One-Two-Three-Four: How to Exercise a Little More

Is it hard? Yes. Is it tiring? Yes. Is it worth it? Most definitely yes! Exercise is something we should all put into our lives no matter how busy we are. Being busy isn’t an excuse. There are always things on our priority lists and slipping in exercise is something we should most definitely do! Remember back in grade school when exercise was just fun and games?

Now, why does it seem like exercising for adults is like torture? What happened? Well, we just look at exercise differently now. We think of it as something we have to do rather than something which we could actually enjoy doing. Come on, exercising can be fun! Taking a good jog while listening to your favorite songs could be pretty entertaining.

Imagine singing along while your pace matches the tempo of the song. Isn’t that fun? Let’s make exercise fun again. Maybe you feel like you have no time for fun and games. But come on, we all need to cheer up and smile every once in a while. Whoa! Is it actually possible to have fun and smile after an exercise?

Most definitely yes! Once your body feels stronger and fit, you’ll find yourself in a more positive mood most of the time. In fact, you’ll find yourself a bit more humorous about things. Laugh a little more. Exercise a little more! There are so many things we can do for others but there are just so little we can do for ourselves.

Exercising is one of them. When you exercise, you aren’t doing it for anyone else. No! You’re doing it for yourself! Hey, after a long day of doing things for other people, why not do something for yourself? Exercise is one of the few things you can do to make yourself feel better.

Not just because it puts you in a great physical shape, but also because it helps you relieve stress. After a long day of work, imagine running a couple of laps, going home, and taking a hot shower. Now isn’t that a relief? Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be hard core or really rough. You can exercise just to maintain your shape or maybe push yourself a little bit.

Once you’re too comfortable with your exercise, why not go a little more? After all, the feeling of being able to beat your past record is pretty good. Make time for exercise! No matter how much of your time you give to others, save a little time for yourself. Get out there and give yourself a little treat, exercise!

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