


  1. Pork Belly

Pork belly is a good substitute for other more expensive cuts of pork. Not only is it cheap but it also has a good helping of fat per 100 grams. It does not contain as much protein as pork chops (9 g versus 21 g) but fat is just as important as protein is when you’re building a body because higher fat levels mean high testosterone levels. As you might already know, higher levels of testosterone connotes to more muscles.


  1. Chicken Liver

Chicken breasts are some of the most popular cuts of meat for bodybuilders because of the big protein content at 15 g while at the same time a light amount of fat. It is one of the leanest cuts of meat available in the market. However, chicken liver is also as good as breasts because it has the same amount of protein to fat ratio and has more Vitamin B. Liver also has less calories versus chicken breasts per 100 grams.


  1. Beef Cheeks

There are many popular cuts of beef. These are usually around the rib or at the loins. Loins are an excellent protein source and also have less fat than most cuts. But the cheeks can substitute for the more expensive cuts of steak because they have less calories and fat but more protein.


  1. Lamb Neck

Lamb neck has more protein and fat than the more popular cuts of lamb (especially cutlets). Although it has more fat, it does have a lot more protein. So the additional protein just cancels out the extra fat. However, lamb is usually an expensive source of meat protein. So we only advise that you buy lamb when you have the budget or when you’re craving for a different taste of meat.


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