Medal Standings for Southeast Asian Games  


Singapore welcomed the 2015 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games otherwise known as the 28th Southeast Asian Games. It started on June 5 and it will end of June 16, 2015. Although it officially started on June 5, some games already commenced since May 29. There are about 7000 athletes from eleven participating Southeast Asian nations.


There are about 402 events featured in 36 sports. If we want to know the medal standings as of June 8, 2015, here’s a peek:

  • Singapore: We have the most gold (with 43 medals), silver (with 30 medals) and bronze (with 47 medals). We have a total of 120 medals.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam has 27 gold, 13 silver and 32 bronze with a total of 72 medals.
  • Thailand: Thailand has 25 gold, 32 silver and 26 bronze with a total of 83 medals.
  • Malaysia: Malaysia has 15 gold, 19 silver and 23 bronze with a total of 57 medals.


  • Indonesia: Indonesia has 14 gold, 14 silver and 30 bronze with a total of 58 medals.
  • Myanmar: Myanmar has 10 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze with a total of 42 medals.
  • Philippines: Philippines has 7 gold, 12 silver and 25 bronze with a total of 44 medals.
  • Cambodia: Cambodia has 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze with a total of 6 medals.
  • Laos: Laos has zero gold, 3 silver and 11 bronze with a total of 15 medals.
  • Brunei: Brunei has zero gold, zero silver and 5 bronze with a total of 5 medals.

Who knows what will happen in the next few days? The night is young so we have plenty of opportunities to excel.

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